WATCH: Putin reacts to Trump firing FBI Director James Comey

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President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The White House says the decision came from Comey's handling of the Clinton email investigation. CBS News caught up with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an exhibition hockey game in Sochi, Russia and asked for his response.


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Miela Bronson
Putin is Hawt!!! Grrrrrrauh. Does Drizzay snap of th e neck.
Egyptian Egyptian
Lmao Putin is like why do they gotta involve me in everything.
Sergei Kritzien
Peskov, Putin's press-secretary, needs to work on his English.
I guess Putin gave the majority of the vote to Hilary and the Electoral to Trump :) , Russian presidency collusion = FAKE NEWS
Cerron Sarisariñama
She didn't get the threat. He basically told her to shut the fuck up. I love it. "I'm here to play hockey with the fans... I invite you to do the same." This mas is a BOSS! :D
putin so funny
Jacob K
Putin is like " Why ask me that stupid question? it is a USA issue not Russian. We don't care what he does."
Boy was that question daft, Journalism should be shamed
Mark Langstaffe
America is weak. Trump is weak.

It is now time for Trump to become a man, no more tweets, no more media spin.

Go to Moscow Trump, talk with Putin. Or are you afraid.
Love the russians..Hate every p.c.liberal Marxist in America. They are fake americans
Put that bitch in her place.
"Putin, I see you are wearing red socks today... How will this affect US-Russian relations?"
He is remarkably orange.
Bling Bling
Russia and the US leadership know where they stand with each other, the media listens carefully and manipulates it because it's needs to SELL a more shocking story. They even give subjective opinions to back "their" story up. Desperate scum-bags, like they do it for the greater good👎🏻
Chris Keller
I love this guy but I'm not gay
Very typical Putin dominance technique, insisting on talking through poor Peshkov. He knows Peshkov struggles a bit with his English, and Putin's own English is significantly better, but by insisting on using Peshkov as a translator he both avoids having to worry about gaffes on his own part, while making Peshkov understand who is boss.
Nasty Women News
TRUMP, THE GREAT CHEEETO thought he was going to succeed in destroying our democratic system and turn the US into a Russian/African style autocracy where journalists and dissidents end up poisoned or shot, while the ruling class hordes mansions and property with no accountability to the people. Unfortunately you underestimated the power of our democracy...
David Olinger
It has been officially confirmed by an anonymous source that the MSM is nothing more than White Noise! It is no longer a conspiracy theory, but reality in the USA. 😎
The funniest thing in the video is Putin's comment, "President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence…”. What a witty backhanded insult to Trump! Putin, at every turn, outmaneuvered Obama, and now, he's outmaneuvering Trump.
Daryl Sheets
what investigation don't you think if comey had anything he would of Said something since everybody In our government and media and the people above them who run our government all want Trump out of ther.Dont you think any evidence would of immediately been brought up?The 2 men from our justice department who leaked the emails were both shot in the head following that wiki leaks posted 50,000 reward for info on ther shooter because they "want to protect ther sources".
William Shockley
thank you president Trump! now get the test of the honest Americans that sellnout.
Harrison Hurwitz
He's just gotta go and get pucks and bodies to the net ya kno?
David Vardy
And Canada just keeps sitting here with our poutine and beaver tails, Waiting for real news.
Tony Douglas
if he had nothing to hide why fire him?
Seems like the interpreter possibly took some liberties with that translation. I think Putin said Trump is acting according to his own "authority" and/or "ability" . Competence seems like the wrong word. Why not let Putin speak English? He is quite good at it.
Antonia Karpova
haha...what a boss!
Jc Jc
The new info regarding Seth Rich should be the news...... you fucking send a reporter to Russia to ask Putin this?! And that's the news?!
George williams
would have been hilarious if he responded with "who is Comey?"
He looks like he's trying so hard not to laugh 😂
Aye Jay
Putin's a badass. he loves Russia and the Russian people. LibTurds and Neocons hate that!
Sandy Reeves
Hate you and you should be booted out too!!!'!
Mr October
"Mr. Putin, are you pleased with President Trump's performance or has he turned out to be a disappointment to you?"
Ēriks Ralfs Vanags
So many Putin trolls and fuck buddies here. Didn't know so many people were behind a megalomaniac, greedy, power hungry, corrupt, murderous, dictator.
Андрей Шунин
Give my prizendentu play hockey
Mark R.
Putin: President trump is acting in accordance with his competency (looks right "sign of lying" and smirks throughout the interview)

He really is the best James Bond villain...
Fahad Shahid
Putin putting the Americans back in their place like a boss
ThisLandIsOurLand NotYours
Arik Taranis
Who is that hockey player?
sly angler
Notice how Putin shuts down the liberal. She looked very uncomfortable and frightened..
Jason Young
According to his own competence lmao. That alone says a lot.
I'm not a Trump supporter, he lost me with his strike on the Syrian Airbase. However, let me make this clear.
Its totally obvious that the US deep state in correlation with the controlled Media is trying to impeach Trump.
Media-shills in the USA are working 24/7 in their spin on this, they even try to interview Putin while he is busy playing Hockey. Putin does not give a *** about their Propaganda.
The amount of false news is alarming, its like they throw a load of shit to a wall and see what sticks.

1. There where two camera men (the white house camera man + a Russian camera man). That's normal procedure. -> Media spins it as if there was only a foreign (Russian) camera man present.

Fact is, CNN... is rightfully excluded from any White House Press Meeting and this was not a press meeting anyway.
As far as I'm concerned MSNBC and CBS should be excluded too. These outlets are completely exposed.

2. People present at the meeting deny any claims of Trump leaking secret Information to Russia. -> Media doing Headlines saying that Trump leaked Information to Russia.
3. Trump fired Comey because of his partial stance during the Hillary Email Scandal. -> Media doing headlines that Trump fired Comey because he was investigating Trump.

Honestly, I don't even want to list up all the fake news because I don't even care anymore. I don't get invested into this shit no more...
Whats even more alarming, is the fact that people seem to eat this shit up and believe it. I know about social bots, but when I look at the influx of YT-comments on the subject it seems like ~70% of the comments is actually completely in-line with this media bias. Is the attention-span of these people really that low? Have they already forgot about the media manipulation during the US-election?
It would be naive to think that this manipulation suddenly stops after Trump has been elected.

Let me quote Denzel Washington: If you don't watch the news, you are uninformed and if you watch the news, you are misinformed

Now, isn't it weird that the first and only time the media was in total euphoria with Trump was when he launched 50 missiles onto that Syrian airbase?
If non of the above makes you doubt their legitimacy, than this should... especially with Hillary coming out of her cave and praising Trump for that action saying: "I would've done the same".
"President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence...." Nailed it.
Him smiling makes really a HUGE statement, because Russians have the saying "only fools smile without any reason". He is smiling cause he thinks she's silly, a puppet, dumb and uninformed.
If the president can fire the FBI director for "not doing a good job", who can fire the president for not doing a good job? 🤔
CNN has balls. They be everywhere
Zach Haus
Putin is such a fucking boss...
Halcón Méxmatrix
México is Great .
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