8 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test Part 9

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m_a_n_k_u_t play
Mr Pablo
All the soda ones
God love Hugo
shrihari U.N
Brian Rodriguez
Ice cube tray the best
Samay Lalwani
wolverine chicken shreder
Meme Master
8:10 Long Necked bottles were made to keep the drink cold because your supposed to hold the top of the neck so that's kinda useless.
coco is gaming
Is the dog called Hugo?
8:07 did he drink it?
6:50 close your eyes and listen
Bonnie gamerk
the chicken looks good😆😊😀😍😛😜
Lily Sporing
the meat pullers remind me of Logan from Marvel and X-Men
Mehemed Hasandic
3:52 Hugo is so impatient hahaha
Reckless_chucky Beast mode
Cute dogs
Elite Kingdom
5:52😂😂😂 just pause it and see
Edson Zapata
that was my favorite
crazy cyka bliyat hacker
где найти твой вк??
Angela A
I like ur laugh
Justice Gendron
the ice tray thing is my fav that is really cool sincerely justice
Maxim Pilote
Is this April fools?
FG46 the gamer
4:55 idk what the designers thoughts were but that's latterly an old 1600's and before ninja weapon lol
Uiltje Koek Koek
who eats chicken with two forks¿¿
Fasterstrong Faster
Are you crazy
Green Space Dorito
Austin Kaiser
love your dogs there beautiful
Queen'Beloved Rose
is that raew
Elite Dragon
ur dogs are pretty
Kent Khuu
Maybe on a plate tomato slicer
Harsha Kondapalli
Like come on boi 2:41
Lord Max
The Gamer Vloger
Is it me or does this guy like to say boom and how much chicken does he have
Morgan Arellano10
do anybody see the dog on the left at 1:59
Landon Remaley
Hugo wanted the chicken you were spreading
Höm Ok
Too much cuteness omaygawd
Aucun esprit critique, les 3/4 sont de la grosse merde
mary edwards
You could put the plate on the ground instead giving the dogs the chicken
Haylie Natayley
8:55 :hello fizz
Ahmad Jaafil
Where do you get all these gadgeks

"Hey ebrebody welcum buck to muy keechin/malabalatoy"
Rustonator Bro
I laugh so hard when he laughs 😂😂😂
Ghost Mac
fun fact you drink the bottle by grabbing it by the neck so you your drink stays cool and your hands warm
Theresa Janak
where did you get that ice tray it is cool
Vicki Corliss-Malone
You can see both dogs. Ears! Lol!
Why was the Arizona name covered but coke wasnt?
Jatira Baylor
Meze Man
thanks for showing us this gadgets, but where can we buy it if we want to?...
Allison Klinghagen
the black and white dog looks like he has eyeliner on
Billie Sue Richter
I'd love that first chicken shredder !
Austin Ramus
Ice cube trey
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