Have I Finally Found The Ultimate Keyboard?

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Azio Mk Mac (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2lqopCE
Azio Mk Mac (International) - http://geni.us/7qW0xhR

A Keyboard Made Of Wood? - https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4
A Keyboard Made Of Glass? - https://youtu.be/DTK4eRzcRyI

As far as I can tell the Azio Mk Mac is one of the very few (if not only) mechanical, backlit keyboard designed specifically for Mac (Apple products).

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Unbox Therapy
A Keyboard Made Of Wood? - https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4
A Keyboard Made Of Glass? - https://youtu.be/DTK4eRzcRyI
How can you even use the word ultimate with this keyboard when it's not even ergonomically efficient. Your reviews are forever questionable, just hype.
יהלי לן
omg this is such a shit keyboard for the price
Gamingfruits YT
apple keybord!!!!!😈😈😈
fute star
Daniel Andrews
i know a keyboard that works with mac. the magic keyboard
It's kinda ugly rather get k70
Tony Forsyth
It reminds me of the iMac G4 keyboard.
Jerobi White
This dude knows fucking nothing about keyboards or computers. Fact.
David Black
Just ordered my first mechanical keyboard... the Realforce 104UB-S. Can't wait!
Its a razer blackwidow x ripoff lol
Benjamin Larsson
"Buy" they sent it to you
cody lacy
Lewis It didn't sound sarcastic when you said that you've never heard of Azio before but, they're the ones that you got the mechanical retro typewriter keyboard from.
/ over the 8 key isn't Apple layout is it? Should be = yes?
whats wrong with the hands? or is it head?
John C
fuck this guy.
Tom Liu
Not cherry MX....
Why did the Apple Idiot cross the street?

To copy Android on the other side
50,000 person to like the vid was me
Erion Selimi
how much did the keyboard cost?
lol they can't be original
Bruh they copied corsair k95
many weirdos keyboards made it, when i first see videos wew
morbid_ kid__
"put a thumb in the right place" ~Unbox Therapy 2017
Martin Bruton
Pity Azio aren't into exporting their products. This keyboard is still not available internationally including the UK.
Universal Javi
Why doesn't youtube have ads on every channel instead of choosing certain channels they pick?
Ugly, white, bad led, i don't like
Man, i think you're videos are good, but it would be nice if you learned the key switches instead of identifying them by the amount of clack they make. And it's a great keyboard for the mac, but it's a complete corsair k70 ripoff, which works for the mac btw. To add to it, I'm sure that KB uses Kaihl switches, and we know how trash those are (I'm talking to you razer users). Also, does it lack a usb pass through? I can't remember.
Are you going to do an updated setup?
MOFII USB LED Backlit Keyboard,Water Resistance Colorful Illuminated Backlit Keyboard for PC, MAC
MOFII USB LED Backlit Keyboard,Water Resistance Colorful Illuminated Backlit Keyboard for PC, MAC
Tyrone Fries
Nah you just found a decent mechanical keyboard that works for mac so for mac users sure that probably is the ultimate keyboard
Jackson Armstrong
...never heard of AZIO...
Josh Nease
Whats the best non crazy spendy on board programmable macro keyboard?
I can't add software on my work computer but need macros for faster work typing. thank you.
Martin Bruton
Shame it's not available internationally such as the UK.
Risky Memes
Why do your cameras actually do good in low light
Connor Mason
Do a review of the IBM Model M keyboard
Daniel Muñoz
Its the same as the Eagle Tech KG 011, and hat one is 41 bucks, with blue lED lighting and its spill proof
Elliot Frame
There's nothing special about that keyboard except it has symbols for MacOS...
Matthew Hill
Maybe try a Unicomp too?
Diamond OMG
It Might Not Be The Ultimate Keyboard Though........
rdubz x
Looks like the keyboard I learned how to type well in elementary...like 10 years ago ahaha
All I see is Sylvester trying to set up a trap for Tweety bird.
Anthony Peters
Mac sucks go Linux...
Azio is a crap company, they feel so cheap and break easily. Horrible quality control
Lol, they're not even real cherry switches, they're chinese knockoffs. And even real cherry switches aren't the best kind out there. Ultimate my ass.
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