Rixellious Japutra
The car is off and I have no way to start my Lexus
Rixellious Japutra
I did it in my Lexus NX and it is turned off
tommy d u b b s
What if the key throws the car out of you?
Brian Ilkb
for that car
gurinderjit singh singh
My subaru always signals the fob is always in my pocket and i let the engine warm up in the morning standing outside it is beeping loudlu
thats just shitty ford my bmw tells me as soon as the key leaves the car while the car is on
man i drive my prado without the fob
Man I love these videos lol
UBCS Mercenary
My 2008 infinity g37 says no key detected when I get a little far away from the car.
Tomek Tabaka
So wait, if you leave the keys on the roof by accident, you will dive off and loose them and the car won’t tell you? That’s bad engineering....
Michael Eric
This is could be a very big problem
Miss Kimberly
I have a 2016 Hyundia Elantra GT, manual transmission. My car beeps, very loudly, if I walk away with the key while the car is running. So, If I have the parking brake on, the car running, and the key takes flight, the Hyundia Elantra GT manual transmission does yell at you.....
marty macmillan
What If he lost the key during the video
Chris Nunya
My car which is a 2017 alerts me whenever the key fob is not where it's suppose to be. I would think your car considering it's a 2015 would do the same as mine but then again your car is a Ford and mine isn't.
Toni Lazcano
Volkswagen Jetta the moment the key leaves the car it tells you the key has left the car and warning lights go off and won’t shut up
Dixon Cider
Irate wife? Never happen.
There must be a technical reason for this behavior. I could imagine that calling out for the key let's say each half a second would be too much work for the board computer (guess, they take the cheapest on market). And, yes it's a security feature which is not too important for the car company. But for you - which is your problem ;-)
Anthony Morrocu
The car just beeps
Johan Schröder
What happens if you put an idiot in a car?
lost cloud
what happens if you shove it up your passengers ass an kick him out the moving car lets do that video next
Sh hs with no name
Aventador says where is the key and when it fell somwhere in my aventador
Toilet Paper
Good on Ford... You just simulated the battery dieing in your key fob. Glad to see they thought of this.
Alexander Tanto Harvana
wtf how r u gonna get the keys?
hashim gujjar 786
adam erixon
This would not happen in a Volvo.. just saying
What year is your car. I have a 2017 f150. Will it do the same.
Seatbelt on
You throw it away?
Where's your key?
Finlay Mitchell
What happens if you take the keys out of the ignition while driving?
Karla Butterfly
did u already did a video showing how to fix bluetooth if is not working correctly .?
Mike Jankowski
VERY informative and Funny as hell!
Doug N
My sister and I went to the mall. I drop her off and continue on to another store down the road. She had the FOB. I couldn't start the damn car again.
I hate these proximity keys.
Plus the batteries need to be replaced annually at least. And if lost can cost $500 to replace.
They SUCK.
Jeffrey Rowland
Very good .. I have f150 with fob. Made me more aware where my fob is at all times..
Vladimir Utin
What if you push the power button once, the ignition comes on, but you don't want to start the car?
With an "old"(classic) key you just turn it back and take it out...
David Williams
You know those big grates in parking lots that drain rainfall, ever dropped your keys in one? I have. Now I keep a spare key in my wallet. It's flat and doesn't cause a bulge or anything.
Jayden Johnson
not all of them do
Alterate Awful
Thats not the casr at all cars
The situation of car was started to warm up and went back into the house, left the key in house and drove off happened to me. Not fun! 30 minutes from the house had to call a friend to bring me home to get the stupid thing. I like the idea of everything being push button to open doors and start vehicles but it's really just more things to break and get charged out the butt to replace or fix the problem.
Gary T.
Are you SOL if the fob is not near the car and you get out of the car and the doors automatically lock?
Throw the key out the window open the door while the car is moving
I guess removing the battery in it was too difficult?

Which brings my next question, if the battery dies in the FOB, are you stuck?
When your WiFi sucks and you instantly go to the comments and the most liked comment doesn't deserve it
why can you just start the engine and put the key outside the car
Jarpen Emeletele
Imagine this: key in your pocket, you walk out of your car for a sec (whatever reason) and the car gets stolen. You have the key and the car doesn't care that it is driven by a thief.
Baby D510
What happens if you've gotten to your destination but lost your key. What do you do or who to call when you have push start button???? That's the scary part
Chris Romero
just got one with push strt.nissan Altima, I haven't noticed if it says no key,good info though.
David Harper
I'm pretty certain you don't need the drama of throwing it to test this. Just pass it to someone through the window.
Darkeny Henjengo
1:02 Please don't give my wife any ideas
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