10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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Spacewarp Photography
Unexplained does not mean either unexplainable or impossible.
Emerson An
I'm scared of the hanging teddy and PATATOS
First Name Last Name
can't use a GPS tracker n see where it goes
Advanced Gamer Erick
blue fire volcano my life is complete
Joel Gullin
Number ten is dam simple it turnd into an underground water system and the force of gravity from high land to low land it finds its way to the stream.
Diddn't Mythbusters or something use eco friendly bio dye to track some river something once?
Angel Girl
4:09 Illuminati confirmed
kalani Ono
the triangle is in greek mythology
Gavin Richmond
There's a bit of a difference between "scientifically impossible" and "science doesn't have an answer yet."
Isaac Benavidez
Anna Zychowicz
3:33 ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lazy _ Nation _ 1232
"scientifically imposible" but you explain some XD ok nice try
Boiling River

"Animals have been observed falling into the water and becoming delicious"
Jack Lambert
So bermuda has been explained and there actually isn't anything odd about it or the rate at which things disappear.
Exile Gaming
I've been to the petrifying well near knaresborough that's where I live
5:01 the mulberry tree just wanted to be pretty D=
Rickson Geometry Dash
what if the devils kettle just leads the water underground and becomes underground water?
Jonty Coniglio (The rabbit)
I love lightning storm, even before it starts raining
macintosh_1983 ‍
Ok so this video says can't be explained yet on number 2 it's all explained
listening to Americans trying to say place names is fucking excruciating.
Maester Mika
That's some freaky crap at 8:27 with the never-ending thunderstorms.
Maester Mika
Did anyone notice at 0:57 that there was no captioning?
Nixelstampede NS
umm burmuda I'm pretty sure that its water jump ing up and hits the ship and sinks them with lots of water and hits planes and makes them sink but what can I know I'm just a kid do yea I cant learn that much
Ian Kirkpatrick
Micro bursts have shown as a probably cause for disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle
Teneille Schulte
That is crazy 😜
Madness! 😯😮
George Ionescu
For the devils kettle why don't they send a drone with a camera on it
Luke Miller
I live right by Devils Kettle :) :) ...BEAUTIFUL PARK!!!
Zachary Su
throw a go pro into devil kettle
StarlightPuppy Epic
i think
Tuan Nguyen
Who needs school? I can learn from The Richest 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Sanchez-Ramirez
sumaira ahmed
Did anyone else see a red flash at 4:49?
3:32 how many square miles?
Jerald John Mendez
Stone Underware?? @ 6:55
i thought the bermuda triangle was explained because of high amounts of methane in the area so the water was less dense so boats couldnt float on it
brojo “brojo”
what is that red light
The Blacksmith
That park sounds totally awesome. I would love to visit it.
A full stadium of light no one knows why people still go there.
Tomas Antanavičius
In Norway I saw a weird thing that was redbluegrenn and yellow I got scared and yeald ailian
Ryan Guthrie
Some of these you explained with science
King Derp
Xpert Gamer216
send a drone down devil's kettle
all of this is possible...
flashyman //goldenminecart
On the boiling water there might be a underwater volcano
Julia Kedn
are we not going to talk about how the Devils kennel would be the best spot to dump a body....
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