False Facts About Star Trek You Always Thought Were True

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Star Trek has been beaming its way into fans' hearts for over 50 years, reinventing itself time and time again. Most fans think they know everything there is to know about Starfleet's finest, but sometimes fans absorb ideas about Trek from pop culture that simply aren't true. So, what's real? What's just another invasive mind-probe? And what are just a bunch of lies told by Q? Here are some false facts about Star Trek you always thought were true...

Beam me up, Scotty | 0:36
Next Generation was the first sequel | 1:23
Picard followed orders | 2:34
Spock is emotionless | 4:04
The first interracial kiss | 5:34
Nobody uses money | 6:38
Troi was always an empath | 7:57
Seven was just eye candy | 9:31
Captain Kirk: Ladies man | 10:46

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Which Star Trek series did you think was the best?
Saw the first episode of Voyager and maybe half of the second... never watched it again! Janeway just did not do it for me... to this day I change the channel if Voyager comes on!
Seven of nine - "It was a mild shock, he will recover"
Fezzywigg Poopy
*they don't use money with themselves; only outsiders. the ferangi never joined the fed they just hung around with them to make money.
David Kinder
Star Trek The Animated Series reruns were often shown on Nickelodeon in the 80's and 90's.
Drew L
Kes wasn't boring at all. In my opinion, she was much sexier than Seven was. These days though, Jeri Ryan is much sexier than Jennifer Lien
Could a human ever attain Kolinahr? Or would they be permitted on Vulcan long enough to try out for it?
Thomas Savidge
Kirk and Uhura never actually kissed, it is made to appear that way through camera angle trickery. Read William Shatner's Star Trek Memories and you'll hear the whole story.
Bryan Kunz
Troi's telepathy was the only I didn't already know.
Ashlei Paginton
If people think Picard was unwilling to disobey orders they clearly need to watch a measure of man, Picard goes out of his way several times in that episode to protect Data and even more so in subsequent episodes
He was also against the recovery of the pegasus despite orders and that's not even mentioning the 2nd ST:NG movie
I'm six facts in and I haven't learned a damn thing I'm out
Screw you Mandela effect you took my catchphrase away
Charlie K
The title is quite misleading. I kind of came here to learn something new... but alas.
As someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I really appreciated all the struggles Seven went through in dealing with people and learning how to socialize and have healthy interactions with everyone.

She mirrored some big personal problems I've gone through.
Otis Fugate
I saw Star Trek TOS only in reruns. But I grew up watching Star Trek, the animated series, on Saturday mornings. I even had the Star Trek color form set, wonder how much that would go for today??? If I had only known back then. Plus I'm wondering how many know what color forms were. Going back to the series, I would place Enterprise, in front of The Next Generation. And I totally refuse to acknowledge any of the other Star Trek spinoffs. There were a few of the Star Trek movies that I liked, and the first couple of the new Star Trek movies that I liked. I was floored when I found out that Cpt. James T. Kirk was being played by Chris Pine, Son of Robert Pine. Chris did a fine job of capturing the essence of James T. Kirk, as well as the guy that played Leonard McCoy, and the guy that played Montgomery Scott.
Cal Sheridan
Are you kidding me? We LOVED Picard for breaking the rules! It's just that he did it with such logic and poise that he was practically Vulcan in his methods!
Many of thes false facts I used to think ar troo. I am gland to no that those facts ar false and ar not troo.
Picard was a product of political correctness. Kirk didn't have those limitations.

