10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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Nunya Stieger
Devils kettle is an amazing place on earth ? UNSUBBED
Rory Mercury
hey thats devil kettle is in the movie jeniffers body i guess
What about that one place that was set to fire and that fire still rages on today?
MB entertainment
I thought the triangle was solved. Natural methane thins the water making some boats no longer buoyant and methane also funks with aero-instruments. Or I could be pulling BS out of my arse.
michael jude monforte
It s true really true
Should've said impossibly explainable scientifically
avg joe gaming
Do people cook in the boiling river
Eesdesseses Erdt
git a drone in that devils kettle boys
Yannick Delgadillo
Annoying nerds.
how do they exist if sience cant make them lmao
Corek BleedingHollow
If they exist, then, it's not impossible. lol
Ya_ boii-
Don't worry! None of these places exist because they're scientifically impossible
CHOOK. Beerlover
Kalbar does not exist...I Know , I live there.
Frans Forsblom
at 4:07 that map was in finish
Aleksi Pussinen
why would the map be in finnish on bermuda triangle part? Torilla tavataan.
Kevin Byrnes
You forgot about heaven and hell
Cyranax 3000
bruh i live in minnesota
Johnny Bravo
Titles a bit silly isn't it boy?
Reggie Uy Reyes
Interesting world.. I liked the part about the Norway skies 😱😮😬😨😵😜😍😡😇😆😅☺😀😄😃😐😂😭😎😘😝😜
Reggie Uy Reyes
Interesting world.. I liked the part about the Norway skies 😱😮😬😨😵😜😍😡😇😆😅☺😀😄😃😐😂😭😎😘😝😜
supersquish gaming
Bs if it is not possible then I don't take your word
i feel bad for any animal's that fall in too that boiling river they just want a drink :(
ichii 1
Sciencefags on suicide watch XD
the title is fucking retarded.and the girls voice is annoying
boi what are dose
The Gerd
If you fall in hot water you don't cook from the inside out.
Scientifically unscientifically unexplained explained.
Rachel Morris
2.6 millions views with 22,488 likes and 1,399 dislikes.
Seems legit.
Lia Drumond
how come buzzfeed did not "make" a list with this content yet?
jared caneal
If it is impossible then why does it exist?
Natalee Haskins
hi richest 🤗😀💓💓💞💞
Madden Mobile Beasts
the ad that played before this video was the gayest thing I've ever seen
Bishop Potter
never ending lighting storms cool
David Mullen
Scientifically impossible because the front cover is from Mad Max lmfao
Fiona Benitez
she sounds really strange
Alex berry
people that are complaining about 'if it is scientifically impossible then it shouldn't exist'.
you should all know that science is based off of maths, algorithms and past occurrences, which outline general rules of what is physically possible and impossible. and when nature introduces a first ever one of phenomenon it in fact is technically 'scientifically impossible', because the numbers do not line up. it can exist and it will! sciences numbers and algorithms just say it cant.
Franklin Sukmynutz
3:20 Sid Wilson?
Bryan Dun
imma go to Venezuela to become the flash or shazam. ✌
Bleach Bottle
TheRichest Vs. The Talko

If you choose TheRichest say #Richest

If you choose TheTalko say #Talko
Professor Falcon
"scientifically impossible"
Explains how everything works
Yolo King
She just scientifically explained the blue liquid one for the valcano
I live near the petrifying well and it really is wierd how it creates the hard shell so quickly. also a nice day out with more to see other than the well and the boats on the river. There's also a really nice chocolate shop in Knaresborough Centre with a tea room above too. deffinately worth a day out.
Mark Khalfin
This is real? Right?
Maybe Devil's Kettle Leads to Journey To The Centre of the Earth Part 2
Twee Twee
You explained the volcano one just fine.
So that one was just thrown in there?
hypno games
On bermuda triangle picture that was writed to finnish kolmio = triangle :)
Keeforza //KeefeTDM
im not shocked by the neon blue cause i live in indonesia
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