False Facts About Star Trek You Always Thought Were True

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Star Trek has been beaming its way into fans' hearts for over 50 years, reinventing itself time and time again. Most fans think they know everything there is to know about Starfleet's finest, but sometimes fans absorb ideas about Trek from pop culture that simply aren't true. So, what's real? What's just another invasive mind-probe? And what are just a bunch of lies told by Q? Here are some false facts about Star Trek you always thought were true...

Beam me up, Scotty | 0:36
Next Generation was the first sequel | 1:23
Picard followed orders | 2:34
Spock is emotionless | 4:04
The first interracial kiss | 5:34
Nobody uses money | 6:38
Troi was always an empath | 7:57
Seven was just eye candy | 9:31
Captain Kirk: Ladies man | 10:46

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Which Star Trek series did you think was the best?
Tammie Hester
Riker was the man!!
There is no such thing as a false fact. Facts are true. If something is false, it cannot be a fact. Please get your facts straight!
Beam US up Scotty, was said, twice. By Spock. Video fails at point 1.
Papa Cap
Sammy Davis jr. kiss her cheek. and vice versa. And on Star Trek they hardly swapped spit. lips just barely tuched. Not exactly a passionate kiss.
Wow so I was going to type out all "facts" you claimed and pointed out where you are wrong but the message turned into n essay. SO after watching this and seeing how many times you said things were facts and were infact your misspaced and sometime completely provabley wrong info I am unsubbing.
Its not a false fact if you just think it is wrong and dont bother to do any kind of research with some as easy as googling. Her e for example google "first interracial kiss on us tv" see what comes up.
King Mojo
Why do white people keep saying that the first interracial kiss was Kirk & Uhura? Technically the first interracial kiss on tv was "I Love Lucy"......Desi Arnaz Sr. was Cuban (aka Latino)
King Mojo
Correction Star Trek fans did NOT forget about the animated series....fans that didn't get into Star Trek until TNG didn't really know about the animated series or didn't care about any TOS Star Trek stuff
Aphrodite Lee
ummm... no one thought this... not actual fans so... no...
Ray Craig
Sorry., your definition of the prime directive is also incorrect. The original prime directive was a policy of noninterference with pre-warp civilizations. Not trying to be snooty. Star Trek fans are unforgiving about the beloved franchise.
Penamon Perks
Do they even like Star Trek? Wow! I couldn't listen to it. Are they deliberately trying to kill the joy of the series?
God, I hate this kind of cheap, unresearched, generic, formulaic garbage.
I never actually thought about whether they toned down Deanna's Betazoid powers before, although I heard her talk about how they struggled with writing her at first because of them
"Now, Commander Riker on the other hand..." LOL
This video gets the very first example wrong: The video states "You'll never find the exact phrase 'Beam me up Scotty' in any official Star Trek show or movie." That is incorrect. The show that it was used in, in two different episodes, is the cartoon. I suppose that could be forgiven as an oversight from a series that very few people knew about, except that...

The cartoon is part of the very next segment, when it talks about how Next Generation was not the first TV sequel to the original series.
Daenerys Targaryen
The one that Saavik gets pregnant from Spock is also fake
Isnt it that on earth they dont use money anymore ?
Dru Blood
Sammy kissed her on the cheek, But Kirk planted one right on uhura’s lips! So yeah Star Trek was the first interracial kiss because it was a real kiss not a friendly kiss on the cheek. Ha!
federation doesnt use money. other civilizations do. take ferengi for example.
Spluck It
Dude, you totally suck at Trek.
Me Cooper
"Kirk wasn't a slut, He only spent 1/4 of the series hooking up with chicks."

o.O Wot mate? 1/4 of your life is like 6 hours a day... Statistically he hooks up almost as often as a porn star...
gosh these points are so badly researched....
schell one
Does Mr. Spock having finger-sex with a female Romulan commander count as interracial sexual activity? Or his human mother with his Vulcan father?
Jeremiah McCarroll
Kirk had romantic encounters in "only" 25% of the episodes? That's pretty frequent.
Jeremy Van Hoeven
Nobody uses money | 6:38

Well actually this is half true and half false. When you are part of the Fedaration they don't use money. Other species like the Ferengi use money. However, they possibly also use the replicators to create money, like they do with food to pay the other species who are not part of the Federation. This can be the only explanation.

Problem solved.
Joseph Mazur
I know my Star Wars Theory when I hear it :-)
John Michael Coon
at about 11:30 it talks about Kirk's many "affairs" during the TOS. many years ago I attended a Trek convention in Portsmouth NH whit James Doohan (Scotty). The actor himself comented that in stead of Star Trek, the series should have been entitled "The many loves of captain Kirk"
bo bow
Many of these "Facts" are just flat out wrong. I was going to dispute them, but it would just take way to long because of all the misinformation.
Iris Underhill
The part with Data laughing was because of Q from the episode deja Q. Data does eventually get an emotion chip, but that is in the 7th movie Generations, which occurs after the show
Roger NameDodger
R.E. Deanna Troy; That's not right. The reason Riker can hear her thoughts in the Pilot and a handful of other episodes is because of how close they used to be. She was also able to communicate with her Mother in that way.

