This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years

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Earth is billions of years old already. If we consider it possible that humanity or our descendants will survive for another billion years, then what could we reasonably expect to happen during that time frame? Watch to find out!

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Cam R
We're here for a short time yet so many of us are fighting. Love and enjoy life people stop with the pettiness
in a billion years Beyonce will still bee in formation
Yaser Malik
in that much time all the two legged meany monsters called humans will have killed each other and only all the other animals will b here so i m not worried at all
Mr.Mister Blender
Please make this go faster. I the 1 billion years to hit within 100 years.
Alex Jumper
this video gave me anxiety
The humans will never be defeated.
Jure Gazvoda
This is too much for me. It blows my mind when i think of how new humans are to earth, and how long ago dinosaurs lived. I cant imagine what kind of species there will be later on after humans. Srs man. What if we even live in a computer simulation. what if there are "aliens" on other planets who already know about is, and they think WE are the ones who are aliens?
Möhveli Pärisee
#FreeTyler1 hehe xd
#FreeIce Cx

All Races are very different by Genes, IQ, Behaviour, Tendence to violence, Societal Structure, Culture, Peace and Living, humans have different races with different abilities, some better in some subjects and some better in other subjects than some other race or races, we're all human, but each race is different than the other ones, racism is a problem but we can change it only by how we Treat others and Help others :)

talmud tells jews to lie about judaism to non-jewish "goyim", quran tells muslims to lie to non-muslim "infidels"


Orcsbane Killa
we are so stupid as human beings, how it could be? :D
Keira Thomson
Seems legit 🙄
Rumble Lane
Whatever you read in the Bible and the Quran was true. You'll all be dead. I also believe that in 95 million years a primordial demon will start civilization of a whole new species.
imma cry
Danny Wean
More Bullshit what will be Concepts what a waste of Bandwidth
noa brockett
well i hope my great x1000000 grand child will
be safe
I'm the only one who finds this depressing?
Jake Rossi
this made me question everything
The only part I don't think is true is the skin and language, I just don't see this kind of change happening.
Staltwitch Junction
After a billion memes, this comment will be a meme.
Spy Retto
What a crock of shit
Shirley Woodfield
That's if that nutter in North Korea hasn't blown us up by then
Richman 4066
I'm surprised he he never mentioned encountering alien life forms
Alec Munro
Uh good luck future people
Diogenes Berges
waow, i want to witness all of this, it all seems soo beautiful, space, change, evolution, time, extinction. This is just amazing.
Daniel Nurminen
If humans survive 1 million years our techology will me amazing. So we probably could prevent most of catastrofes
Splatoon is the worst game of all time.
Even after 1 billion years, Half Life 3 still won't come out.
general fantom
What a great future :D
Panda playz//Captain TeeMo
There will be no Life on Earth next 2k years
Neko Saiyajin
Are we really to believe humanity will live that longer?
Ina MissesVlog
this is the most interesting vid ever 😶
It's a hell of a time to be alive. Future humans may look down on our way of life but I wouldnt trade it for any of their fancy gadgets because frankly too much technology is gonna be fucking depressing.
Kevin Jacquet
In regards to 0:50 . I dont understand that part . Are you saying we will have technology to change our skin colour?? what about culture? preservation of all groups??? wouldnt this simply just kill off the already small nations?(Japan - Korea - Austria - Finland - Norway - Ireland - Madagascar - Haiti - ,etc.)
Italian Stallion
And we complain about our generation
Evil Evan
Should replace almost every "will" in this video with "could" or "might".
James Kid
I'm beginning to question my existence...
Trinaty Luanglath
so scary I dont want to watch this
MGawd Games
2:20 I been there while on a road trip, it is so cool :)
Gregory Jones
sounds like a lot of what ifs to me
Jeeper Da FUCKEN Creeper
these people try 2 act like there gods really we dont know shit about outer space the ocean or time so how can u predict something 10 years in the future who knows maybe a volcano can kill us all dont play GOD bro
Jeeper Da FUCKEN Creeper
2:47 betelgeuse exploded we wound not be able to notice a different light doest travel that fast dumbass
In 1 billion years The Elder Scrolls 6 will come out.
Kaden Whitaker
A Fluffy Bambi
something you didn't take into consideration was the theory of the magnetic field around the earth completely being destroyed which means there will be no protection from the suns uv rays and solor winds. which could lead to the earth looking like mars
Narrator sounds like a robot.
ariola granola
this makes me sad af that i won't be able to witness this. most of this is horrible but i wish i could see the changes to our earth after death
Allan L
so space is human beings' future
Aaron Brock
It wouldn't matter, because everyone on this planet right now wouldn't live in the next billion years
Anepicflyingbrick _
yeaaaaaaaaaaaa sureeeeeeeeeeeeee
George drrxryikdoy
this videop is full of bullshit if the dino's were wiped out by an asteroid how are there so many fossils of them also the tech no days is getting more advanced even quicker then before
Youtuber BayleeXiong
But we really, we dont know what will happen for now lets just do are best to find the best we can and evolve and get better so we can do something about it when it happends
rosebud247 original
It won't happen because the earth will be destroyed before thousands of years later. I think the earth will be destroyed at 2050? or 2060, 2070, 2080, or 2090
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