Girlfriends Talk Show (ft. Amy Adams Golden Globe® 2015 Winner) and One Direction

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Morgan (Aidy Bryant) tries to keep her cool as she and Kyra (Cecily Strong) chat with the dance squad's captain (Amy Adams) and its guy dancers. Guest appearance by One Direction.

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Azul Loreto
I am Morgan
Chloe Wiley
Fangless Vampire
Oh boy..... They "really" don't know how to dance!
Avari XXD
go niall 😂
destiny xo
Shayna Terrell
keira lane
I love hearing them say my name lololol especially harry
Cara Houle
hahahaha what! I'm just watching this for the first time ever & i've been a fan for awhile but how come I never saw this?! my names Cara so I basically freaked out hearing them say my name!! 😂😂
Courtney Phillips
How did Harry keep a straight face😂😂😂
Lexi Kaiser
Everytime I see this video, I always think back to Sarah Baskas vine where she calls Harry a white dad because of his dance moves😂😂
Labyirnth II
I completely forgot about this...
Daniela Montiel
they are her ex-boyfriends because they are my actual boyfriends
Valerie Freeman
Oh yeah...they were once a team...for like 5 minutes lol
Ceren Aytekin
Remember when 1D was a thing
Emily Gomez
I just needed to see all the boys together again..❤️
chloe j
how's your Ginny pig.....girl😂😂😂
chloe j
why am I just seeing this?
Lorena Bautista
morgan is me if i ever meet one direction!! 😂😂😂
Kurly Q
look at Harry's face, tryin not to laugh😂😂
Harrys Anus
ok but like how did Harry manage to keep a straight face?
Deppie Grnpn
Damn Louis is hot.
Alexandria Jeanne
I watched this and the whole way through I was like, "why the hell is this in my recommended??" And then the "guy dancers" walked on and I'm like, "oh that's why...😂" and then I was like, "how'd they talk them into dancing?!"
Hillwa Wasya
omg I miss them so mucchhh
Actually Jayiall is real coz they took chonces
😂😂😂😂😂 Harry ew wat he was doing 😁😁😁😁😁,
harrystyles is the bestest
Zany looks bored and embarrassed
Brianna Galindo
Whatthe why haven't I seen this I'm
Audrey Smith
okay but harry didn't change character in the slightest, this was really just his personality 😂
Mirandia Kuney
patricia santillan
that's really good when 1D dances on SNL
Fer Rodríguez
I'm so sorry for you Z.
Kanita Payne and Liam Payne 4 ever
Rebecca Rich
You know this video is on the older side when Zayn is in it.
Christy Tran
zayn is totally not into it. what a buzz kill!
Brenda Gonzalez
Ya es laura sad?😭😭😭😭😭
Kiara Rodriguez Lucena
They're all so cute omg
Jjhjjng Jkjhhh
I love Harry's dancing at the end
ncnchalant x
Louis: long time no see, girl.
Zayn: how's your guinea pig
Meltem Bellurkan
zayns like ''why am ı here wtf v fnvbfn
Liam Paynefan4life
OMG Liam had a gold chain on in thisand then now now he posts selfies and gets his picture taken wearing one
Melissa Mui
is anyone watching this in 2017
Lauren Black
Anyone else here waiting for Harry?
Maizedup By Maisa
Karla T.T
Daffini Parker
zayn 's sup is overshadowed by louis 😂
Rebecca Jones
same morgan same
You & I
I can define OneD's dance in one word- DISASTER 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeanny Mae Lucero
Omg! Harry is Mee😂😂😂😂and Niall too😂😂😂
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