10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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Sir Joey of The White
I'm gonna kill someone, put their body under the dripping water from that 'witch' cave, wait till it's turned intos tone and then dump it in front of a police station in USA. It would be the biggest mystery of all time I guarantee you.
I For Iza
Omg I've been to that cave and watched them all turn to stone it might be cursed
《Infinite Fiona》
and the storm is a Dangerous Disaster is it it
Alex Betten
the catatumbo lightnings in venezuela are caused by excessive amounts of methane gas
the place is a center of gas mining....
"scientifically impossible"

talks about science to explain how the blue lava forms
are these places are man-made in a way or another.
Coco Roy
amazing to believe. 🙄
matthew clark
just an fyi, they are pretty sure they have figured out the Bermuda triangle; it is either methane gas, or "Hexagonal clouds creating "air-bombs""
Nathan Higgers
Double penetreetion.
Chicago galaxy
I ain't scared of lightning
Tach Daks
Bermuda Triangle is the only place I know
How is Kawah Ijen unexplained by science ?
Ansh Sikka
I finally found a nice place to get stoned
Queen Bitch KaNoMiko
How the fuck is Russians dumping nuclear waste into a lake scientifically impossible?
Warriorkitten12 11
You know how i got here?

I fell asleep
Dude Scrolling In The Internet
I live in Minnesota
The Rum always dissapearing = Scientifically Impossible --Why is the Rum always gone?
Bonna Bunny
I would get chicken from Walmart and throw it in the boiling river, pull it out, clean it, and eat it
The lightning storms is really just the SpeedForce trying to breach into our world. So illogically speaking I have a chance at becoming the flash now.
Benjamin Danielsen
The second one had a quite scientific explanation for an scientifically impossible place dont u think?
ken cole
OMG ... devils triangle .. had only 2 naviagtion towers , whne tye added a 3rd the problem resolved
The Superior Gamers
Satans blue flames
you literally explained how some of these work...
I'm 75% awesome and 30% bad at math.
Rebecca Marcott
Lake Karachay

Shows picture of Crater lake

And that is why I never trust their pictures
but... didn't they just explain how the second one is scientifically possible? lol
Stella Brekke
Hole proportion worry presidential free wedding introduction genetic piece
Immediately lost credibility when you said the Bermuda triangle is scientifically impossible.
Also, I think I would be beyond happy in Venezuela. Love storms!
So, if you stay under the water for a while you get petrified as well, right?Also, yeah, Im sure whoever falls into that kettle is screwed.The Triangle exists, whether thr idiots from the army deny it or not. One more thing, that double tree, wow!
Quadrivial Quasar
Kinda wanna live in Western Venezuela now just for the lightning. Lightning kicks ass.

A fun fact about lightning -
Lightning actually played a huge part in Earths fertilization after its was first made. Lightning striking the ground gave the ground Nitrogen which in turn allowed for the growing of plants after a very long period of time.

If you're religious and think God created the Earth, I don't care about your opinions.
i live in norway! and hessedalen is near where i live
Matthew Zablocki
if they do exist then they are not scientifically impossible.......
MHarvey 1331
She just scientifically explained number 2
well that double tree in my country ...we can make it happen its very easy
jonathan parrish
Judging by the american commentator they probably think god did it and left it at that
I'm pretty sure the Bermuda Triangle conspiracy can be proven to be incorrect, which it is of course, but can be explained by the cloud formations. Can't remember as to why but if anybody was wondering then just remember that.
Rayan Agarm
boil (196°) lie.. cook yes 5:49
Rayan Agarm
ebay 2.50dlr g.mask...
they earn 5$ per load
Frank Magowan
The Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than a statistical wonder. It has a lot more shipping traffic than most areas within thousands of miles and therefore more ships sink there. The percentage of ships sinking and planes crashing there isn't much different from most stretches of sea.
Luke Foster
The Hessdalen lights aren't mysterious at all. The river show is high in sulfur, one side of the valley is high in sodium, and the other side is high in iron. Mix these together and you get a reaction that displays a bright light or lights.
ikmal hakim
Venezuela the best
Lavender Mae Gaming
Why not include Biringan City in the Philippines? VERY SPOOKY
Omnipotent Dude
Ps they can probably steal the minerals for tablets and mineral water (lower the concentration)
Omnipotent Dude
The triangle is said that Methane has escaped the ground shaking the boats, and since methane is lighter than air, the altitude meter says they are flying too high, so they lower their altitude crashing into the sea
Bantha Dolls
a few months ago, they think they finally discovered where devil's kettle exits. they're pretty sure now is some 14 or so (I don't remember quite how far as I said it was a few months ago. I just remember it being far) into another river. shoot. I wish I could remember which one. one of the ones that crosses 61 up there as you're going along the shore.
Caroline Ting
Place that is "scientifically impossible" then they explain it by science
Gabriel Chastain
then why dont they search under the ocean in bermuda triangle
Jannik Mayer
Dumbass chicken This is truly attracyize Korean =D
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