Traditional Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny

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Oldest Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny

sneha kumar
omg...i want to eat this😍😍
I love how the family sat together and ate it at the end. This grandma knows how to keep her family happy.
Mudarapu Ramamohan
Shagufta Memon
I was 8 wen I lost my mom, I don't even remember the taste my mother's hand made food, I wish sum1 could make food for me like dis.......but now I m very good cook in my entire family😄miss u mumma
Eunice Lol
Home Infotainer
perfect recipe
Yugraj Sharma
Baishali Roy
looking tastier more than hotels biriyani... nani ap grt ho
Mahveen Adil
rice wash kr kay to dalo
MKR nallavan
very nice food ..good and so hygienic..she should long live for 100 and 100 of years .. my great ambitious to eat from her holy hands
parineeti rathod
the perfect Chief ...... love u grandmother 😄😍😍
Hina Rajput
wooh... I'm a big fan ... of her...
Imane emy
tanjiya lhindiya hadi hh
alekya miriyala
awesome bamma
Sozan AL Aboudi
حجيه طبخج رۈۋ‏عـِھّ ياعمري فديتج يابعد قَلبـ♡ــيے 😍😘😘👍
Shakirsoni Khan
you are gud ama i love you
Psy Cho
kitny time k lye dam rakha hai. or kacha gosh rakha 😦😔😩
Brooke Boatwright
What are those green chilis called ?
زهرة البنفسج
يمي طبخ رهيييييب 👍👍👍
5:19 :/
Ganesh Anneparthi
superb baamma
Gayathri .N
I love you granny.... salute to your efforts.. 😅😙😃👏👍
fathima khanam
I like granny recepies sooooooooooooooooooooooo much
mariya k
super avva......
Fatima Niazi
seeing your granny reminds me of mine. I really miss dadi. I wish I could just be with her once more
geetha k
i feel like hugging you nanny !! guys let her just sit back n narrate better some of you cook instead .
Bhuvana Bharathi
super recipe
May Allah give her many years to live in healthy and happy way
Krishna Chaitanya
ah cooking ki avida ichey respect great lovd it💜💜 ye vuru meedi
always avaliable
fucking this old pussy i hate her i will never eat this food she is soo dirty that by seeing her i started vomiting.. so dirty she look yaakk 😫😫106 years old pussy she is lol.. her hand her face even pig looks more beautyfull then her 😂😂😂😂😂😏😂😂
Shagufta Sultan
This looks so original, so amazing and so delicious. lots of love Grandma 😊
sehrish Awan
mouth watering! lots of love for grandma ❤
Ali Raza
I salute to you and your traditional work.
sangita chillal
sz 0
قناة الديوانيه
shtrkw fi qunati # qunaat aldayawaniih
قناة الديوانيه
شتركو في قناتي قنات الديوانيه
Raghu varan
wash the raice
Raghu varan
no curry leaves
Jenita Seebacus
well unhygenic r fast foods.. not eating z hand cooked foods of a 105 yrs old Granny.. she cannot be unhygienic ..she has such long life expectancy ...
Marimuthu Svpd
dalukku Daly dolukka
Umashan Thirugnanam
super super
Dolagobinda Dalai
masta laga raha ha my favourite dish is biriyani
Sravanthi Srav
how much tym we hv to cook for last?
Zeenat Zeenat
I loved her, she is too energetic, experiences, l learned cooking from her, She is our Great Chef. What's her life style,love to know. Paying respect her. God blessed her. From which Country she is? Thanks.
siddu Siddu
✋ super bamma
Omprakash Mahawar
good recipe
v s spectacular
tell me where this granny lives I will come and taste the food in live
owaish raza
kirrak avva
Sujatha Rayal
avida ki anta age kada modern vantalu anni yela vacho
saima khan
super chef 😊😊
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