A Farewell To Bill O'Reilly From Stephen Colbert And 'Stephen Colbert'

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A brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all has some parting words for a brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all.

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Steven Castle
O'Reilly is a piece of shit but is "hot chocolate" really racist?
"Fake Comedy Exposed" Those who really listen to this BOZO's show wonder how much the network has to pay the crowd to "FORCE" scream, shout, cheer, and clearly FAKE LOL as hard as they can . . . .. or is it a laughing machine they use ?
Justin Wade Jenna Krin
Love the fact Conservative Pundit Stephen Colbert still has his wrist strong bracelet on hahaha
Bill O'Reilly is a terrible American and a terrible person. Thank goodness this disgraceful example of a man was finally fired. And thank YOU, Stephen! As always, you're a breath of fresh air.
Brandon Smith
Steven your such an ass
Theresa Myers
your next you little bitch
Michael Dahmi
This is cheap shot
Eric coffey
fuck u liberal snowflakes
Thomas B Music
Just searched it up, Stephen actually did steal O'Reilly's microwave and auctioned it off to charity lmfao
nathan yoder
fake news, he didn't harass anyone. people are just going soft
Ghavang Haorei
Not funny! At all.
Alex Williamson
Dumb and Dumber. Just drink the bleach.
James Curtis
Good riddance, its about time!
World Wide
does this guy really have an audience and why he has no talent
Honestly for at least one hour I would like it if people were not harassing each other in the comments section. It seems like the whole world is at each other's throats. I would be so relieved if we could all get along for an hour. I do know I posted a comment a while back insulting Democrats but now I'm just tired of pointless fighting. I do apologize for what I posted before.
All full of shit now prancing around like liberals do.When O'Reilly was on Colbert's show here he made Colbert shit his pants and show respect.
irony of the fact that Colbert got fired shortly after. lol
this day was a long time coming for the colbert nation
henry conley
Stephen Colbert pure dog shit
This guy is a Scumbag.
Ivan Tapia
Funny shit!
0'Reily had the number one show on cable for 15 years? WTF?
Charlie G
Why must liberals politicize everything? They must feel if it's everywhere, including movies, comedy, and sports, they finally convince the people below them to stop "voting against their self interest".
George Texstel
Oh god, there's still 20 more just like bill farting their way thru the radio and tv waves.
greg j
I wouldn't rant too much Stephen as you may soon be joining him. I don't know of a single person who watches your nightly "lets bash the man the people elected" news hour. A little is fine but all the fucking time?
Rea Ality
Bill O'Reilly showed more integrity than any of his critics. If more members of the media and government employees, (especially lawmakers), were like Bill this would be a better country for all of us.
5:48 Photo Comparison between Patriots' attendance at presidential celebrations
Blue Brick Wall
OK, ...nice hit piece on O'Reilly. If the sexual harassment allegations are true, then he deserves it. NOW, ...when are you going to do a hit piece on the Clintons and their RAPE and ATTACK the victims?
YOU WON'T because Wikileaks provided documents that prove YOU'RE owned by Hillary Clinton.
Keith Kron
i love stephen , very refreshing and very true
flak jac
Chris Basil
liberal trash Stephen colbert
John Sullivan
Bill gets the last laugh leaving with a 25 MILLION DOLLAR
buyout to now enjoy his retirement a couple of years early.
Now he can play golf at ultra private clubs with his good buddy
President Donald J. Trump and laugh at all the out of office
Russel Mack
Frances Van Siclen
God bless President Trump !
Frances Van Siclen
I would prefer a farewell to Colbert - BOYCOTT COLBERT - I want him off the air !
Nolan Little
fuck you.....cock sucking ass 🤡... your shit isn't even funny....that's why your on late night dumbfuck.
Stephen Asshole Colbert: What goes around , comes around! You are a scum of the earth, and will soon be fired from CBS for your asinine, unfunny, and dim-witted Trump jokes!
chris B
Gates told Colbert that the parents of his sixth great-grandfather, Hans Peter Ledermann (1711-1774), came across the Atlantic from the Alsace region.

The Ledermanns were Germanic in culture and language and Lutheran in religion -- not exactly in tune with the Irish Catholic heritage that Colbert frequently references in "The Colbert Report.''
jon schwindt
Bill has being poisoning the minds of the week for too long. Bye Billy.
HillDoggy Dogg
I hate Bill O'Reilly, I hate Colbert, I hate FOX, I hate CBS, in fact, I hate the entire lying Neo-Bolshevik (((media))). Going to watch some foreign news and alternative media now, later faggots.
Joe Ceonnia
Colbert is a lackey for the neoliberals, just like the rest of the bought, owned & scripted media. When our we going to wake up and Demand a Third Party, the Dems & Repubs are both full of corrupt Sh*!
Real Fighters
Bill Orielly was not getting any from his wife. So his instincts were turned to females at the work- place. If a man is perfectly happy with his marriage then there is simply no reason to bother females at work.
the end of an error, the end of an error!
Douglas French
leftist scumbags comment below.
$25 says Bill O'Reilly didn't take that $25 million and invest it in gold and silver from Rosland Capital. HI! I'm William Devane.....
B Kaley
Again, the ah ha ha ha musician needs to put a cork in it.
William John
Colbert is a jerkoff.
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