Hydraulic Press | 9 Different Balls

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Crushing 9 different balls with the press.

- Tennisball ( Cam1 : 0:14 | Cam2 : 1:05 )
- Golfball ( Cam1 : 2:06 | Cam2 : 2:57 )
- Hockey Ball ( Cam1 : 4:09 | Cam2 :  5:07 )
- Baseball ( Cam1 : 6:22 | Cam2 : 7:26 )
- Lacrosseball ( Cam1 : 8:29 | Cam2 : 9:07 )
- Mini Basketball ( Cam1 : 10:04 | Cam2 : 10:50 | SlowMo : 12:02 )
- Squashball ( Cam1 : 12:33 | Cam2 : 13:10 )
- Yellow Biljartball ( Cam1 14:05 | Cam2 : 14:14 | SlowMo : 14:24 )
- Black 8-ball ( Cam1 : 14:44 | Cam2 14:57 | SlowMo : 15:08 )


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Equipment Used for filming our videos : 

* Gopro Hero4 Black Edition + Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro
* Canon Eos 70D
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* 2x Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Tripods

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Don't try this yourself ! Hydraulic Presses are very powerful and you can get harmed if you don't operate it correctly !

Enjoy the movie !

rosi Matiuzi
algum br aq da like
Malachi King
This sucks nutsssssssss
xVKx CrazyKilla
And thats the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the news goes

Graaaaassssssssssss taste bad
Aminta Rivas
Can that distroy gomies
Am i the only one wondering how the hell i got here
AQUA Clutchz
AQUA Clutchz
Husky Gaming
this is so sattisfying
عٌأّشٍقِ أّلَحٌزِّأّنِ {أّبِوِحٌنِيِّنِ}
أّشٍتّرګوِوِ بِقِنِأّتّيِّ
Cirno is not proud
Genius Makker
Hockey ball made in india
محمد المقبول
GOOD 👍 | الي جاي من سبوكي لايك
piyush dwivedi
Imagine the head of someone is kept inside it
علي فاضل
ولله انك ممبدع
Wtf is a hockey ball!? You use pucks for hockey
the mini basketball one rip my ears
Sakata Gintoki
ڪحيلۃ السماوهـہ
Aman Semwal
Human balls?
youngjoo lee
Can I just get free likes
oleg Veresenko
Jake the gsd
Am I the only one that jumped when the basketball popped? 😂
Jmac blue
Warning for headphone users it is VERY loud at 10:32
Blank Gamer-EX
Try crushing your own balls next time
محم. باسم
xguscv xvisstuigc kcfjku
Ali Haider
المشاهده ممتعة
salih yüksekkaya
يوسف بن العراق ابن العراق
اتمنا تجربو البيضه بل طول
Duo Gaming
What if you get your dick stuck in there :/
Haneef Saeed
Hi. Can you crush my ex?
Hollie Eliza
Hockey ball ??
Hollie Eliza
trian bakti
U can press squise
Ruby Hayden
Crushing balls
I thought he was gonna crush a Magic 8 ball!
Jack Andrews
Well Atleast it's not Busting Nuts
Jake Murphy
The "baseball" is a softball
Mike Sosa
Wtf is a hockey ball. If you didnt know when people play hockey they use a hockey puck
raj burfal
made in India is best. product..
halyssa 2005
There is hockey balls?
Surendra Gaonkar
Break season cricket .....!!!!
MeTheGuy 12
Put your own balls in there
I am the BOSS
It is so cool and amazing
I've crushed everything crushable
شو اسم المقطع بالعربي
Alonzo Ibarra
Did anyone jumped when the 8 ball exploded?
Fahim hossain
anyone watching in 2017?
aeohi aldeen00
اخي سوي تجربة كسر البيضة على المكبس هيدروليكي
Sarah Michelle
when the baseball says soft compression so theyre just like "If you insist"
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