Have I Finally Found The Ultimate Keyboard?

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Azio Mk Mac (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2lqopCE
Azio Mk Mac (International) - http://geni.us/7qW0xhR

A Keyboard Made Of Wood? - https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4
A Keyboard Made Of Glass? - https://youtu.be/DTK4eRzcRyI

As far as I can tell the Azio Mk Mac is one of the very few (if not only) mechanical, backlit keyboard designed specifically for Mac (Apple products).

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Unbox Therapy
A Keyboard Made Of Wood? - https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4
A Keyboard Made Of Glass? - https://youtu.be/DTK4eRzcRyI
the best I think are razor blade
Fatal Potatoe
We can all agree that the logitech K120 is the best keyboard you can get
Louis Crouzet
Did I just watch a guy using a mechanical keyboard for 5 minutes just because it's made for mac? :/
The k70rgb is shit, had 2 of them both broke in under 12 months, constant LED failures
Spam the number 0 key "so we got a keyboard"
Robert Luna
Bought this because of this video. Had viewed a few negative reviews but I love it. Nice snappy feel, Apple-esque design , great feel and the braided cord is great. Keys are easily removable for cleaning . Already spilled coffee on it but due to the height of the keys I was able to clean it no problem. Wrist rest is dimpled which seems odd at first but it's comfortable. Thanks for the video !
Walter Jimenez
I prefer my Logitech keyboard.
We Play Wax
You never heard of a Das keyboard, wtf Lou? Big Apple connaisseur your are. Tut tut!
XEliteX5layerX Destiny
In the start he says "keyboard" almost every 10 seconds
JuanCarlos Lopez
that is a nice keyboard
Omar Z
why you don't buy Razer kaybord
Hoboj 234
'Put a thumb in the right place '
Daniel Dimitrov
ratatatatata rattatataatatatttt
can you do something from razer
Billy Holmes
propel who use mac products are Nazi racist because there products are white
The Tight Films Vlog
I like all your videos
3:18 razer chroma toaster
Tol Dark
gay product for gay mac
ethan snedden
Ultimate keyboard? No. Corsair Strafe RGB is the ultimate keyboard.
mustis M
The ultimate keyboard would be at least ergonomic and tenkeyless
Lol, finds 1 mechanical keyboard specific for Mac "Ultimate Keyboard". Clickbait much?
Video starts at 1:53, you're welcome.
The Bros Playing MC
I hate when buttons get loose !!
Emily Schoenthal
I really want to show my teacher all the keyboard videos to show you don't have to be perfect on homerow and can hit one key at one time.
thatoneguysup 1
When u were explaining why it flickers it's called anti aliasing
Aidan Larson
3:15 <------ that, is what she said.
Draw With Nick-V
Ratata. Ratata. Ratata.
Not click. Click. Click
Drive Ahead! Replays and Bugs
Gamers are gonna laugh
K70 copy
No, you haven't.
Dalton F
Did anyone else notice Jack was filming but then at the end of the video he calls him Tom? Jack is just a camera, kids.
Better get a k70 and put custom keycaps on the mac specific keys
M Robert
Not even close to my Logitech gaming one xD
Love your videos tho :)
Chris Sheehy
Ugly as hell.
All Things Aggro
Mechanial keyboards? How are they more productive? That doesnt make sense?...
I Dial 1911
the ultimate keyboard is not ultimate if it is made for an overpriced, under preforming, practically useless platform and it has some lights with a little rest on it. just buy or make a pc with windows and get a razer blackwidow chroma
this is a copy for a newskill hanshi spectrum 😂😂😂
dare i say... MACanical?
MalZom Bie
use Razer
Sam Tindal
Available in UK?
"I currently use Apple products" no matter what keyboard you use it wont make any mac book pro perform any better lol ;p
Oh man Unbox Therapy will always be my favourite unboxing channel!
Don Solaris
Where the fuck to buy this in Europe??? Azio you fucks!!!
Faranstill Plays
How are you doing? :D
Faranstill Plays
For the price, Azio makes solid keyboards. Got a mechanical from them for 20 and it was great.
Michael B
DarkSky Geek
Can't get these in the UK. I'm really liking the look of this. Hmm, looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of research. Have a like btw.
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