3D HAPPY WHEELS?! | Guts and Glory

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3D HAPPY WHEELS?! | Guts and Glory
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Today, we are playing an awesome new game called Guts and Glory!! This is pretty much a 3D version of Happy Wheels combined with Turbo Dismount, check it out!!

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Jon Todd
I love happy wheels
Zeyad Ismail
Dan ignore hate comments or that will keep you from making more videos.😎
Ernest Brunty Jr.
Play more guts and glory
Mason Savoie
What does it say
Emerald Dimensions
I subed
Jade Britt
YOUR ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steven Cain
i love you love harley
James Ishimura
What's happened to Ellie the pug
Isaiah Parham
Play happy room
Blake TG Jt
John Reid
sniper king Palomino
Hi Dan
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Jack Braman
U have 2 do more
John Gerald
Danton plz play counter strike in roblox
steven langston
i love u dan!
steven langston
dantdm u dah best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pip Smart
DAN What happend to the nintendo switch and the legend of zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Bao
Is that watermelon juice
jacob Petrone
Irish due mid done I UDI KGO KGO KGO Uyghur I'd duty to very of from you
Dana TDD
Grim just....grim
Ahmed Mohidin
Hou tube dantdm cool
Bob Germs
Hi Dan Tom
Big Doges
No one is any better then dan
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do skate3
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Crudnuggets CRAZE
AreYou MyBrother
whose watching in 2017
david egan
So cool!🚲😎😂😬
Oscar Del Vecchio
tomm jdkfytrf
at the warning i thouth its a horror map than 3d happy wheels

jk ik whats guts and glory
Dan O Grady
Yadiel Cruz
why did its said warnig that was werd
Myles McCray
play battle sim
jean verreau
I also hate the dabs dan it sucks go dab police
Parker Baskin
You found the end
Sedale Lucas
The voice is FUNNY😝😝😆😆😆😂😂
Weird game
jayster 87
When I'm on roblox please friend me I'm matiman14
Ellen B Mårtensson
Have you play Subway Surf??😜
Jasen Olson
Why did you put fakedantdm to say the things at the beginning of the video
Julia Neff
Does it cost money
Claudia Bezuidenhout
how does Dan download games on Xbox 360
Alien Boy
What console are you playing on
Vesna Emsovski
Fin Fowler
i am dab police
Daniel Cai
how do you get this game
Svenn paper Part
Cringey tweens
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actuallly my everything hurts
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