False Facts About Star Trek You Always Thought Were True

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Star Trek has been beaming its way into fans' hearts for over 50 years, reinventing itself time and time again. Most fans think they know everything there is to know about Starfleet's finest, but sometimes fans absorb ideas about Trek from pop culture that simply aren't true. So, what's real? What's just another invasive mind-probe? And what are just a bunch of lies told by Q? Here are some false facts about Star Trek you always thought were true...

Beam me up, Scotty | 0:36
Next Generation was the first sequel | 1:23
Picard followed orders | 2:34
Spock is emotionless | 4:04
The first interracial kiss | 5:34
Nobody uses money | 6:38
Troi was always an empath | 7:57
Seven was just eye candy | 9:31
Captain Kirk: Ladies man | 10:46

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Which Star Trek series did you think was the best?
Matestroo thrieoe
Remember that Scotty says in Star Trek 6 in the beginning of the movie
when they enter the meeting room: "I just bought a boat" ..... and then
we have the money that didnt exist in the 23 century.....................
what about the kissing between the alien races?
Supreme Ameriterran Emperor
I knew about the animated series!! ;)
Supreme Ameriterran Emperor
Beam me up, Scotty is just like Elementary my dear Watson. Said in different mixed up ways but never as a complete statement. ;)
Twilight Gardens presentations
money is jurisdictional and not used on earth
Whoah. Mind blown.
R W Van Dyke
Pointy Ears was getting more money than Captain Kirk, because he was a JOO, of course!!!
R W Van Dyke
Pointy ears was making more money than Captain Kirk, because he was a JOO!!!
Jero Briggs
Knew all of this already. But nice video nevertheless.
Bad Wolf
Believing that Seven is more than eye candy requires one to believe that Voyager is in any way good when The Doctor is not on screen.
Peter Wanabe
I disagree totally with the Kirk analysis. He is the absolute definition of a horn dog.
7:58 -- Troi's character concept may have evolved from series pre-production, but the explanation of her abilities given to viewers during "Encounter At Farpoint" was that all pure-strain Betazoids are fully, effortlessly telepathic, but Troi, being only half-Betazoid (her father was human, and her mother a Betazoid ambassador), was merely empathic. She could only develop actual telepathy with someone with whom she had been intimate. Her Imzadi turned out to be, of course, none other than William T. "a-girl-in-every-port" Riker.

(Wow, a social-outcast-from-her-own-people officer with limited telepathic abilities who was a half-breed between an ambassador and a human partner, and a handsome young human officer with a tendency to sleep around while off-duty. I wonder what TOS characters they were meant to represent?)
6:39 -- Nobody Uses Money. The federation uses an electronic currency system known as "credits". Other races, such as the Orions (TOS) or the Ferengi and those who do business with them (DS9), trade using currency systems based on certain valuable crystals and/or precious metals such as "gold-pressed latinum." The dilithium miners in "Mudd's Women" trade using barter. Even in TOS, it should be pointed out, the concept of personal wealth is neither unknown nor frowned upon. In the episode "Devil In The Dark," Kirk points out to the chief of the mining operation on Janus VI that it won't be long before he and all his crew become "embarrassingly rich men."
Andrew W
Picard did not save Wesley. Riker asked a philosophical question and he caretakers of the planet let them go.
Kaleb Maxwell
They use currency for species that can't comprehend having a society with no currency.
The difference between Kirk's romantic interactions and the new AU Kirk's is that in the Original Series I'd say instead of being a womanizer the Captain fell for the women he met a bit too easily, though that's not to say a fair amount of women (mostly one off characters) didn't find him attractive and flirted with him.
Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite
Yea.. the money.. DS9 strongly implies that the liquid substance known as "Latinum" is so precious that a few drops suspended in "worthless bricks of gold" is a fortune. Bricks, strips, and slips, of "gold press latinum".
So i always inferred latinum can't be replicated - and if that's the case it shouldn't be transportable neither!!
Drayton Alan
Please give to the Red Shirts Widows and Orphans Fund. RSWOF
Thanks to youtube I was beamed up and found the truth about Star Trek
Aerial Night
Wow I already knew most of this..TRU fan!
Jack Sainthill
False Facts About Star Trek You Always Thought Were True
People think it's true??
The Daily Digest
"Offend their southern viewers" - fuck off. We from the south have a long history of being much more accepting of interracial relationships than most others.
Freaky Ferengi
I must be a huge dork because none of those star trek facts were news to me
mary g shepherd
Peter Wexler
I never forgot the cartoon Star Trek. I saw every original episode. It was a great series in its own right.
Ah it's that guy from Mr Sunday. Yay. I guess
you have got 2 things wrong.

1st- the kiss was meant to be romantic, not friendly thus they had the first romantic interracial kiss on american tv. what you showed was a friendly kiss, so no really the "disturbing" act that so many thought of.. that being, a white and black actually being romantically engaged.

