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Yesterday's Vlog -
Today we got caught up on a couple of missed things. I attempted to build ON MY OWN my dream RC wall. lol. I think it came out really good. I do need to order more hooks and mount them ll up. I ran out this morning for the thumbnail and to also show you what it will look like :) Thank you so much for all the support! Pushups at the very end. 


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Thank you so much for watching today! Please smash that like button if you like these type of vlogs. I know it's a little different. Thank you for everything. See you tomorrow :)
Gunawan Irma
minta satu gaiiz RC nya ..from indonesia 😙😉😉
Max The savage beast
Your my favourite YouTuber 😎😎😎😎
Jasmine Silver
Make more Rc video
Elston Wongkhaizhe
Wasent zues dead sry
Wall will break with weight. Good try.
James Harris
what are the names of the rc cars you have roman because i would like to buy one off amazon
Hunter Hunter Humbles Humbles
I wish a had a wall like that
Jerrod Webb
You did pretty good
Jason Ferguson
Zack Parker
Peg bord
trent foskey
i don't wanna zues gune
mister pug lt gaming
i m living in Lithuania and i want war pieces so i have to pay dolars right
Red Diamonds Universe
I know everyone feels this but i really miss Zeus😭
Liam Dicks
daniel faubert
Good I’m daniel
FOX 360
i love your channel
Do some more rc
Fuzzy the dog 4
I thought it was great
Jacque Ashworth
it was asm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slimslimy 37
I broke out laughing when he showed the tools still packaged
Slimslimy 37
I think flash and donkey are in love
Jared Nonegiven
congrats on the wall hope it proves useful
Maria Ramos
To a. Wen. In. The. Betli
Matthew Eriksen
I luve you
David Eaves
DavidEaves the same time as well
omar abdullah
Eli Espinoza
Can I come to your house
SnipingYoda 87
I love traxxas but they are to expensive for my family to get
Can I have one of your rc cars
Christophe Bierkamp
Bonjour je vous remercie
Kyler Appelwick
can you ship me a traxxas slash
Daniel Ausserhofer
Where are you living
Joey Walsh
Good job I mean it
Ruth Lewis

Thanks 🙏
rozali1770 650704075647
are you rich??????????????????
Irma Martinez
Do you were boots
jeanie frank
You are the best YouTube
Josh Joub
You are my faferout you tuber
Andy Gharbaran
Can I please have one please
Ariana Kennedy
If roman used a stud finder why didn't Logan show up😂
Can you send one of your rc,s i love rc,s plz
Richard Hartman
I love all all of your rd trucks
Maria Gonzalez
i like
Cole Lewis
i love your rc cars
Cole Lewis
i love your rc cars
bravo 912
Cute donkey
Mambo Gaming
They should have hydro-dipped the trucks! Thumbs up if you agree so roman can see and he can get more see through trucks to do it
Anna Li
I like this style
Brian Jablonski
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