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I don't want to PLAY WITH YOU MORTEM!!
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Can anyone tell me the brand of shirt he's wearing? I would like to buy a couple for my self, they look pretty awesome :)
Cameron Bailey
[3:44] Markplier knew, He f***ed up.
Nicco Giordano
lol he is scared
Very organized thief layout
Darth Paiger
i don't know how i feel about Mark's new glasses
Darth Paiger
ummmmm why does the description say he's playing fnaf?
Nebula Smasher
The death music sounds like happy music XD
Sadi Parks
Reason two be scared of women
Shadows the demon
why does mortem look like she has like idk female mad hatter clothes and she looks like a creepy clown maniquene doll mix
Shadows the demon
this is like one man hide and seek
that guy
The house from house party ?
The era of screaming children being the nightmares of people xD
Septic Eye_3
The first jumpscare scared the shite outta me. Oh boi. 😱😱
Game - Five Nights at Freddy's
Charles Reed
Did u notice that a certain Yandere game has the exact same house as this ? ........ illuminati confirmed
Good lord that's terrifying
I can't stop laughing XD
Sterling Gabriel
who watches mortemer
Space Mocha
I'm going full screen at 12:00 at night. Tell my mom I stole her new batch of cupcakes. Peace ✌
Jennifer Anderson
"I could survive if I just didn't get screwed over BY THE DOORS!!!"
Yekira Claar
I have seen four games with this house layout and a lot of the time it is because bad stuff happens. If you ever see a house like this, run like hell because it is probably haunted by multiple demons lol.
1,000 Subs With No Videos
I imagine this is how Rick goes around when he's trying to find Morty
"Mortem, MORTEM, mortem"
liz390 Mccay
mark : why am I doing this !?
why am I doing this!?
me: Yeah ... why am I doing this ?
the minecraft gamer scotty
That's the house from houseparty
*Purple Stone*
Me: ALRIGHT LETS WATCH MARK!!!!! Wait... I'm in the dark, alone, nothing around me but darkness.. The kind... FRieNdLy... DARKNESS!!!!!!!!! *jumpscare happens * Me: I'm dead inside....
Anonymous Piano Master
that time when you realize that a demon, like six (she wears just a fokin raincoat), has better fashion taste than you... anyways imma just get lost in the sea of comments and never be noticed my senpai.
Trinity Waggonner
GM: You meet with a level 90 Demon. What do you do?
Player: I boop it...i boop it on the snoot...
Akia Tisby
dats scary
Jamie Fakename
This is the same map as House Party??!!
Thegamingteam 325
2:40 jumpscare glitch lol
Rylee Marie
Our own light is a continuation or prequel of this game. Mark played it and he noticed it but if you look in the cradle, or baby bed thing, there is the bunny from "Our own Light". I really want to know the story because it really doesnt make sense.
thunder down under
It's the same layout as house party
can u play more mark pls?
y0MaMaSaurs 3378
one of the jumpscares are 2:38
N8ive G4mer
Victor Von Moon
.....OH GOD!!
The Great King Of Gamers
Holy fuck...This game and "Our Own Light" have the SAME EXACT MAP! COPYCAT!!
I love that it's literally called Death. Mortem is death in Latin.
Is this the house from fucking HOUSE PARTY?
Asher Bardes
Only the best games have stylish demons.
Ayano Aishi
Markiplier: I don't know about you
Me: I bet I want to LOL
Chlax Pricefield
who else randomly came here from the our own light gameplay??
Is anyone else here from marks latest scary game to see if the house looks the same? I sure am
Kailee Altman
Who's here from Our Own Light?
Liv Rohe
here from marks recent video.. confused on why the layout of the games are the same !??
Ghost in the Graveyard anyone?
Sienna Fetrow
Speedy Blossom
I came from the video 'Our own Light' to see the layout. Its weird how they are the same.
Vaitallity Jpeg
who else is back from watching Our Own Light?

-Markiplier 2017
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