What happens if you throw out your key (fob) WHILE driving ? Don't be stupid enough to do this..

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A lot of people were asking for this video, here it is ! What happens if you throw the key fob out of the window WHILE you're driving ? 
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Very intresting, is it the same at every car?!?!?!
Jokes aside, what is the deal with the "I hate key fob" foolishness?? What's to hate? Simply keep the key in your pocket, and drive! When done driving, reach into your pocket and lock it. There's a foolproof method for when the long lasting battery finally fails. My first car, a 1971 Grand Prix had a key so damn worn out you could start it, and then pull the key out and not use it at all unless you put it in the lock position, so I suppose I got a bit of a head start on this (sarcasm alert) horribly difficult and terribly confusing concept....???? Still, not really very difficult folks. Actually quite convenient IMO. The stupidity and confusion over the simplicity behind key fobs kind of explains all the stupidity and confusion in traffic in general..
What if your pissed off wife throws you out while driving?
ร ŁgβҜ ร
Aaaaand you just notice you lost your key and your fucked
Dodo Breezy
I left my key in washing maching 30 minutes ago what should I do to make it work💔😭
of course because is a shit ford try that in 7 series
Really good videos
Julius Kairiūkštis
this is the moment where you are screwed
Mark Boynton
what would happen if someone tries to steal your car while you have the FOB I'll leave my car running to keep the AC on while I run into the store for a minute luckily I can lock my car if I have the FOB on me but I've always wondered what would happen
Reetu Dev
car should display message"stop throwing your key fob out".
Samara Ring
My Fiesta 2016 warns me, key outside of vehicle, and that's it.....
Christopher Little
why read a manual just watch this guy, really love the put the car in park while doing 50mph!! I wonder what would happen if you threw your key out the window and drove the vehicle off a cliff, can u start it when u roll to the bottom or does the 15 20 seconds start from the top,do the airbags work without the key?
vijay Ulavannavar
wat happens after 20 secs?
of course is telling you when you lose it when you are turning on the car since no one is dumb enough to throuw out the key meanwhile he is driving
You know you're well and truly [redacted] when someone clones your key fob and then just takes your car.
how the fuck would you thro your key out of the car
john darmiento
man was that music way to loud I think my Dodge says key has left vehicle when I get out with the motor on Ill have to check again
Val Gaquit
dont worry, volbo already patched this glitch
What the lyrics
What happen if you press button to open door, don't open door, then throw your key away? What happen if you put car in reverse while on really steep mountain or road?
What happen if you go on long road without touching gas brake or anything else, does gravity kick in?
What happen if you go on really steep road without touching gas brake or anything else, does gravity kick in?
Hey dude!
Don't take it so seriously when people's ask you too show them,
what's happens if. ?
Chill Mann you scare me 😳
Thomas Kurien Bhanu
what happens if your spare fob key is left in
the car and you go out locking the car with the main one
mus tang
damn dude you need windows tinted
Daniel Pindell
My question is, if the key fob has a remote starter and you start the vehicle, could someone just hop in and drive off? I see a lot of cars with push start button and remote start but I haven't seen anything about safety features to prevent your car from being stolen if you and the key fob is not in the car. I have a Viper remote starter in my wife's Nissan and if the key isn't in the ignition and someone manages to get in, the car will turn off if the brake peddle is pusged or the hood is opened. Thanks
So you are so ·$%&/( to believe he´ll toss the REAL fob key?
That´s demosntration purposes only. . . . . .
A fob is around $250 . . . . Would never oss it unless you´re a millionarie.
Nothing. In HG Azera, engine will run until START STOP is pressed.
BUt won´t start again with fob out the car.
Sarath Sunil
That sound when you say "FUCKED". LMAO!
I dont like it
David Lombana
My car has a light and a signal everytime that your key goes out !
Bill Makinen
You sound like Matt Damon
Alexandre Beck
Did you run a long period test driving without the fob? Eventually would the car stop?
Alfa Painting
good job
Roobik B
keyless cars are for snowflakes, gays, faggots, liberals, transgenders...........
This is just one car tho.... so basicly you're saying that this happen in this ONE car.... so this is not really that helpfull unless you have the same car as in this test..
zold fulu
Excessively generalising statements. This response must be Mondeo-specific, as even the half Sibling Volvo V70 reacts differently. It will certainly start beeping if the car is outside. I checked personally :) .
It's just a bullshit car u have, my BMW tells me right away when there's no keyfob
Chris TheHulk
Gah. Keyless start, keyless entry. Give me a proper key any day.

But if you insist on having it, be aware that if you park your car with keyless entry/start near to your house and the fob is within range, you might wake up the next day minus a car. I told a friend's mum that this could be done and she didn't believe me. So, myself and my friend took her car for a spin (which was parked in front of the house; only 3 or 4FT away from the fob) while leaving the fob on the hall table and she couldn't believe we were able to.

So, be very careful where you leave your keyless fob.
Snow 317
Push start is nice but what is wrong with keys. Keyless keys are the year 3000 not the 21st century.
Wait. If you did lose the fob while driving, or even before you drive off, how the hell are you supposed to stop, get out of the car, run to the key, and then back in 15-20 secs? lmao
Anyone here from Game Grumps?
fobs sound like an absolute nightmare waiting to happen :| no thank you.
MSTR gaming
My mum had the key to our discovery 4 and my dad drove away as he needed but didn't realise my mum had the key. the car kept going but wouldn't start when he stopped again
Kiraro The Kitsune
I totally learned something from this video.... To never buy a keyless entry car.
Marco Silva
can you push start a smart key car ?
Joey Mar Antonio
what if instead of throwing the key on window, you stop first, then open say passenger door, to simulate passenger taking key and leaving car.

or you open driver door leaving car with key, and someone drives the car away without the key?
Martin L
Ford Kuga 2008 will tell you "key outside car". And when you turn it off, then try to start it's the same as you - key not detected.
Jimmy Curtin
Here's a video you can do. While driving you put it in park, shut the power off, and engage the parking brake all at the same time. Do that and let's see if the car continues to move.
I'll keep my "regular key" that my Focus has. The advantages of security, electronics, and an ignition system that behaves like a push button start. When turning the ignition calendar, I just flick it and the vehicle turns on, no need to hold it like in older cars.
GM has a different approach, interestingly. If you take the key out while the car is running, it immediately displays a warning. However, if you shut down the car, there's no grace period to restart it like the Ford has (as far as I know).

I experienced this at a dealership, when the salesperson left the car for some paperwork. It might be different when the car is moving.
redneckman88 redneck
you're cool man I love all your videos
Nautical Player
It's cause they make you buy another key
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