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Sai Aditya .T
I would expect a 50 GB Ram Smartphone
Chariio Rodriguez
wow good question. Tesla would make the best phone that last forever in battery life hahaha. maybe not forever but I would love a 24 hour life battery. ;)
No Problem
i am a fan edition user from korea
Svend Nielsen
Tesla, please don't make another smartphone.. try to build an actually good battery for phones instead. That's what I would expect from Elon.
Alina Alive
I'm not into tech at all, why am I so fascinated by this channel!? lol
If Nikola Tesla made a smartphone it would probably shoot arc lightning out and have long range wireless charging.
Douly .A
Your forget the cover case!!
Alpha Diallo
First good job ur reviews are great and good luck!
Yeah tesla would have to offer non chargeable battery that would last fora year.
Jah-Vaydah Aaliyzah Julès Strong
I leave my Bluetooth on so every time i use my speaker it connects straight away
Yash Choudhary
I felt so bad when he said he does not watch game of thrones :(
Brendon Owens
If tesla made a cell phone it would be 4$ and have a Hasselblad connected to it and be a slice of paper thin steel with solar charging.
Juan Jose Martinez
The biggest battery live ever and a drone to kill every body on the world
The Horsalitarian
Still pissed off that I essentially spent my money back on an s7 edge...
PRS 247
MKB, how much is the Note 7 FE? Will you actually review it? If not, why not?
Raj Singh
EffC Diamondz
I would expect it to text for me
Mr. Perfect !
If Tesla would make a Smartphone, it's battery would charge from Solar Power ..
Arsany Best
the tesla phone can connect to the car and turn to a remote control
Tommy Elder
tesla phone should have battery for days.
Hans Daniel De Castro
Man, the only phone I broke dropping was the 2nd Gen Moto X too! +Marques Brownlee
ujjwal Kadyan
give us review of lg q6 @mkbhd
Hoho, MKBHD using OnePlus 5! Hell yeah :D
Ahmed Medhat
what is the connection between your channel and the verge channel?
federico palmieri
Clinton Shoyemi
I've realised Logitech have completely rebranded their products, like they've even changed the logo
God. 뺑
I am a Note FE User.:)
I could listen to you review a damn fan.
Alan Lawson
How do you remove all the Korean bloatware?
Henry Mellor
if tesla made a smartphone I would want it to be able to turn into a car.
Ayoub AL-awadhi
I think Tesla smart phone already exists its called the IPHONE and it will fail because of it =)
Sbx sam rocks
Dude how is the Lenovo k6 note plzz make a video
man, Elon have Marques in his pocket! stop drooling, you slut!
Der Smaili
Tushar Raj
Please do galaxy note 8 and iphone 8 review first
Tushar Raj
Ha ha amazing sir
Anne Frank
this is a fucking advertisement
It would be a smartphone with wheels, powered by Petrol because electric is too mainstream.
Boaz Whealy
Tesla needs to make a boat. So it's silent on the water
Dingly Do
It would be a phone with wheels under it. A skaterboard phone? OH WAIT NO What if they made a phone that will shutdown if you use it while driving, ey ey ey?
Despite being a Model 3 reservation holder, I don't think I would get a Tesla smartphone. I'm not a fan of being locked into one brand's walled garden. It's why I don't like Apple, it's why I don't use many Google apps even though I do use an Android phone. It's also why I'd rather Tesla let people outside Europe use Spotify in their cars, instead of doing something silly like starting their own music streaming service.
That said: I'd expect it to be very high quality, with Apple levels of integration with Tesla cars, chargers, powerwall, etc. It'd also be crazy expensive!
Tessa smart phone need wheels
I used to have Tasker set up to start and stop location services when particular apps were opened/closed. But there wasn't much point to it - google will find a way to locate you no matter what.
Haram Khan
Why you don't review Huawei phones?
Jose Fernadez
Marques Brownlee Please gift me a phone. I'm a huge fan and never won anything. It would mean so much to me 😁
Ihab Boudjabi
Tesla has good designs on cars so u wouldn't be surprised if they made a phone look hella nice with cool designs on it
Tracy Hairston
if tesla made a smartphone, i would buy it.....who wouldn't????
Hubert Czubaj
i would it bring the smartphone experience of old Nokia 5-6 day battery life, also would be car-key charging itself in car. Spec standard flagship. as option available in car color ;]
Mariano Molina
I don't care what they say, I want one of these beautiful phones!
Bill Pemberton
If Tesla were to make a smartphone, it would be simple, an OS of their own with no advertising or bloatware. It would not be a drain on the battery when idle. And of course it would have supercharging.
Does Fan Edition means that it's includen a FAN ..? to cool down the device, just in case of overheating?
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