A Farewell To Bill O'Reilly From Stephen Colbert And 'Stephen Colbert'

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A brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all has some parting words for a brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all.

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Time to report that girl was arrested for filing a false report.
mc dude
everybody loses when they watch this show
TRUMP 2020!
ed goering
Yea most of this guys fans were derailed in gramar school ; Yea one honest question; 1 When in 3rd grade and that kids making fart like sounds [Being bass in Rap] Did have the guts to say Please be quiet.?
Paul Balcomb
Every McDonalds and BK in Florida helped his ratings a lot lol
Robert Walker
Fuck o'Reilly. Should get rid of all the media whores.
mc j
"Angry garbage"
Aniyah Washington
Excuse compose wood route never whether sin pole send.
HAHAHA let's please keep talking about inclusivity with regard to intersectionality, but still advocate for popular vote
I agree with conservative Stephen Colbert, America doesn't deserve him, after all most Americans want socialism you know like Europe does. This country is seriously going downhill.
Michael Alexander
Sean must be destroyed metaphorically too.
Michael Alexander
How does Sean hannity resign? No sex scandals....WE NEED A SCANDAL
Colbert's lonely brain cell begs for a companion. What a freaking idiot.
well i expected something nice but how can i be surprised this retard has no class... shitting on people regardless of their politcal differences

stephen colbert is popular because they're lot of retards out there, mindless zombies who just swallow whatever the retarded mainstream shoves down their throats

you're a cunt colbert
Carl 22
mr corbet just keep it going, well done sir
Lmao Fox News definitely only kept bill for the ratings and eventually got tired of his bullshit and kicked him out
abc zyx
I've never heard of O'Reily until now.
He just looks like a sad old man to me.
Phoenix Rising
Lol love Stephen
Mark N
That's hilarious. Sounds like a news source controled by the globalist elite. Wake up America!!
Rich Grant
I used to think Stephen Colbert was hilarious on the Report. But his comedy has gone to an absolutely savage level now.
Colbert, for years, did the Full Monty on O'Reilly.
Matt Madness
wtf... fox fired him (finally) because he said hot chocolate to a black woman... they should have done it waay back for being such an asshole in his "interviews".
Jonathan Vian
I understand Bill O'Reilly was gross for his harrasment to his female co-workers, and Fox tolerating shitty behavior because he said things they liked. But how is that man any different from Bill Clinton? And why do both sides overlook it?
Ossie Dunstan
i am still waiting for him to become some ones bitch in federal prison for sexual assualt.
The Nerd Herd
Fired on 4/20
Milo Cassarino
what is he handing off at 6:59... so slick
Dan Dabberson
Grand Moff Tarkin
Bill wasn't that bad.... I mean yeah, I'm a Democrat but I respected him. That's the problem nowadays, anyone who we or on the other disagree with politically just hate each other. I really lost respect for you Colbert... You really have changed.....
Gruubs 03
https://www.google.com/amp/www.avclub.com/amp/107709 this is proof he stole the microwave. I'm dying
Tyler Robbins
Whats that? More black football players went to visit obama than trump? Who would have thought? Its definitely NOT because they care about a black man over a white man right?
Autistic Owl
now we have tucker so welp
Autistic Owl
I never knew this
Are you Colbert or Colbert??
I'm not defending Bill O'Riley in any way here, but I am curious. How is calling a black female you find attractive "hot chocolate" racist?
Donny Ede
interesting to see the right wingers outright defend sexual harassment in the comments
Surprised he didn't call himself "Steven Colbert" with a hard 'T' because of that old interview of him and O'reilly
The cheering and celebrating is grotesque, sick leftists
Nassim Perez
Move elevator incorporate item party region pepper interested
Wonder Women
Luckily my grandmother doesn't know how to use the TV 😊 😏
Mark Williams
O'Reilly is an asshole, but so is Colbert.
Edward Oberon
Colbert is pathetic, not funny anymore
alan mccaleb
These late night shows have turned into two bit political commentaries. None of these host can come close to Johnny Carson. Thank God you can still watch re-runs of Johnny Carson.
Crystal Chambers
Stephen Colbert is the Best!!!!
So I can't have hot chocolate because Stephen Colbert says it it a racist term? Give me a break!
Gabriela Campos
Jerry Sword
you are TRASH!!
Jerry Sword
I actually have a friend that was on this show....he thought you were a dick too!!FUCK YOU!!!
Jerry Sword
you "take no pleasure douche bag?"
Now it'll be a bit harder for Fox to accomplish what Russia wants it to do
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