Jada Jode
I have always ate my KitKat that way
Delaney Santiago
Is it bad that I eat my kit Kats like that and I just found out that she did it too
Kreative ly
That Kit Kat one got me dying
Momo Talbot
Kylie is a JENNER not a KArdashians
OKay im out
basic_ heynaa
after I watched this I immediately saw khloes video 😂
Josebel Molina
What?? I've been eating KitKat's like that for Yeeears!! I thought that make me unique and now Kourtney makes it famous? Not Fair 😂
'I don't want any comments of how this looks'. GIRL IT LOOKS LIKE CUMMMMHJSKMNSK
Beth Sulli
what's that black lady's name? I love her! she is so funny I need to watch all of her videos.
Bonnie Yarbrough
Essence is my fave👏🏼👏🏼 Give that girl her own show! She's hilarious 😂
crazy_unicorn 5623
is it weird that the way that Kourtney Kardashian eats her KitKat is the way that I normally my Kit Kats all the time all the time
Faith Hudacko
Kylie didn't come up with the cinnamon bun waffle. My mom has been making thous since before she we born
Chloe Swan
The black woman had the EXACT same thoughts that I had as well! I love her!!
Crystal Gemstone
I guess the cookie jar hack is just to stop people from eating your cookies cause you touched them already.
zoro 95
it makes me sad to see how stupid this family is..
Charli Slusher
Their sass 😂
Noor Heller
Was I the only one who got so triggerd when kortney opened the package of the kitkat so precisely and neat?😂
Sara Fender
But... Kylie's last name is Jenner.
Mega Yuswandha
This what you will see in end Mubarak in Indonesia. Every house here have cookie in the jar
I will never understand why they are so famous. I just...hmm.
S Broe
Clarissa Reyes
Tamlyn Cabrales
Tbh kourtney is not as pretty as the others
frine kristia
Actually kourtney that is how I eat my kit kat or any kind of wafers my whole life !!!
Aurøra La'røse
Why are they hating so much on the kardashians?
Aurøra La'røse
Khloe made The cookie jar hack because a lot of people asked her to
Liv Thompson
I always eat a KitKat that was anyways
October Aeowyn
"Throw them joints in there like so."
Fiola Bisci
I don't like the guy
Lavynya Gomes
kylies was alright. khloes and kourtneys was just a waste of time.
Julia Elle
The KitKat hack is great actually😂 I literally couldn't go back to the normal way after trying it😂
Ariscelys Turay
Essence is so funny.
L&A Weekly
Subscribe to my channel please !
Kourtneys way of eating the kitkat me and my sister did as kids so no she didn't invent this many kids do that.
Valeza Rexhepi
One is a hack , the two others are just like "Here's what I do".....Funny
the girl in the beginnin of the videos was 1000% accurate ! she had me dyingg😂😂 lmaoo
doki doki
actually my mom always put cockies in the jar like that, and sometimes i eat kit kat like that too XD
amanda burgos
I've been eating kit kats like that for years call me crazy..
Super Ali
Ok I tried the kit kat one and it definitely makes it taste differently only because you're eating away all the chocolate then eating the wafers with out the chocolate like you normally would.
Nay3lis Enid
i didnt know that Kylie was a Kardashian...I always had in mind that she was a jenner.xD
Mary Whyment
Not even gonna lie but the kit Kat way the way she does it , it tastes better
Tabitha Houston
I already did the cinnamon waffles years ago 😂😂
Game kitty
I mean a Kardashian video but Kylie Jenner in the thumbnail?! Makes no sense but whatever I mean honestly can you make a video about Kim if u put Kylie in the pic still love bodly and everyone makes mistakes lol ❤️❤️😂😂
Ariana curry
Kylie was the best
Concourse its Kylie JENNER
Ren xx
I've been using the Essence hack all my life
Gsdndnjh Dbsgsbbd b
I swear I saw this vid like 2 months ago, I just checked and it was uploaded just a month ago. WHAT?!
Sarah Davis
Please give Essence her own segment
I eat my KitKats like that. XD XD XD
Iv been doing the kit kat thing ever since i was lil... i feel stolen ... jk
Maddie Redwine
i actually do the kit kat thing when i eat kit kats
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