A Farewell To Bill O'Reilly From Stephen Colbert And 'Stephen Colbert'

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A brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all has some parting words for a brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all.

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Donny Ede
interesting to see the right wingers outright defend sexual harassment in the comments
Surprised he didn't call himself "Steven Colbert" with a hard 'T' because of that old interview of him and O'reilly
The cheering and celebrating is grotesque, sick leftists
Nassim Perez
Move elevator incorporate item party region pepper interested
Wonder Women
Luckily my grandmother doesn't know how to use the TV 😊 😏
Mark Williams
O'Reilly is an asshole, but so is Colbert.
Edward Oberon
Colbert is pathetic, not funny anymore
alan mccaleb
These late night shows have turned into two bit political commentaries. None of these host can come close to Johnny Carson. Thank God you can still watch re-runs of Johnny Carson.
Nuno Baptista
Yeah. Traditional tv media is dying, and Colbert makes funny about a guy who is creating is own social media platform. Bill O'Reilly will be the one making jokes about Colbert in 4 or five years from now...
Nuno Baptista
Stephen Colbert = no humor, no style
Crystal Chambers
Stephen Colbert is the Best!!!!
So I can't have hot chocolate because Stephen Colbert says it it a racist term? Give me a break!
Gabriela Campos
Jerry Sword
you are TRASH!!
Jerry Sword
I actually have a friend that was on this show....he thought you were a dick too!!FUCK YOU!!!
Jerry Sword
you "take no pleasure douche bag?"
Now it'll be a bit harder for Fox to accomplish what Russia wants it to do
Christian Lion
hefty lefty justy besty
Random Stuff
Its funny how Bill O'Reily pronounces his name and it sounds like "Stephen Colbear" or "Stephen Colbeer"
Lo Leigh
it will be interesting to see what happens to this generation.
joe a
1:06 thats not nice
just because I wasn't on the show that means I can't watch what face you make there? honestly I think that's racist
Jewell Rollen
Outstanding Stephen!
Jack Walsh
Sad losers...Trump won! Bill O'Reilly was the #1 show for 15 years and the naysayers just don't understand the majority of Americans value what he represented. He spoke for me and my values. Yes he is gone, but what he represented, the values of good people are not gone and will emerge again. Colbert is a punk, pure and simple.
The ad for the microwave Colbert stole from Bill O'Reilly is still up on eBay lol
Shaquel Ahem
I lika Young Turks they good muslum .Allah u akbar
Andrew Martin
what did he do off camera?
Andrew Martin
you know what? i still respect the shit out of him for what he did on tv.
You and your N.Y. City audience are left wing jerks, Bill is a good man.
Nick Coltrane
He cant be that racist, he wanted to nail that black girl.
he's got more people listening to his podcast already than your audience :) and there is a new conservative network coming which will kill your ratings, because let's face it, you have no talent, you can't even pronounce your own last name.....moron demwit....
boy that's sad ...Bill O'Reilly is super rich...super famous and no chick wants him..says alot
Stephane' COLQUEER !!
Jack Vernon
danny castaneda
I wonder what he did off camera ?
Colbert report was gold. I never watch the CBS show
Reg Chag
why does Colbert and Colbert suck so bad now? I used to be a huge fan
Steve Mack
Bleeding heart sheep following this loser.
Virginia Cubberley
Why did it take so long to hold o'reilly accountable. Shamefull
Steven Castle
O'Reilly is a piece of shit but is "hot chocolate" really racist?
"Fake Comedy Exposed" Those who really listen to this BOZO's show wonder how much the network has to pay the crowd to "FORCE" scream, shout, cheer, and clearly FAKE LOL as hard as they can . . . .. or is it a laughing machine they use ?
Justin Wade Jenna Krin
Love the fact Conservative Pundit Stephen Colbert still has his wrist strong bracelet on hahaha
Bill O'Reilly is a terrible American and a terrible person. Thank goodness this disgraceful example of a man was finally fired. And thank YOU, Stephen! As always, you're a breath of fresh air.
Brandon Smith
Steven your such an ass
Texas island studio clay myers
your next you little bitch
Michael Dahmi
This is cheap shot
Eric coffey
fuck u liberal snowflakes
Thomas B Music
Just searched it up, Stephen actually did steal O'Reilly's microwave and auctioned it off to charity lmfao
nathan yoder
fake news, he didn't harass anyone. people are just going soft
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