Doc Awesome5
The kids have no Respect, whatever happened to "It's the thought that counts."
ben dover1
2:50 well.... you're crying like a little bitch, so it's the perfect present for you!
putu junie
Video Chrismats fail
Watch now
James Miller
5:20 Wait, what!? "Maybe if he sits in your lap and you sit on Santa's lap!?"
Raspberry Mint Studios
1:30 me at christmas
nomin Gerelt
christmas stop falling
Daniel Crollett
2:42 If that was my kid I would slap him across the face
I didn't come to this video to see bratty pieces of sh*t that need to be dropped off at a orphanage
Matthew Stone
3:30 Sure, Sure, this is 2016, Especially when there is a big sign that says "2011" Like, THAT'S SO 2016.. Wtf? Did you just put the title of the video as the first thing that pops into your mind, and don't even pay attention to the videos?
Matthew Stone
4:28 You deserve it fucker, what were you even trying to accomplish?
Kitmax 1
Ha ^_^
1:30 the cat is like
These are my gifts nigga
john sketo
4.29 Hey that's macklemore
shadowdestoier slayer236
She just didn't want to have s** today
Dzīvnieku Pasaule
Little Game Dude
Ho ho ho shit.
Laura Gadille
My present hooman awww
Omega Rex
1:53 soup it depends wat tipe of soup it is that's just me
michael ramirez
6:09 Like seriously
best trailer ever!
Aww that kid got sad when Santa fell down
Isaac Zheng
Abraham Anang
Do church fails plz
DrizzyTravis09 H
I laughed so hard when Santa fell😂
fuck you,
WHo knows where the full video of 2:19 is?
Haris Mujezinovic
Those kids crying about bad gifts are so bratty if I got a girl toy or soup I would laugh to death and eat the soup
Cy Serarzo
santa fell down :(
Clorox Bleach
Parents this is why you should just bring them to the store
1:07 these fuckin kids cry at everything
Rachel Robin
Yeah happy funking holiday
rainer rosteski
Make car fails
Vintage Ben
5:47 made me laugh so Hard I fell off of my chair!
Shawn101 Gaming
I'm a teenager and I still believe in santa like if you agree if you still do
1:30 awwwwwwww wnctu9etbj9cet that's toooo cute to watch
György Blandl
0:47 , so cute!!!
Russy W
ok kid tell you what we will take all of your gifts as you are spoilt n then give them away. really annoys me the crybaby factor.
Aaron Ramirez
Le Cringe Removers Army
What you expect from a gift is a video game. But mostly it's a toy or clothes.
mr night owl
lol has a clip from 2011 in a 2016 compilation
El Sueño
Kids are so spoiled. I appreciated everything I got even if I didnt like it. I didn't throw a fit. I got an Elmo dancing toy when I was 10 😑 and was polite about getting it because it was from my uncle who I rarely saw.
1:30 when your mom make a job for your cat
Wolf Logic
This is fails from 2016 it says 2011 at 3:32
sampada Barge
Are you okay? Yeah I am fine. Seriously? Like seriously. = the last one
sampada Barge
6:09 I love this girl.
Uber Mensch
More like hulk I would smash
Hexa Skelethor
2:25 wut teh fuk iz dat
Hexa Skelethor
2:28 wut teh fuk iz dat
Kriszti Markus
omg omg omg omg omg
Lysergic Casserole
>2016 Christmas
>shows clip from 2011
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