Why I Didn't Talk About Ricegum Content Cop, Apologizing For Fake News, and More...

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Philip DeFranco
Happy Friday you Beautiful Bastards! What are your thoughts? Let's keep this conversation going! :)
santiago ramirez
i have crohns and i love the support with the Ad vid
santiago ramirez
i watched the whole ad vid i gotchu you
Val B
you just did
Did it feel good tho
Did it feel go tho
John Brett
I wonder how many more mass shootings there will have to be until it's finally the right time to talk about. Because the correct answer should be 0! Now is the time to talk about it!

Tana is REALLY making us liberals look bad. Though she did respond respectfully and maturely. And I have to respect that.

If Spain wants to win the argument, they are really doing a bad job at bringing people on their side. Barbaric violence only makes people hate you.

The woman who faked her own kidnapping is pure evil wether she meant harm or not. It's insensitivity at its douchiest.

There is so many things going on in the world right now, a football player saying something sexist is the LEAST of our worries.
John Brett
The opinions you put on matters are always very well said. Definitely better than what I can say. I never disagree with you.
liv xo
Nikki Limo! I love her videos haha it’s cool you guys are friends.
nope avi
If wsj is apologizing then sure, let's set our differences aside.
If they don't apologise then, no.
kah maw
idumz just took L
jullieta Kupon
Do you remember leafy? Exacly...
Happy birthday to Yaze
YoRHa No.9 Type S
You're still a thing?
Greg Allan
Why would making you question people who use certain words in certain contexts be a negative thing about iDubbbz and/or his content? Maybe the people it made you question are being held to too high a standard in your perspective and you didn't like it? I'd like you to address why this may have been a problem for you. Is it as if the points iDubbbz were making weren't correct or valid?
Anon 3303
Screw Spain.
is it just me or does idubbbz come off as a smart ass bully?
ian llanasas
Well Spain really has a way with violence :\
Hi from the people from my nation the Philippines and our great cousin mexico
Dreamer Blackhood
Angelina Cioffi
Your thorough use of the research is amazing, thank you so much for creating a source I can trust when I wonder what's going on in the world everyday, full of links and all. Great show as always.
Richa patil
He clearly didn't take your advice
Philly, can you please tell me why RiceGum, with 8m subs, would copyright claim a YT'r with only 100 subs. I mean not one of my videos have over 9,000 view plus I don't monetize and content that is not original. But when I did a reaction video to his new track I get a copyright claim. I did ask other channels that reacted if they had received the same and nobody else has. This has got me feeling some type of way. I don't get it. Please can you help me get some clarity of this situation?
Karkki Iina
U didint like the content cop in the box as u said u would (:
Andrew Harper
it'd be nice to have a video of the whole phillyd crew in one shot , maybe for the 2 mil or this christmas or something like that.
England Is my city
Rice is a chink
Alexis D
Jeremy Patrick
Vegas shooting should spur discussion about mental health... why hasn't it?
"im will be biost" LOL ofc you where haha hypocrite phil at his work again
Legion Forester
Why does it matter if people “make money” they’re discussing it and talking about it, raising awareness. I don’t see an issue, people should worry about themselves not people with careers making a living. It’s jealousy plain and simple.
this aint monetized because lol
Last Level Press
That closing burn tho!
Your Wrong
Not all countries constitutions are made equal or have one at all. Makes you proud to live in a country where you have a constitution by the people and for the people instead of by the state for the state. Screw you socialists, communists, and liberals. Im for the republic in which it stands.
Mellow Yellow
If the news removed ads for every tragedy they would go broke.
Libertarirynn Videos
"I advise Rice not to make a response like he would to Jake Paul" spoiler: he does exactly that.
Great Value Bleach
he a smart boy
If you See YouTube as entertainment, it is to be handled differently than news ancors. But i disagree: YouTube used to be (like this)news.
but: advertisers at news stations do know what they sign up for, YouTube advertisers usually do not get the Chance... Anyway: if a news anchor Covers 9/11 all day long cause its the braking news and sad Story, they should stop to make money? Thats just stupid arguing. They need to be funded or else we get no news, but trumps dayly Alternative BS. You could Start saying okay they Report on a rape, they should Not have advertisements because someone suffered, where does it end? Newspapers always had ads no matter what the braking news Story, wast too long ago that that was daily input. You pelay per view for a news storry: yes no ads. You do not pay: where is the money going to come from? Who works a Day without funding? Apart from youtubers who See themselves to be like keisey neistat in 2 years..
Shut up you non Minecraft lets player
Alex K
Catalonia IS a prime example of what happens when you have a disarmed population. That's why we don't outlaw guns and have the second amendment.
Azure Triedge
Rice took the L lol
random person
Catalania forever spanish and only spanish
from Montenegro
Eomma Vicki
Idk why for its opposite as a kid (I live in Virginia btw) I heard about the VT shooting on the radio in my elementary school office and when I got home from the doctor that day watched it all over the news. I understood what was going on fully but didn't get upset or scared. I did understand it was bad it was wrong but I never really cried or reacted badly. Until Sandy hook and Boston bombing that was my reaction but something changed then I cried during both of those as I watched them on tv. Same for the Vegas shooting I cried alot. Like thebmore it happens the more upset I get. We need to find a way to stop acts like this while keeping everyone's constitutional rights intact as long as that's done I'd be open to any ideas honestly.
Tsunami Wave
In regards to the freedom of speech bit; one phrase that's stuck with me is "Freedom of speech, not freedom of consequence."
My only question for the Las Vegas mass shooting is, how the fuck, did a man get to that floor, with a rifle?
German Eagle
No phil, a constituion is a constituion. You either break it all, or not change it at all. If not, then it is worth nothing.
super jackleg
cause you're a fence rider
Why i didnt talk about ricegum and iddubz... You see the contreversy even in the title
You pathetic oldmen , you have no other jobs , literally going after youtubers for sake of your personal frustration, Hah ! Acting really smart on camera , Thats really fucked up of you guys
Hey guys we have No jobs lets ruin other youtubers
Thing is, even if you were to get stricter gun control. What in the world makes you think that criminals will follow them? They don't. There is a black market all you are doing is taking away one way for ordinary folk to defend themselves from said criminals.
So is kidnapping yourself just 2017s version of the mail yourself challenge?
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