10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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In Another Place
The real reason why people are never heard from the Bermuda Triangle:

Guys and gals find hot other guys and gals on a wall island, and never heard from again
no cameras, drones or especially tracking devices..? but people used ping pong balls?
Kaverr amedi
I live in Minnesota
Woodsman 11
The places are impossible, then person explains them
bob lowkey
Do you know the definition of impossible?
Alifia Khairunnisa
indonesia im in indonesia
marcos santiago
I don't get why being religious to some people means being scientifically illiterate. You can be religious and know how the universe works, it's free information for your benefit. You can learn the secrets of the universe and then way at the end after you've read through all the evidence you can add because god and boom now your not a burden on intellectual advances and still religious.
Adriaan S
well there are electrical storms that are more common then anywhere else outside the bermuda triangle a pilot experienced this twice in his career it seemed to have space time properties as he seemed to reach his destination about 18 minutes earlier than than supposed 75 minutes or something
Its alexei
is the valamzuela part in the philipines
Asif Imtiaz
can someone help. me with the soundtrack in the background?
People still believe in gods in 2017... lul.
Sairento Kage
i heard that the bermuda isn´t that deep and for some reason the ships can´t see how deep it is.
so ships go to that place and get damaged so they sink in the end.
but about the planes is unknown
1. My mind
Kevin Hamilton
None of this is "scientifically impossible" if it's happening.
Alex Karow
This guys is so rich, he has a tree on a tree
Logan Simpkins
Always love the tittle until I realize it's this bitches voice again. Hurts my entire body to listen to it.
A&J Photography
Haha this vid made me literally fall on the floor! Great work!
A Super Big Piece Of Cheese
How is it scientifically impossible if it exists?
Dawn Soisson
Number 1 is the entrance to agartha it's how they get water
Dawn Soisson
You literally explained number 2 using science
Johnathan Potter
ho lee lol i know right if its scientifically impossible, thN why is it existing on top of that, that clearly is proof thatANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
Joe Castellanos
This title scientifically impossibly gave me cancer... also you're explanation of the phenomena comes from scientific experimentations... but thats non of my business 🐸🍵
Agent Apple
Just ignore all the assholes in the comment section...This is an interesting video
Where I could believe a section of a river could reach boiling temperatures, "boiling water" always cooks from the outside, in. Even microwave ovens cook from the outside, in. So this just lessens, the credulity of your video.
Ronnie Fox
KAWAH IJEN Can be explained because you explained it.
Chicken Soss
1:47 wtf that just goes againts the title you just explained what happened using science.
Carter Crane
Why is it that half of the places are completely explained and no science is involved but is just logically explained?
Aren't they supposed to be scientifically impossible so why are they explained completely with no discussion of the scientific impossibly they have?
Harigan Plays
#13: Trump tower
Global Career Network
I could not explain but am very grateful to you for your excellent job.
Global Career Network
We believe science and technology. Really Excellent.
Global Career Network
Revan Alastor
Never ending Lightning storms = Presence of Thor.
The Bermuda Triangle is a myth. Ships and planes have disappeared across the world, and the triangle does not have an increased rate of these disappearances. MH370 didn't disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, and it's the most (in)famous disappearance to date...
Saying this stuff is "scientifically impossible" is ignorant as hell.
4:10 people dont realise that its illuminati head quaters
Mighty Shadow
Thor must live in western Venezuela
Wayne Biddiss
number 1 isnt scientifically impossible. this channel is a constantly spewing fountain of shite.
Brock Gilliland
Number one is caused by methane the area is extremely swampy and the decomposing plants and animals in a swampy area creates a lot of methane and methane charge the atmosphere causing an imbalance in positive and negative charges which in return cause instability in the atmosphere and the moisture from the tropical climate causes thunderstorms and the high charged atmosphere causes a lot of lighting and it occurs almost daily
Valynaz Valkynaz
this is weirder than White holes, Tumblr, and exactly what you'd expect to be weird
M.R. Bran
Isn't there a place in africa were thunderstorms occur every night as well?
Guy Jack
'10 Scientifically Impossible...'
Second example - explains exactly how it works...
diy lover 1
kawah ijen is sooooo scaryyyy
Derick Millsap
those are some remarkable places. Thanks for telling me about them.
Keidi Mcneil
In the cave if you touched the water would you turn to stone
The Taco Boy
1:44 I thought these couldnt be scientificly explained
J.C. Coleman
cool. after i win the lottery i'm going to visit them.
Max1 Max1Max1
The Boiling River should be the one called The Devil's Kettle
deepika padukone
Bermuda triangle is unexplainable case!!
njoki ndegwa
Why call it "scientifically impossible" if you're going to explain it scientifically?
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