Rob Johnson
But they didn't show her exposing her breasts herself seconds afterwards.
Julie Billups
Just wondering...... why did she point at him the gesture to her boobs??
Fishslap 33
Oh no, a dead drunk tart who was pointing at her tits got a tit exposed! Zeke's mistake is clearly that he is standing next to idiots too often. Go home and read a book.
Mart Arbenflart
wow good thing he's a NFL player cause he's about the ugliest never gonna get laid otherwise mother fucker ever
Mark Freeman
Thirsty ass bitches now a days just wanting hoping anything happens so they can have any sort of attention
Mark Freeman
He did it cause the dumb bitch was already showing her tits and pointed to them than at him wow shocker stupid bitch!!
TX _Beast
Guys come on the girl wanted zeke to do it
Gluten Free Dessert
The bitch wanted her titties out
HD 17 Hater
What a legend
Kovačević Dobrina
This guy is trash and will wind up in the ash bin of sports stars. Cant control himself. Basket case.
Chris Torres
The Goat
Al Frazier
Good for him
Master Ofthefootclan
Whys everyone so mad about this ? Every 21 year old does shit like this who cares
St Patty? St Paddy you fucking idiots America!
Samuel Guereca
Fuck it cause we them Boys
Ezekiel Elliott
I'm just living life 😝
Ivan Fraire
He's just trying to get some "titty resiDUE" Dave Chappell joke
Worthless POS. Trade the POS off and save some face Dallas.
jody dupree
I hope he realize how important and what type of Franchise player he is before he makes the wrong mistake.
nice cans
Str8 Outta Texas
Trump grabs pu**y so wtf. She wanted it
HispanicGenocide #HangSpics#ShootBeaners
You know what's really weird women abuse their rights with feminism if you pulled down clothes of a male it's not sexual assault even though you still assaulted them by showing their chest men have nipples too you know just because we don't have large breasts it does not mean we don't have nipples but when women especially this one thing was different she was pointing to her breast then pointed to Ezekiel Elliot now if you're drunk your not thinking right so you would obviously assume what to do by the hand movements "THE BITCH LITERALLY POINTED TO HER TITS THEN TO HIM" I mean what did you expect he wouldn't follow your fingers. Fuck feminism, women should not complain about their rights their rights should have stayed the same as during the Stone Age look at men their rights have always been the same if women want to be equal to men then should raise children by themselves every gender has its purpose.
suspension coming
Naji El-Ali
she just needs to feed zeke
Reel Deal
Certified W🙌🏽
warriors 3-1
Dylan Turner
I thought the guy at the end was lebron
latenight gamer2
smh.....she was already showing her tits.
People are glorifying sexual assault. wtf is wrong with Elliot and people
Steve McIntosh
Looks like assault to me
Kathy McCrory
She was gonna show her tits anyway
Janeen Tumbao
They're fakes.
This dude is such a classless piece of shit. Keep actin' a fool poodle head.
Chris Rooster
Touch her boob? That's assault brotha! ~ Billy Madison
Dwayne Palmer
You know what's funny, TMZ has a second video that would change the whole story
The Real King James
its ok when GRONKOWSKI does it (White Patriot)...but when a BLACK COWBOY does it..STOP THE PRESSES THE BLACKS ARE OUT OF CONTROL AGAIN.
Joe Galindo
how can yall he surprised he came from Ohio state now and look at his face he has Tha face of somone that's always up to no good ...shit that should be his nickname NO GOOD
Chris LeDoux
Exposing a woman in public is not all in good fun. This is not cool and should never be excused this is why people think it was alright for Donald Trump to say "I grab them by the pussy". Grow the fuck up America.
dumb shit
DC nation's capital
this shit is news WOW🤖
Durandisse84 Durandisse
Stupid = Yes..... Sexual Assault = If she felt sexually assaulted she would press charges, Not hang out with him afterwards. The women's right activist lady that blasted him was a self righteous, self Important, Grandstanding opportunist.
Kevin Dumais
She might want to see a doctor about that black spot on her breastesis.
She is a slut who cares...i bet she makes a good sandwich
23LBJ SupremeKing
If the Woman didnt complain to anyone..why should women's right group make this an big issue?
Did you see that slut pretending to pull her fake tits out 2 seconds before that. That chick is a thot. She wants all the attention she is getting. Fuck her and him.
What a low-class animal.
bet that wasnt the first time she parties like that
Ciara F
St. Paddys**
Ciara F
St. Paddys**
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