The character of Deanna Troy was based on Ilia from the first film who was an Empath.
Owen Oulton
Contrary to your video, Star Wars did not inspire Paramount to do a Star Trek movie - it almost scuttled the idea. It was considered that there wasn't room for more than one blockbuster SF movie. It was Close Encounter of the Third Kind that proved that belief wrong and paved the way for Star Trek, the Motion Picture.
1...The Next Generation
3...Deep Space Nine
4...The Original Series
Which StarTrek was the best?
Let's not Flame, StarTrek is awesome all around! :D
......I mean except some of the movies and.... definitely Into Darkness was pretty rubbish.... and the Archerprise had a weak start, got kinda interesting in the 3rd season but overall was a pretty weak show............ and I have not made up my mind about Discovery, that camera constantly orbits with full impulse.....
I'd watch any of the rest any day tho :D
Australian accents are assinine
Crurned Travels and Other Stories
Number 1 spent more time pimping than Kirk, I give you that.
Crurned Travels and Other Stories
Sorry, Marina Sirtis has a pretty face, but she has no body. Give me Seven, Uhura and T'Pol anyday.
George Corbul
The money one - money may still not exist, but as a physical object, maybe it's all electronic, after all, we do have thems crypto-currencies...
George Corbul
Also to add to the first interracial kiss - it was originally supposed to be Spock to kiss Uhura, but then Kirk turned on the space-cowboy, and that's what we got. Also, why this kiss is historical, and not the Nancy one is because it was a true kiss, not a friendly cheek smooch
Ted Miller
Most of this stuff wasn't news to me, but it was fun to go over again and there were a couple of points I didn't already know. So it was well worth the watch.

A few things worth mentioning: That wasn't a real kiss Sammy gave, it was a peck on the cheek. Italians give more action just greeting a cousin. Kirk and Uhura's kiss is still a first. And Picard wasn't more free with the prime directive. It only looks that way because TNG lasted way longer than TOS, and writers love to pit captains against the PD. It did seem that Picard had more issues with it, but mainly because TNG extended the rule to include ALL cultures, not just technologically inferior ones. If you look at TOS, you will find the PD only applied to cultures that were unaware of the Federation. If Starfleet walked among them undisguised, it didn't apply.

I always figured Troy was only telepathically linked to Ryker, not able to read minds. As Decker had with Ilia in the first ST film, Ryker shares a special connection with Troy. It never looked like she was straight up telepathic. She could also share her mother's thoughts, too, so her being just an empath was never a retcon.
Chris Dock
"Only had a romantic encounter in about 25% of the episodes." !!! Compare that to Janeway or Picard !!
The only Trek ‘fact’ I know of that the fans often wrongly believe is that Gene Roddenberry was some kind of a pure hearted saint who lived his life by noble Star Trek values, when judging by some of the more candid accounts he was a bit of a mucky bugger with the ladies, and quite a conniving sod at getting his own way, too. Bit naughty was old Gene!
Kaelan Swan, The King of Doom
This video is garbage.
Another common misconception is that red shirts were more likely to die. The truth is, if you were going to become a crewman in the original series, you want to be a red shirt. Red shirts may have died a lot on camera - maybe more than anyone else - but proportional to crew compliment, red shirt deaths were far less likely.
luc bedard
Gonna said once, i saw the first Star-Trek with Jame T Kirk then it was Star-Trek TNG fallow by DS9 and Voyager, and Enterprise, It doesn't take a genius to know this
actually , Gene Rodenberry said the Animated Series was NOT cannon, even tho later shows refrerenced it.
Paul Colbourne
4:20. vulcans have emotions but study to purge themselves of them. so spock showing emotions is....logical
Feno 3000
Seven is still an abhorrently stupidly DESIGNED character (as in casting, costume and make up), as her dialogue is for ages played of "she was a Borg all her conscious life so she lacks the understanding for normal human behavior the rest of the crew has", but as practicable and nonsensical as Borgs are shown to be, she still has Balloonboobs and wears stiletto heels (both in her 7of9 jumpsuits and as a drone. What the fuck does the hivemind need silicone implants and stiletto heels for? An attractive but not outrageously oversexed actress like Nicole deBoer would have fit the role much better.

But yes, they gave her some nice character episodes later on, although the Tshaggeday arc with them dating was rather cringeworthy.

That's voyager for you... decent writing in 3/4 of the episodes, but the overreaching arch connecting these individually great episodes is tearinducingly horrible.
Like Captain Janeway... lots of good character scenes with troublesome decisions, played out strongly to show how she finally overcomes her internal turmoil and finds an acceptable course of action. But then you see her doing this week after week basically changing the way her mind works twice a month or even more often, flip flopping on any moral principle she ever before used and so on... ther eis littel consistency and that makes the character at large shallow and forgettable, driven by the Plot and not driving it. And in that vein there are many problems with the series, most of which feel like bad decision making on the producer's level... like not allowing the core crew members to really grow and change as characters... they are always used as toys and put back into the treasure chest at the end of an episode.

Another exampls is the incredible superwharf the bloody ship had in her belly...45 or so destroyed shuttles in 172 episodes... yay! and they do not even go the OBVIOUS way out and introduce one or two alien ships of the season that are used as alternative models for shuttle purposes before THEY get destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Worst of all the "Delta Flyer"... not just ANY shuttle but the bestest fastest most superduper ultra cool shuttle ever... yawn If it has at least been something like a frankensteined Captains Yacht (the Voyager wa ssupposed to have a weird plane like thingamajig under its saucer, IIRC "Aerodyne" or so?) that got used to rebuild a couple of shuttles that could not be reconstructed another way... THAT would have made sense and fit in the general "we never have much ressources, lack manpower and are direly tasked with getting home even in fifty years" storyline they presumably followed.

Voyager was a show that would have loved to have a seven season long coherent story, but never got anybody in charge that had the talent, ambition and clout to force them to actually MAKE one. It ended up as a bad patchwork of nice individual episodes whose storyarc was kind of percentile arsed (like halfarsed but 50times less effort ;-)) and did not make any sense to people actually following the show week after week after week.
P Ciprian
2:28 I knew the cartoons. Really nice
Rob S
im no expert on startrek, but with regards to money, or lack there of, i never thought there was no use of money, i had always inferred the lack of money was only regarding earth not the whole universe
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