2nd- it is actually a well known FACT that 7 of 9 was brought on to the show to help bolster the ratings... I do not say they didn't do a good job with her character, but you can't deny why she was brought on in the first place.
deranged squirrel
voyager for me
Come on man!
It's thought by some that Star Trek is socialist in some respects, but it's clear numerous times that it's more complicated than that.
Come on man!
I think we should just all dismiss Star Trek V - The Final Frontier as legit canon.
Steven Serial
Spock only gets the feels when he is high or when he is changing due to the environment.
Definitely Seven was the best character in Voyager. The rest were mostly 2-d without much depth other than the occasional "emotional" crisis. Seven's character truly grew and changed. As an actress, it maybe have been a hard role to be thought of as more than a sex object, but Jeri and the writers did a great job. Tom was basically a joke of a character.
John Nathaniel
Earth and Humans got rid of the use of money. Some other cultures didn't (hence the name credits not dollars). As the Federation accepts other cultures, they can't just refuse to pay. Take the Ferengi for instance, in Star Trek Voyager, in the episode "Infinite Regress", Seven of Nine experiences multiple personality disorder, one of the personalities is a Ferengi bargaining the ship's supplies. He offers "credits" and gives X percent off. It shows that not all cultures have got rid of money yet. So, the Federation has to have some way to deal with that right?
The first interracial kiss was actually forced (in a sense). In that episode, Pluto had telekinesis powers and forced them to do things for his amusement. This "romantic ballad" was actually forced by his powers, including them kissing.
"Spock does have emotions, and so do the all the Vulcans." Wasn't that obvious? Pop culture just ruined it.
Batazoids are telepathic. Deanna Troi is half human, half Batazoid, so she is more prone to emotions. This may affect her telepathic abilities a bit. Since she was born half human, she didn't know how to "use" her powers in full force. She knew how to read emotions and intentions, but not the telepathic part. Since humans are very emotional, her powers are emotion based. This is what happens to interspecies. Since she didn't understand the full extent of her abilities in the early seasons yet, she only knew the emotional part. In later seasons, her mother introduced her to her telepathic abilities. This showing that she found out this, she became an empath.
Omar Harris
Did Ricky and Lucy ever kiss on I Love Lucy? Because if they did, I think that would be the true first interracial kiss.
this must be geared towards people just coming to learn about trek, because you are WAY off with what lifelong fans would know. the wormhole the federation was buying would not have been gotten with money but with trade of scientific research and experience. with the exception of the ferengi, maybe a few others - usually folks who had not the memo, trade became about actual resources. like before money was flat. like in forge of empires.
like I said, great for newbies, but it's not entirely accurate and nearly nothing new for tekkies into the gig B4 Abrams.
I refuse to believe this. For me, the explanation for all aliens being humans in funny makeup is always going to be that Kirk used the Guardian of Forever to visit all of their homeworlds back in the distant past and he banged their ancestors.
Roy Lloyd
Fans didn't forget about the animated series, they were intentionally left out because that trash doesn't count.
Kody Pierce
batazides not empathetic
he has said scotty beam me up however so close enough <3
i thought Jeri Ryan was by far the best actor on Voyager
Brian Sleider
Nothing you said about 7 of 9 discounts her being put on the show for eye candy. She wasn't JUST eye candy but Jeri Ryan was cast because she was eye candy.
derpy twerp gamer YT
sorry i knew all of these as lies i think im just die hard
TAS was considered a sequel, but a continuation of TOS. In fact Dorothy Fontana (Who was the 70s equivalent of a show runner today) considered the fourth year of the five-year mission. And fun fact at the time Phase II was actually called Star Trek II but you can see why it's called Phase II now what with the Wrath of Khan :-)
Tristyn Russelo
I dont always violate the prime directive, but when I do its with my penis!
Markus Kroberger
Money doesn't need to exist within a 'barter system', of which the Federation is displayed to developed. Of course, the means of currency, like 'gold pressed latinum', can probably be replicated and used, but overall, was acquired by the barter system that the Federation follows. On 'earth', there is no money, and people work to maintain a 'paradise' environment, as every need is met.
When i first got NetFlix a few years ago, one of the first programs i watched were the remastered Original StarTrek from start to finish. Like most my age, approaching 40, we were not born during the original run, our first taste of Star Trek were the Films then The Next Generation in the late 80's. What shocked me with the original series was how few of the 79 episodes i had actually watched while growing up, i thought i had either seen them all or most, i would go as far to say i had only seen about 20 episodes, the whole of season two was like digging up a vault of lost StarTrek episodes and watching them for the first time. I feel that they were too dated to really enjoy, but i'm glad i watched them and i'm sure, back in the 60's, they must have been mind blowing. There were a few episodes i enjoyed, i especially enjoyed the episode with "Khan', as not only is "Wrath of Khan" the best StarTrek movie, it's among one of the best Sci-Fi's ever made (IMHO) So it was nice to see the prequel or the origin story.

My list out of the TV series, 1'st: TNG (By a country mile), 2nd StarTrek Enterprise (Sorry, i was also a massive Quantum Leap fan), 3rd Deep Space 9, 4th Voyager, 5th The Original Series. I'm also looking forward to 'Discovery'.

The films, they are ok but the Best is 'Wrath of Khan' and i very much like the new rebooted StarTrek films.
One minute in and already I'm calling you out, "Scotty, beam me up!" Was uttered in ST4, The Voyage Home.

It's close, all the words are there, just in a slightly different order. Clearly tongue in cheek reference to "Beam me up, Scotty." Most times they used the word "Energise."

For the record, I never believed any of those things you mentioned in the video.
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