What happens if you throw out your key (fob) WHILE driving ? Don't be stupid enough to do this..

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A lot of people were asking for this video, here it is ! What happens if you throw the key fob out of the window WHILE you're driving ? 
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Clare Maguire
lol imagine he lost it lol
What happens if you have the clutch in the whole time while shifting and putting in gas? In a manual car
mic S
This why i traded my car in for a key car was pain in butt i shut the key off once by accident and another time my son took the car while it was running and the key was at home with my wife.. while he took his drivers exam good thing he did not stop the car ..If you are approaching the car a thief can get in the car as u a approach..get in start it take off...
The Audi tells immediately when the key is not in the car.
Tim Morrell
what happens when you throw a hand grenade in the back of a car while diving
What happens if you throw the car out of the keys while driving?
Jeremiah Pretzlaw
What happens when you throw your Phone out the window at 100 miles an hour please show us lol πŸ˜‚ oh shit there goes my keys they just ran off with my tire iron
Frida Leon
What happens if you put your car in neutral while driving?
Devin Tanger A
What would happen if you toss the key out the window and then open the door while the car is moving
kerry sprague
actually, without the vid, id swear it was matt damon narrating
CJ Allen
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have a slightly different system. We tested this with our new 2016 Chrysler 200c. Once the car drove about 20 feet from the key, a message appeared on the instrument cluster and the electronic parking break engaged. As far as I know, you can't leave the key behind in a FCA product. At least this is true for Chrysler and i'd assume its true for Dodge/Jeep/Ram/Fiat. I'd also assume Alfa Romeo uses the same system. Ferrari and Maserati surely have a similar system.
Anwar Al Makkawi
What about leaving the key behind for a mile or more ? Does the car shut off ??
Not all. some cars like the Honda Accord (2014 onwards) would give a loud beep and a key missing icon appears right on the speedometer info panel. and when you start driving off it starts beeping continuously. unless you are deaf, blind, or both, you wouldnt leave the keyfob behind.
Amaey Paradkar
My car is better than yours it says "key out" as soon as I stretch my arm out of window with key.
Mehran Mahdi
This happened to my aunt with her Toyota Land Cruiser 2013. Her maid started the car and left the key in the house, and by the time they reached their destination, they could not start the car again. What a VERY stupid system. Bring back the regular push and turn keys
Call of duty boy alvarado Alvarado
Did he get his key backπŸš—
Danny_LNA 70
his videos are extremely stupid! but i love em πŸ˜‚
Riley O
what happens if the spare in his pocket?
Myasa Man
There's no problem with saying "fucked" stop censoring it
That's quite bad. It would be better to know exactly when the car lost contact with the key. I suppose they did it so that the key doesn't need to transmit data all the time, and kill the battery.
It seems to me that this technology brings more problems than solutions. You don't have this kind of problems with a standard key, and if it's an immobilizer key, it's secure, and don't even need batteries.
Mohd Izzudin
what happen if you crash your car in 156km speed ?
saish mandrekar
Hyundai cars gives indication if the key goes missing or thrown out
What happens if the key gets lost and the car follows it. Key goes to river and car drives to river.
Abiron S
What if key battery dies suddenly?
OneFace M
So u can get robbed!😳😳
Aerial RC
Thanks for the info dude. You earned my sub
AutoVlog New Video request

What happens when you flip off a traffic cop while driving?
Joseph Di Sunno
Very good information thank you.
pitsaria poueskise
Another idiot. How many exists? I can't count them anymore. Are everywhere. Idiots
NektarPgs S
1:38 forever alone
Earth To Ashlyn
My mom has one of those cars but it's a minivan
Bill Lucas
I have the exact same car and really appreciated watching these videos. Thank you for doing them and I'm looking forward to seeing more. By the way, what do you think of the car, I absolutely love mine. I also would like to add that the keyless key fob is the best thing ever. Those that are complaining have never had the opportunity to use one.
Nadhim Ali
I ordered my sport Mercedes with a normal key, It doesn't feel right when you start a non-racing car with a button . Even sport cars doesn't want a FOB
E Cabotaje
lmao this guy tries everything
Michigan bike channel
If you lock your keys in your car and someone smashes the window will it start? Or is their a security feature that prevents that? My old ford I would lock my keys and hide them in the vehicle because I don't like having my keys on me when I ride my bike. But now I have the same car as you and I don't feel the same about locking my keys anymore. One of my favorite features is the door code system that ford uses but it loses function for me with push button.
Ryan Lange
I saw a guy pull up to the gas station in a newer Honda Accord and got out and proceeded to get gas. After he was done filling up he realized that he didn't have the keys. His wife drove the car home and left it running and he then got in the car and took it to get gas. It ran fine until he got there and shut it off just like this guy stated in this video.
What happens when tie yourself to your chair and hands to the steering wheel and set the back seat on fire
if the key is remove from my vehicle whilst driving (which I keep in ny wallet). as soon as I apply the hand brake or red lights other to park the engine cuts out after a few seconds.
Le F
There is one idea I think would be beneficial for throwing that electronic key away and that would be if you're being kidnapped. No one detects anything wrong and the bad guys may want to stop for gasoline. Someone got to notice a car parked next to the gasoline pump.
Dandre Drummonds
if u start the car within the 15-20 seconds can u drive it?
Faith Cecelia
Dont try 'what happens if you accidentally shut the fob in the boot (at least of a Focus estate). I discovered the hard way that it locks the car. Ended up having to get a cab home, break in through the window (naturally house key was on the fob) get spare fob, climb back out of the window back into waiting cab, go back to own car, use second fob to open and rescue bag, pay cabbie who drives off with a smirk!
Evan Fournier
Jason Ghering
May I ask what kind of car u have it looks really sweet almost like a volvo
Evan vig
What happens if you not only put it in reverse as the last video I saw but PUT IT IN PARK πŸ€”
aris tampakas
Yeah ok but what happens if you have a start/stop system and the car shuts off without the key?? is it gonna leave you there?? :p
Keith Taylor
This guy is a fuckin idiot.i keep getting directed to this cunt just quit making videos you fuckin cunt.
MLGproHD2741 Youtube
You need to try it on a 2013 Dodge Journey because that usually alerts you right away and might only give you a certain time but try it because idk
Maurice Wilson
No growl when your car start
I do valet parking part time. I could have told you that. As far as I know you can drive indefinitely without the key fob. A lot of people seem to think there is a range of distance, but then imagine your car stops in the middle of a four lane highway. A lot of people also think that the car wont move without the key, but if its on, you're good to go.
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