What happens if you throw out your key (fob) WHILE driving ? Don't be stupid enough to do this..

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A lot of people were asking for this video, here it is ! What happens if you throw the key fob out of the window WHILE you're driving ? 
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so the moral of the story is: it doesn't matter if you have a smart key if the thing between the driver seat and the steering wheel is dumb?
MOJAHED alnajjar
what would happen if you open the door immediately after throwing the key outta the car, or open the door and then throw the key!? just thinking of other possibilities.
I own a 2016 ford mondeo I tried this thing I got a instant notification that I don't have the key in the car
Christopher Robin
I always keep my fob in my pocket.
Just an advice, please stop trying to ask people to subscribe you. It sounds so desperate and gets so old when you watch other videos that you want to stop watching from same channel. It's just stupid to ask them. I hear it from so many youtubers and it's so repetitive and desperate that would discourage users to subscribe. If they actually want to subscribe and be up to date, they WILL subscribe, you don't have to beg them to do so.

Also try to shorten your introduction lines a bit, it's a bit too long considering how long the video lasts (this video - only five minutes and and two whole minutes of introductions)

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Aditya ranadivea
You give a great information for use. Thank q Bro .
I'll subscribe your channel
Such a lovely place southwestern Pa. is,especially around the Westmoreland county area.
Akash SP
What would happen if you fill petrol in a diesel car and vice versa?
do a regular key
what happens if you throw the key out and open the door while driving?
I prefer the old put the key in the ignition and start it. I had a key fob rental car and it had that technology. Honestly i dont see the need for it, what benefit does it have over taking the keys out of your pocket and starting the motherfucker. An answer to a problem that doesnt exist. All this technology to simplify shit makes it more complicated in reality.
Eman 08
I can drive my Prius without a fob. As I left the fob in my house and took off around the block and came back. at least thieves Can't keep the car once they shut it off as they can drive it all they won't until the mofo run out of gas as you need the fob to turn the car back on 😂😂😂😂
It may be different for other makes and models.
Narinderpal Sangha
I wish future cars will have finger print scaning door locks and engine start stop button 😊 just saying
silverss onyoutube
just say your kids take the battery out of the key and throw the battery out of the car your still fucked and wont be able to start it .
Bramha's Astra
Why does he "Hit" the key damaging the button contacts instead of "Pushing" the button as you are supposed to do?
DJ Shy Beats
LmOoo this is the moment where your f---- 🙇🏾‍♀️🤣🤣
Damian Pratt
dodge chargers shut off with out the key
Nickeel Govender
I have a 2016 discovery range rover v6 and my friend was drunk and threw it out the window so the vehicle gave me a warning and it told me were the key was I'm so shocked and impressed
This is a bit retarded from car manufacturers point of view. When I bought my STI with keyless feature, I asked the dealer how far can I drive without the key in the car, and he said around 50meters. I never tried this yet, but in my mind I thought it made sense. Let's say at the red light, you get pulled out of your car(if thief manages to open the doors from outside) and since you have your key in your pocket, he wouldn't be able to make too far without it, and by the time he realizes he won't run back to you and ask for the key. So car is back to your possession. This was one of the advantages in my opinion against classic key, which is always in ignition and if you are pulled out of your car, you basically f***ed.
From this video I see that Ford went opposite way and has no reaction if the key is outside the car.
Obviously, until I test out the Subaru implementation, I only have dealers word for it, for all I know Subaru and all the other manufacturers who have keyless featured cars, behave put just basic safety features with those keys, which would be a shame.
Cool Story Bro
There shouldn't be any reason as to why the car would not set off a warning indication immediately upon losing the key while driving except to make more money for the dealerships to replace missing keys. Those things are expensive as hell.
White Master Mariner
Someone is going to try this then be pissed when they toss their key out the window and a dog picks it up, chews it to hell...
I figured it would have some kind of proximity sensor or something built in...once it got thrown out, I figured the car would have let you know the key fob is missing after you get about 100 or so feet from it....(some cars may, but obviously the Ford Fusion doesn't)
Bring me Peter pan
I feel like this is a pretty big design flaw lol there should be a code you cause use in case that ever happens
thats ford for you. lol
Victor Tran
Hmm... My Nissan Dualis always warns me, even when driving... :)

I found out because the system started acting wonky once and stopped detecting the key ;)
chris atkins
I did this test on my what would be a 2015 ford fiesta, in the UK, I started the car normal then left my key by garage / house and drove where I knew would be OK about a mile and didn't get any messages from memory, surely there needs to be some sort of security measure??
Michael V A P O R W A V E
What happens if you throw the window out of the key(fob)
bth tswizzle
mine starts beeping when mines taken out while still in drive dodge joueny twenty sixteen
Connor Gagel
I know exactly where this is filmed. I work for the railroad in the background.
Sophie Sykes
so let's say you are at the gas station, paying for you gas, could someone get in your car and drive away, if you had the key in you pocket?
Jordan Hillard
Uhm, I have to pay 3 bucks for a blank to be cut?
How do you not get pulled over,"?
Abbas Ali
pls make "what happen while you are driving and opining your hood"
Hey, please try this with a car rented from Enterprise. My aunt lost the key to her rented Nissan Altima but the car still started and shut off just fine like it didn't care about the key at all.
ali elghalayini
what if you forgot the key inside the car and try to lock it
AirForceF- 35
my cars tells me if i lost my key!! car type (BMW)
AirForceF- 35
i tryed it
Bentley Johnson
I like that you have a Ford Fusion...I have the same car. I find your videos both informative and entertaining.
Oliver Bailey
Throw. By have a great time
Something that prevents this has already been invented. It's called a metal key.
Nathan Adams
Does anyone know if he actually threw it?
Savon Christian
I was also curious thanks maybe different on other vehicles
Charles Thompson III
You could have easily demoed this by starting the car, then taking the fob inside the house and leaving it. The vehicle would still have operated, you just couldn't start it again.
nu cars are shit, they break up every other day.
I'd rather be forgetful, and wait for my CR2032 to go flat- at least one can then claim innocent dumb ignorance, that won't negate my Insurance Claim from the crash when I lose my brakes...
I was at work, the car wasn't moving but the key was in my pocket when my boss (team leader) asked me to step out so he can move it (the car wasn't mine i work at a car production plant) and immediately the "No Key" icon lit up so i came back to give him the key. I don't know what would've happened if he tried to move it.
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