Having A Tall Girlfriend | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi visits his girlfriends funny and rude family. Please like and subscribe!

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Amany A. Salah
How tall is she?
//Sweetling Plays Msp//
How every brother and sister greet each other "Whatsup bitch" "Whatsup pussy" lmao
Joseph Pineda
How tall is Anwar?
How did he knoe how to said malay
ethan santandreu
Menuda mierda de subtitulos
Huy Pham
Anyone know the outtro song?
god i love jason
Oh wow it's Jason from Davids vlogs
Oh wow it's Jason from Davids vlogs
Alex Hargate
Its Jason Nash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lts Lts
Katie's family played their self
Gaia Meyers-Spector
Why didn't he put Hannah Stocking in the title?
Asuma Akimay
Clash Royale Noob
Hey, Hey aiden, you piece of shit !!!!!!
Gabriella Campbell
That's fucked up the boy doesn't always have to be taller and the girl doesn't always have to be short they some critical people
Rayane Rahem
gcxghbbvvxbfjbx bbv j
Etienna Bagley-Jones
wow you are so tall compered to him and it is so funny how you talk to you brother
valere nakasila
even the robber lool
Danielle Wirihana
does he know what your talking about ??? well pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty rude and what
If I were you I would punch them
Marjorie Franco
Mavis vermillion
I know how it feels like to have a short boyfriend but I still love that idiot anyways 😂😂😂😂
Haha it's Jason
areessalix tube
rhys gall
Gabrielle White
Saniyah Smith
thus hella funny
Gabri Ata
How tall is she and how tall is he?
Anja The Koala
Gaby Nerdy
dude that freaked messed up dont judge people of their hiegh😠😠
Layvon Gaming
that was so gay toward the end lol
Layvon Gaming
that was so gay toward the end lol
beast Moe
looks like emo
Tiara Revischa Neldi
the ending tho😂
Lembong Enrekang
hahahahah.... 3 yard
2:38 literally me and my brother on a daily basis.
Alimjk2013- Epochmjk2016
2.30 best greeting of bro and sis ever
Joseph Tucker
make a one with u walk in the wrong house
Joseph Tucker
make a chest pump video
I just subscribed and I turned on the notification bell and I hope you keep making funny videos!
designeratwork ind
😂crazy 👌🏻👌🏻
designeratwork ind
Lisa Wu
"Sup bitch."
"Sup pussy."
Moohamed Kareem Khan
I really loved the way katy' s father laughed!!!
Emily Amos
magical queen
is he a Muslim?😕
Ammar Gamal
Hiiii from Dubai😊😊😊
I am looking for lady above 6 ft hieght 😉😉
Omg they said 'assalamualaikum'. They know bahasa Melayu
"Sup bitch!"
"Sup pussy!"
Sharita Williams
that was....I cannot say THAT WAS AMAZING
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