Robert Mueller's Dream Team Is Giving Trump Nightmares

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is assembling an 'all-star legal team' to investigate the President for obstruction of justice.

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Hillarious!!! Can't stop laughing. You are too funny👍
Vernon Hampton
Stephen Colbert is everything that is right with media!
Dan Hansford
I would urge every American to read this article and to consider their part in the slow but sure destruction of a great democracy.
Appleseed Humanity, Inc.
Shout out to the man who made all this possible - Rod Rosenstein!
gunnar jauch
When I find myself in tweets of trouble
Mother Russia comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom:
This guy is a idiot and his poor ratings proves it
Pia Rossi
"Moose and squirrel"😂
Roderick Van Hees
Should Trump go to court.
Then I hope he will choose to defend himself in court :)
And then we broadcast that worldwide.
We shall use the ad revenue to improve your country's infrastructure and repair Puerto Rico.
Jason Clark
There really needs to be a simple test in place for people to vote, just so people have to at least actually do some research into the person that they are entrusting the future of the nation and not just believing in their favorite media outlet. This "president" is a joke and it makes all Americans look stupid.

Both parties need to get their act together though and actually give us the most qualified people and not the ones who are the richest, most underhanded, racist, who will do anything to win the election so that their party wins the presidency to help big corporations. We are one nation and need to work together with both sides as a united front for democracy to truly help all the people. Sorry, too much to drink just blabbering.
Dan Hansford
I wonder what these idiots will post when one of the Podestas is charged?
As of October 2017, this was filmed. FOUR MONTHS AGO.
Old news .
There has been no new news since.
We wait and hope.
Dana Jae
THIS is VERY RICH tonight on the eve of the first indictment. WOOO! I feel like it's Christmas eve! (I'm stealing that from a friend who posted something similar on FB.)
Laura Friedsam
Delightful! made my Sunday Morning.
It will be a movie, a bond thriller call "The spy Who Paid Me" The soundtrack album will have a title track "From Russia with Cash."
Sherry Main
I wish.
No law enforcement or intelligence agency in the U.S. has examined the DNC's servers ...NONE....STILL... gee,...I wonder why?
Barbara Hudson
Maybe the Dotard will have a heart attack at the news. Don't want him to escape justice. Lock him up, let him try to grab pussy in jail.
Gavin Broadhead

Says increasingly nervous sub average comedian for the 8th time this year.
Sandy Ozuna
And he has not yet imposed those new sanctions on russia
Sandy Ozuna
Ya trump and you are the witch led by satan himself.
Jeff Viscusi
The voice of reson
Linda Freeman
President Trump has no nightmares as he has nothing to give to Mueller as the collusion is not there, Colbert you need to see yourself lying you look si stupid
Suzana Kola
THE HOOKERS PUTIN - TRUMP are furious because of the sanctions. THEIR HOOK UP GOT WAISTED
Suzana Kola
GG. Im naming my child cofefe.
Irma Jose
Steven is one of the greatest comedians of all time love you bro keep on keeping on
Irma Jose
That was a great cartoon
Sondra Kaplan
If this is a witch can be sure trump is a guilty witch
Larry 21603
Russia connection? How dead does a dead horse have to be? Dead is dead.
Brain rich
He just loves to fire people is all.
Oniy Myers
Please investigate the big orange pumpkin like the x file, since we have Mueller.
Tom S.
I would slash Stephen Colbert fucking throat. And I would add from ear to ear but the cocksucker only has one ear. LOL!
scandinavian lars horup rasmussen
Nice sound effect , ( ) not the piano one though that followed by a wondering airpianoblower
George Jenkins
Mueller is corrupt evil and sadistic and a piece of shit
Kyle Reese
Colbert you are such a pathetic little cocksucker!! You were mild funny as Jon Stewarts sidekick but now you are just a late night piece of shit angry little twot who goes on and on and on with this fake news narrative with Trump it is just disgusting. A few jokes after the election I get it but 9 months later? Give it a rest Stephen Trump is in for 4 years probably 8.... are you going to whine and piss for 8 years or just try and come up with something entertaining from your meager brain?? You know what would be funny?? If you filmed yourself jumping off the empire state building because your SOOOOO angry with trump!!!! Pussy!
J Fbooke
Colbert is such a little bitch
J Fbooke
Robert Muller is a stinky enemy globalist dicklicker. Trump is the greatest man alive!
Ananyanarayan Dhanabalan
He's also ruined 'fantastic'
gg gg
this guy sucks and im not a trump supporter
Robert Baylis
So dumb. Thank God he's stupid. What's taking Mueller so long?
Rosie Bum
Nasty Loyolas responsible for 9/11. Who is the nastiest Loyola of all? Hint: Don't Cry for me Argentina! Not to worry, they are crying for their missing children. Where are those children Whorehey???
Rosie Bum
We are investigating the pope for pedophilia and child trafficking. He is another Nasty Loyola.
Dead Inside
45, WH Admin. If you are not guilty,... hmm what to do... if you are, hmmm what to do... good luck either way.
Dead Inside
I want to see "The Obstruction Of Justice League".
j en
The clock is ticking, you loser! Bye bye trumpy pants! Loser! Nice!
dave skerritt
Yes. Trump, don't ruin the word nice for us. You've ruined the words sad, wall, and covfefe. Also, how about Trump ruining the words great, make, better, and again.
Christine Claiborne
D Mack
Why did anyone vote for the illiterate orange clown?...they've been taken in by a grafter.
Dy T
Trump's Nightmare team is giving the USA and the entire world nightmares.
sharon nagle
ha ha 2 months later still funny whew we've been through alot
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