For those that do not know this, the Black 1965 & 1972 Equal Rights laws -- demanded by liberals -- were the parents of political correctness. So Picard was a putz compared to Kirk.
Loved the inclusion of Diana Muldaur towards the end.
Ben Stern
Vulcans don't bury their emotions - they have mastered their emotions.
Luke Slywalker
Come on! That Sammy Davis kiss on the cheek doesn't qualify so Kirk and Uhura was first.
Seven was eye candy, but was a strong woman that is for damn sure.
Wait, wait, wait... so Kirk was batting .250? That's not too shabby, most guys are lucky to be 1 in 20
There is NO money in the 24th century, come on ! They just practice exchange with less advanced, money-ish societies at times, and still use good-old expressions about drinks. That's all.
J.R Thibodeaux
ronald rime
I've also eaten animal flesh and enjoyed it! Don't know what's wrong with me, either:)
In ONLY 25% of the original episodes... you do realise that's quite a lot, right?!
The Animated Series was mostly outside canon until CBS changed their minds (Save "Yesteryear", which built up a lot of Spock's backstory, general Vulcan culture and was written by Dorothy Fontana)
11:47 Rarly??? only 25%???
thats exactly 20 different woman in 3 Years! and they are in Space for godsake
Brian Arbenz
In the era of Facebook, a mind reader would be obsolete. Just check anyone's posts and you'll read their thoughts.
Brian Arbenz
The interracial kiss wasn't a kiss at at all, but made by outside telepathic force. Nancy and Sammy, however was the real deal!
Fact: "False Facts" is an oxymoron and just badly mangled language. Please don't perpetuate careless stupidity. The word you chose not to use is "myths".
"Beam me up, Scotty" originally came from a bumper sticker created around the time of the first Star Trek conventions.

Otherwise the only thing I didn't know about was that bit about the first interracial kiss.

And 7 of 9 was eye candy. What happened later as her character evolved is irrelevant.
Wait, I didn't know that that interracial kiss was supposed to be the first on TV, but if the Sammy Davis-Nancy Sinatra was the only previous one, I have to say: get out of here!!

First of all it was not a romantic/sexual kiss. Since Davis was Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack pal, we only saw an uncle-niece kind of kiss - even if your filthy minds assume there could be a lot of hanky-panky among those disolute Hollywood sinners, that was the intent on screen and that is what counts.

Second, it was a one-time special and they were high profile figures that were somewhat above the average boundaries imposed to commoners. Sinatra (and family by extension), Davis and Martin could get away with stuff on air that would have cancelled simple mortals.

I think I had a third point but I forgot. Anyway, those two are enough.
Yuri Hinamura
Actually it was 2001: A Space Odyssey that was a chief inspiration for the first Star Trek film, which can be seen in the pacing and cinematography, along with the theme of man's next evolution.

Also the notion of Kirk as the horny captain isn't based SOLELY on him getting some greenback. It's based on him romancing or being enticed by many women throughout the original series, regardless of skin color. Hell the vid even uses the statistic stating 25% of episodes. That's 20 episodes. Tell me Picard has as many (ignoring percentage, just find 20) and we'll call it, but until then, Kirk is still the intergalactic Player everyone gives him the reputation of being.
0:30 Are those two giant turds? I always thought it was true, but is it?
Sandy Ashmay
Well, the Federation and Starfleet don't use money, but not all systems do, so the Enterprise crew must barter and trade on some planets and conform to currency necessities depending on the planet they visit.
A kiss on the cheek doesnt count!
Duston McCreary
Those two kisses are not the same.
If you literally watch five minutes of TOS, it's obvious that Spock has emotions and is just trying to supress them.
Alan OBrien
Why are these people always Australian?
Only in 25% of the episodes, Kirk was having a romance. ONLY? 25% is a quarter, a substantial part. It is basically How I met you mother in space.
Why does Wesley look like Justin Bieber?
4:25 Romulans are actually the same species as Vulcans. In fact, it was Surak's actions that lead to them splintering off and inhabiting Romulus and Remus (yes, there's actually even a twin planet named Remus there too) .
Picard and his crew even casually broke the TEMPORAL Prime Directive in First Contact, even though Picard even made it clear they weren't supposed to. He also time traveled when that was also against the rules and went straight to the front line of a Borg attack when they were spesfically ordered to stay out of it due to Picard's experience as Locutus making him an wildcard liability... "To hell with our orders!" - Picard, Star Trek: First Contact
rob jackson
well beam me up scotty was used once in the animated series usually it was beam us up scotty though
Quinn B
Let's be honest, Picard violated the prime directive a LOT more than nine times...
I call the phrase "Beam me up scotty" an identifyihng paraphrase. Adding Scotty to the phrase makes the allusion totally clear, just as "Frankly Scarlett I dont give a damn, "which is not an exact quote identified the movie it refers to by adding "scarlett" to the serntence. IOW though not exact I find the usage acceptable
remember that time you got high on spores and smacked Kirk around?
I wish they had cut Troi altogether. lol
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