Dewi Atma
0:47 Pewds is one of those clickers
Smfnd Sjcbsbs
İ eat pewdiepie, pewdiepie socks
I'm Just Onyx
Nobody gonna say anything about the MCR in there?
Schizophrenic Enthusiast
What was that first clip anyway ?
Shame of you
Holy mackerel this is so dumb and dumb
Валерий Жмышенко
Epic intro. This song...omg
Kaneki Kayn
This is the best part 4:31
Idk ManMan
MCR anyone?
mohamed mustafa
This proves that Pewdiepie is a legend lol
An Arrow In The Knee
Kids be complaining they want the old pewds

I be complaining that I want those crazy things in public back
Николай Гуличев
топ задрот во все времена
Dei LikesStuff
Hey you wanna know something that girl sitting next to pewdiepie is actually my bff if you don't believe me I can even send you a picture 😏💙💚
Hunter Williamson
Come to America there's all the black people u can rape
9:39 This looks like conversation :D
shaun shimili
Poods! Ur killing me with immeasurable awesomeness!!!
phoenixdowner crazy
This one is for TIMMY
Effe Ti
Accurate title.The quality of montages has dropped 😢
I miss the old 3966 pedepa
Stephanie R.
this mans is crazy
his videos have changed so much
STEVEgohan24 [] Vendetta
I can watch 11:39 agaian and again without stoppping myself from laughing XD XD XD XD XD
Houssam Kh
marzia dont what idont get it at the shaving part
13:45 headshot !
CaliGurl 237
at 11:58 his reaction killed me XD
Melissa Ballesteros
i laughed so hard when he realized that the cam caught him hiding under his desk xD it was adorable and fucking hilarious at the same time
Naw San
which video is 2:44? I wanna watch it
D.Arifah LeFei
11:42-12:00 fucking dead💀💀😂😂😂
Anonymous Guy
2:35 what video is that??
Chloe Carroll
can we talk about how great his eyes look in may
Chloe Carroll
The Zoro
Crossbow that makes the sound of a shotgub
bowser jojoman
minasha please 😂
Ferdinand Miguel Breccia
minasha please..
You think this is some kinda game? snort
ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ ᴡᴏʟғ
This video has touched my heart
Tom Robinson
best part is when he's playing the song and everyone is like " what the shit is that ?"
Eva Chihorek
remember when pewds played games?
Avery Bryant
no fucks given
หน้ากาก อาหมวย
Just sad memories.. that time when PewDiePie actually had ideas.. 😂😂
Benton Miller
Turn on subtitles
really funny
I bet the guy making the subtitles was on drugs
Haya Al-Nasr
At 14:56 they were so cute together
Bajs I brallan
I Love u pewds
Heather Murphy
magsshoulddie iero
you know pewdiepie is an amazing YouTuber when he uses my chemical romance music to display feelings XD
Butt Hole
1Spotted Wolf
Pewds u know when u hear a strange noise in a scary game

Screams will come
Buenus dias cucumber May
I miss this pewdiepie not the old 2012 cringey fetus pewdiepie... But this slightly less cringey, awesome beard, dank pewdiepie
Jayj Jones
sub and comment on any of my vidoes and ill sub back
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