Traditional Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny

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Oldest Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny

Sandeep Choudhary
waaooooo.....i want this biryani....<3 .......i remember my grand ma.....:-) healthy ....maaa .......luv u loads.....:-)
May god bless her & give her a long life.
Handa Abdullah
Love from Sweden 😍😍
Schanell Bailey
she is adorable 💋❤
sahil bhat
The best part of these videos is that how they enjoy the food at the end.
I, live a life full of work, can't take out time and eat like this with my family.
Grandmas are really special, and these guys are lucky to have their grandma! Cheers
Rajvi Vohra
Yummy! Granny Delicious
B. Romano Sanchez
this reminds me of the way of cooking in méxico <3 so natural
lupita sahu
Curry "leafs"?
Awesome recipe though, hats off to granny
jeeva rathnam ks
granny ur rocking just love the way u cook
ALAGOLA Surya teja
grany y I did not born as ur grandson if I born I'm the luckiest grandson in world to eat ur food
Seema Pari
Such a sweet smile. Brought tears to my eyes. Bless you mastanamma. Lots of love from arunachal. 😘
Hassan Shah
love and respect for grabby from pakistan .. loved her food and indian spices as well :D wish we could have them available
Mona khan
She is amazing, at this age she is so active cooking with so much passion truly adore her
Siri M
that must taste good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Menaka M
dum timing?
Mariam Khan
bhook lag gayi isse dekh ke
seema singh
wow very nice
Shahid Umar
God blass you mom
Nurul Ain
im malay,im from malaysia,i like video granny
Bebo ch
amma g ka naam kiya hai
Shudeepta sarker
I need the recipe.... :)
Prishey Zeas
I am so fantasised seeing her getting everything fresh from farms and everything eco friendly.. and look at us. we get it from super market or from fridge.
Kamran Raiyan
kiya yaar in old women ki kisne utube me add karne ko kehdiya she is not speciel cheaf😏😏😏
Bharat Darjee
I love grand ma i realy love all your receipe but i m not lucky becoz you are not with me if you are with me i would daily like to taste your receipe
Dipu Nut Cracker
but she is too old now. thats why she isn't remembering to clean her hands. but she is a real chef.
Shubham Rawat
I love u mum..great recipe mum..
Swapna R
bammamma nuvu super naku niyrepachu I am salute I luv bammamma
preethi Baliga
She is so adorable!!
Hijab hearts
Literally making biryani today because of this video 😍😍😍
Adam MDB
this biryani looks gooood
what is that red liquid she put at the top of rice. is it spicy
Veerender Kaur
still looks chubby
Farra Ali
love to see her always.
Anam Bhatti
and im sure this is the most delicious food in the world.. thumbs up..
Anam Bhatti
this is the culture so chill guys.. we got a chance to see a marvellous old lady who is more than a century .. feel lucky to watch her..
Bala Krishna Talasila
Why they did not wash the rice
Pawan Bhasin
cooking time please..
Elvie Lucion
I really want to eat biryani I never taste food that made from India..and I really want to try it but the problem I can't find some of the ingredients here in the Philippines.
M Nazima
No words I'm saying to grandma.. ur always cooking wonderful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Salty Box Gaming
Suren Thiran
Vivek Babu
r u muslim
Harjinder Singh
love u grand mother
shhivaa kumar
మస్థానవ్వ నువ్వు సూపర్
shhivaa kumar
iam try mattan curry superb
the sdsassybird
awesome ....and granny is really cute..😍
nadim mostafiz
this is the real india, not bollywood...
Nk Nagu
amaa nuvu super
Sujeeth Yeligatla
can anybody give address
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