10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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Let's be honest, we all expected the Bermuda Triangle on here. Not disappointed at all.
Space Core
Magnets confusing compasses? Bring a gyroscopic compass, dumbass.
Magus Perdé
fuck this channel.
Goku Gaming
What about phoinex az
How a rational person would explain it: 'I'll do multiple tests to find a conclusion' / How an irrational person would explain it: 'It was Jesus'
Cedric Smith
I think I would be scared if I went alone to any of these places.
Cedric Smith
Ricardo Miranda
strange places
Al Adami LOL
cme to my channel pls.. n i promise u'll be suprised!!
beni gamer
i am gay
Planet Leaf
Good video
TropicalGaming - Roblox and more
6:57 Am I the only one that saw a panty?
BigDog 123456vr
Йo kaрйaлaн кyннaиллa лeытии пyy,
йo kaрйaлaн кoивиккo тyyыeттyy.
käки кyккyy зиeллä йa кeвäт oн,
виe зиннe мyн кaиыo пoыйaтoн.
mä тyннeн вaaрaз йa вyoризтoвэöз
йa кaзкиeн зayыyт йa yинyвaт эöз
йa зэнккäин мeтзиeз aaрниoпyyт
йa зиинтäвäт зaлмeз йa вyoнoйeз зyyт.
зиeлл' yзeин мaткaни мääрäтöин
лäпи мeтзиeн кyлки йa нäрeиккöин.
mинä зeизoин вaaрoиллa пaлйaин пäин,
миззä kaрйaлaн кayниин eeззäин нäин.
taи лäкзин кэлиин yрыoйeн лyo,
mизз' элыиллä вaaрoиллa aзyи нyo;
нäин миeыeт кyннoн йa ыилпeäн тэöн
йa нäин, мизз' зэккии kaрйaлaн зэäн.
"Fantasy lands don't actually exi-"
Darren Bee
You gave explanations for two of them?!?!?!
That underwater park looks so cool
Slow Roll
the music is fucking ear killing
Doc Moore
These places exist, so they are not impossible by any standard. However, frogs or anything else "cooking from the inside out" is substantially impossible unless something very unusual is done to get the heat source "inside" the item to be cooked. Otherwise, explanations that are ignored in the interest of creating the impression of "mystery" is really a pretty cheap parlor trick.
Mik Moen
1:00 Can't they just set up ground radar stations to try and map out the caverns?
josh bacer
The dragons traingle is I want
I would love to visit these places lol
rusty mugg
so cool. Thank you
Eric Scholz
Either they're scientifically impossible or they exist. Pick one.
Holo It's me
the first one got me fucked up
Jean Dexter Estrada
Aditya Nayal
wait I think u just explained the second one (-__-)
Funny Name
Scientifically impossible. 2... Explains it with science
Dark Shadow Productions
Bermuda triangle was explained. Its methane gas bubbles which affect compasses and electronic systems, often fatally.
anthony guzman
I thought this was scientifically impossible to explain what about the second one
XxBlanc EthiwxX
I allready know Kawah Ijen cause im indonesian and I have been go to Kawah Ijen
XxBlanc EthiwxX
the blue flames called "Blue Fire"
Gabriel Waggoner
Volcano sperm 1:37 😂
Pedro M M
The Triangle has a magnetic pulse that make planes useless
TheShadow Gammerul
Water is going under earth , wow .
wtf our mine
who got our mine in the title??
Keith The Beast
Ourmine sucks
Electric Shock
cant someome just send a drone into the "devils kettle"
Anabis Trejo
So cool!!!!
Aafaq Ahmed
It's the scientific impossibilities made by ALLAH
Plus X Tract
might as well have been a top 5 because 1 wasn't real and the other 4 points were literally scientific explanations
Mircea Ciubuca
bermuda triangle is iluminati
if these places exist then it isn't really scientifically impossible now is it?
Couldn't we just drop a super durable waterproof tracker with a strong gps signal into the devils kettle and just follow it?
Nigel Perren
11... Southampton bent police station, This police station contains such a high density of Bent Freemason police officers it's unbelievable, the public are frightened of them, it should be scientifically impossible for the sheer volume of filth to be fully paid by a disgusted and intimidated public
Sam Jones
nothing is impossible. everything is permitted.
Suzann Puppies are precious
Why don't they send a camera in the devil's kennel? Rather than send a person to explore? And who's to say that a curious person didn't explore?
Cameron Wical
I love that you can say that it's scientifically impossible but you can explain why some of the thing happen
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