People Try Weird Kardashian Food Hacks

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Ya'll Didn't Start Breaking Off a Kit Kat!


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Premiere of Open Road Films’ ‘The Promise’ - Arrivals
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Khloe Kardashian Kicks Off KYBELLA Movement At Allergan Event
Cindy Ord /Getty Images
Kylie Jenner Appearance At Sugar Factory American Brasserie
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

haaya rizvi
Who tf called these hacks?
LOL like a Kardashian started ANY of these things. The waffle iron cinnamon roll has been done for YEARS. They're so annoying....
sierra winters
I literally been eating kitkats like this my whole life
Carissa Jane
Omg that one girl is fucken hilarious!! 😩🤣😂😂
KrysMarie Hudson
Its so weird they're actually trying this! WHAT! Lol😂
Baller 58
I eat the kit kat both ways
Perry Quejada
You can just use clean gloves to stack those oreos.
Jada Cook
i been doing that with a kit kat since i was 4 and im 19
Hannah Nixon
I get it...the Kardashians are ridiculous but the amount of negativity made me not want to continue watching
Avalon Dinunzio
guy the guy and the black girl had me cracking up 😂😂😂😂😂
Jazz Kakes
Throw them joints in there like so... 😂
essence had me dying 😂😂😂😂
Kamyla Ramirez
the hater girl she's sos mean keep your mean comments to yourself
BlackWoman Awakening
I'm I the only one who has been eating their Kit Kats like this all their life ? ....😶😐
These people are so dramatic.
Hidser De Jong
essence you're so focking annoying
Counterfeit Rainbows
Essence is literally me lol
Dana Lidrbauch
lmao the black girl is me with all things Kardashian
Aseelah Hamzah
That kit-kat "hack" is not a freaking hack I've been eating them like that since forever
Sraavya rajasri kumar
Essence is freaking hilarious.
Caroline Kim
People did the cinnamon roll waffle way before Kylie... why is it such a big deal because she does it? They aren't that special. 😒
lol I was eating my KitKat's like that since before I knew who the kardashians were 😂
Lainie medina
Essence was everything on this video!
Sarah Walter
As stupid as the kardashions are we are stupider for feeding so much time and energy into it
leave my queens alone 😤 i love the kardashians
Why 'all Hatin so much!
I ate your mother
Essence is QUEEN she's killing me I need more of her in my life
Nina Schmid
"i feel like a squirell" hahahahah
Short Circuit
payton mallia
I love the cookie jar thing though
Tressy Christen
Tatiyana Sutherland
"Hold up! Kourtney might be in to something, this wafer taste better than it normally does."
Savannah Youngberg
Ok that is the best way to eat a kitkat tho
i only liked this video because of what the girl said in the beginning lol
It's Ivøna
I eat KitKat like that everytime😂😂
Andrew Dimas
I want Essence to be my friend
Sarah Benson
I literally been doing that kit kat thing since I was 8
Sarah :3
I love Essence, is there more buzzfeed New York now?
The Essence hack!!!
urvi Ramadhar
anything to stay in the spotlight😂
Evol Knievol
talk about how much you love essence or how she's your spirit animalinsert emoji
Afia A
cinnamon roll waffel wasnt kylies idea
1: that's stupid
2: people eat food in weird ways and this is just one of them
3: this has been a thing for a long time now.
god bless kylie
god bless kylie
Cassie Pond
Why the hate tho?
Essence was the best part of the entire video! I need more Essence in my life she needs her own show!
buzzfeed is running out of ideas
t pat
lol that's the way I eat all kitkats lmao I didn't think it was weird or special 😂😂
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