Having A Tall Girlfriend | Anwar Jibawi

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Janelle B.
Wow!! When the mom came in trying to hive him that 10 spot I died.
I know how it feels to be short man :D
Amran Yusuf
That old hag need to die I'm Muslim and he is just fuck you
Egyptian Guy
I was about to show this to my mom :3
Looks like we gained 3 yards
This reminds me of Long Beach Griffey vid
Zack zacker
ha ha ha ha the best part in video between brother ..hey bitch. hey pussy 😂
Black dog otaku
Hahaha wow
Tanjil Mahmud
3.20-3.35 was the massive time...and proved it the he might be short but his inner thing is not...😂😂😂
Tanjil Mahmud
Assalamu-alaikum...10 doller was the awesome
Suraj Maurya
Guys please support my new channel..

Love from India
Otaku Breaker
انور انت تتكلم عربي ؟؟؟
selin aga
Pranay Hira
Waqas Mahmood
OSM ending
Alberto Castillo
LaKeisha Graves
1:32 , nick jonas is like 5'7 so he's short too
Urwa Kashif
;-) ;-) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-\ :-)) :-} :-( :~ :' -( =:O :' -( :-} :-( :-D :-D :-( :-D :-( >:) :' -( >:) =:O ;-) :-[ ;-) ;-) :-D
That is gooseberry boycott column
The three duo
Tell that old guy that why are you dating that smart ass
1:43 Jason's face and laugh 😂
Mengxuan Wang 'student'
I thought he's taking a massive dump
Adam Skrobich
I'm even shorter than him 😂😂😂😆😆😆😅😅😅
Bobby Rejek
Until the very end, that's pretty much how it was like when my fiance's family introduced me to them...after I'd taken a plane trip from Boston to Michigan...

Also, of course the dad's wearing a Michigan hat. Pricks :P
Am dead at the end 😂😂😂
Khairul Azlan
Matthew Mizanin
I feel so bad for him
Milena Rafaela
3:36 Song??
Maddy 88
Lol tuft stip
max in reverse
what the fuck XD
Aaliyah Abour-Rahman
Please take a sketch comedy writing class. I can recommend a few in the Los Angeles area. Heather Campbell teaches a great one. You have all this great exposure, and you're likable. but currently these jokes are what's known in COMEDY as hack.
Technical Sami
Even The robber is laughing
Best part😅😅😂😂😂
black cat
Garrett Legner
Michigan is the best
Ben H.
wow. this video makes me feel so short.. 😔
Robert and Maia Nendza
Go blue
sajad al Iraqi Ss
جميل ..
BusinessFiber 60
Arabs have big dicks
Angel E. Messina
Hannah, dat ass
JackN28 II
When they gave Anwar the money I would've taken it but still said "I'm dating your daughter"
Paul Mercado
tall buy has a small dick
Qmq_Luna Star
I loved it when the brother came and he said "Hey bitch" And Hannah Said "Hey Pussy" And I started laughing so hard 🤣😂
*•Alya _Girls.•*
Jacob, as always. He cusses so much.
sharukh hussain
She is looking so good💐💐
Aj plays
That coach is gay
Dua Khan
0:35 are you from Pakistan because I am too
Weirdo Tye
I'm taller than my boyfriend lol
Anouk Ulrich
He's not short but okay..
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