rEaR vIeW
When Zayn said "how's your guinea pig, girl" it was sexy as hell I ain't gonna lie
ycast_17 :p
I'm my mind Harry is like "bitch I'm fabulous"
Chatter Boxxx
Harry Styles was dancing like LIZZA KOSHY as JEFF. And I was impressed with Niall.
Sydney Lane
One direction can't da...... oh wait
Aminu Yakubu
I love the way Morgan dances :)
Brieanna Ward
Zayns reaction though!!!!!
Mishael S Khan
Harry kept a straight face 😐 the entire time . So much focus.
Harry's dancing is literally me everyday of my life
Harry is literally me dancing
waffle Hunter
Niall looked soo cute😘😍❤
Kaila Marie
Anyone watching this in 2017?! I miss them so much 😭💗
Ava Lewis
harry was literally on the verge of laughing in the beginning
Lilit Arsenian
Lilly garcia
lol is that one direction hahahaha morgan is too funny die bitch cheerleader other girl
Cookies Andmilk
2017... tears roll down cheek
Windy Yoza
harold so crazy 😂😂i'm screaming
Amy Adams is gorgeous 😍
Soyluna y one direction
nialls Dancé😂💖
Yash Tate
Louis and zayn = bad boys
Claire Carlton
I dance like Harry. It's one of the many reasons I'm single.
Grace Otte
I like Harry styles' dancing the best
Kreesa Niall
thus middle girl is really fuckin annoying
Sofia Cano
if niall touched me like that i would orgasm 10 times
Sofia Cano
zayn is me in every social situation
i can clearly see that zayn was not enjoying the show at all
Angie P.
I just noticed Louis has different hair in the thumbnail than in the actual video😂
CastleIsLife Katic
harry and his dancing oml i love him so much
CastleIsLife Katic
louis's walk on omg kill me now XD
kill me pls
zayn is so uncomfortable just look at him ...if he had those glasses down u could ' ve feel his cringe
makena mason
Oml im cringing so much
Crystal• Clear
"How's your guinea pig...

Harriet Hudson
Wtf did i just watch
Lisa M
Wish we could turn back time...
Celina Kay
Harry's entrance made my night. Loving the vogue movements.
Lour Yhang Horan
My boys are so cute in this video! This is the reason why I love them! <3 .. X
Suranda Anyinefa
me: that looks like Harry styles

10 seconds later

me: omg it's 1D
Ashley Field
Zayn looks like a badass mob boss, I love it. <3 I'm so happy he gets to crate and sing the music he wants. He's so much happier.
Original Miranda
i didn't know the band was in this so when they walked on i kinda just went "hey! those guys look a lot like this boy band boys, that's pretty crazy! Those are some good actors, i mean man, they look exactly like...wait a second..."
Azul Loreto
I am Morgan
Chloe Wiley
Fangless Vampire
Oh boy..... They "really" don't know how to dance!
Avari XXD
go niall 😂
destiny xo
Shayna Terrell
keira lane
I love hearing them say my name lololol especially harry
Cara Houle
hahahaha what! I'm just watching this for the first time ever & i've been a fan for awhile but how come I never saw this?! my names Cara so I basically freaked out hearing them say my name!! 😂😂
Courtney Phillips
How did Harry keep a straight face😂😂😂
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