best trailer ever!
Aww that kid got sad when Santa fell down
Isaac Zheng
Abraham Anang
Do church fails plz
Kyler & Deaghan
When i dont get the stuff i wanted for christmas im thankful that i even got anything i am upset but im still thankful because i could've got nothing but these kids there're brats
DrizzyTravis09 H
I laughed so hard when Santa fell😂
Holy Knight Nathaniel
WHo knows where the full video of 2:19 is?
Haris Mujezinovic
Those kids crying about bad gifts are so bratty if I got a girl toy or soup I would laugh to death and eat the soup
Redwolf Holiday
santa fell down :(
Potato That's it
Parents this is why you should just bring them to the store
1:07 these fuckin kids cry at everything
Rachel Robin
Yeah happy funking holiday
rainer rosteski
Make car fails
Vintage Ben
5:47 made me laugh so Hard I fell off of my chair!
Shawn101 Gaming
I'm a teenager and I still believe in santa like if you agree if you still do
1:30 awwwwwwww wnctu9etbj9cet that's toooo cute to watch
György Blandl
0:47 , so cute!!!
Russy W
ok kid tell you what we will take all of your gifts as you are spoilt n then give them away. really annoys me the crybaby factor.
Aaron Ramirez
Le Cringe Removers Army
What you expect from a gift is a video game. But mostly it's a toy or clothes.
mr night owl
lol has a clip from 2011 in a 2016 compilation
El Sueño
Kids are so spoiled. I appreciated everything I got even if I didnt like it. I didn't throw a fit. I got an Elmo dancing toy when I was 10 😑 and was polite about getting it because it was from my uncle who I rarely saw.
1:30 when your mom make a job for your cat
Wolf Logic
This is fails from 2016 it says 2011 at 3:32
sampada Barge
Are you okay? Yeah I am fine. Seriously? Like seriously. = the last one
sampada Barge
6:09 I love this girl.
Uber Mensch
More like hulk I would smash
Hexa Skelethor
2:25 wut teh fuk iz dat
Hexa Skelethor
2:28 wut teh fuk iz dat
Kriszti Markus
omg omg omg omg omg
Tech Smack
>2016 Christmas
>shows clip from 2011
Daniella Karan
5:44-6:08 lol, crazy man, what is wrong with him?
Lee Everett
3:06 if I were his sibling I woulda slapped him well if I did now it would be child abuse but when I was a kid
6:00 McJuggerNuggets???????
Player 103
5:44 Like too much :)
5:28 Xmas in a nutshell.
Helen MAI
Ok... That kid who cried on Christmas was just...
I mean... Chinese ppl tell you if you cry on Chinese New Year
This kid...
Scott Schaffer
Obey Crashes
0:59 Santa commits suicide
Weeshing Weekly
All these kids are spoilt. Kids should learn to play with physical toys and appreciate what they get.
Simba /Kovu
Gift exchange is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. I was adopted.
this is why i abort all of mine
Here, take this W
3:45 Jesus is she on steriods? I mean, you'd have to be seriously deticated to achieve that naturally.
Grant Willis
The guy yelling at the band playing in they computer lab is kinda right about what they are doing.
Some people should not breed.
2:30 Doesn't want it cause it's a girl toy, but then proceeds to cry like a bitch. XD
Guaz5 flash
watts of foc
Balles McGee
2:14 What a weird and ugly name for a girl...
Brad's Ultimate Shenanigans
Merry Craigslist
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