10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids Cartoons

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Ready to have your childhood destroyed? 

Alltime 10s brings you 10 utterly disturbing and mind-blowing alternate readings of your favorite cartoons.

What did you think of 10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids' Cartoons? Let us know in the comments.

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Jack McFord
Where's Ash's Coma ?
Frankieclasher _12
Poo has an addiction problem
Felixland Order Mapper
The smurfs is My favorite TV show!!!!
I was done when it said something about Tom and jerry
Nicole Salazar
Look up timmer turner remix ...its fucked up
Joab Duran
act like real rich non Peaceful non spiritual shallow and vain rich folks aren't bout drugs and vanity Bev Hills folks and the likes like this is far fetched if Ur average Joe is corrupt now throw a lotta/ lots of Dow/dough
bob ster
not conspiracies, but hidden messages / propaganda. I'm not surprised since these has been going on since the dawn when higher power use to control the people. Such as religion to control the mind of their followers (as religion has been used as a topic and cause of so much wars.)
Pierced Blaze
Tom isn't good nor Jerry... It just depends on how people see them... But it is hinted that Tom is actually the good one considering Jerry is the one causing the trouble mostly
screw you
Jay And Ally Siblings
My childhood is ruined
Jay And Ally Siblings
you fucking co**sucking motherfu**er! where's the monster inc???
Franklin Sanchez
are you guys lying
The detail teller :p
Spencer Roe
stopped watching when it said most of us was unaware of the flat earth till a celebrity said it on twitter...almost wanted to stop watching when the video says chemtrails dont exist when infact the government already came out and said they spray aluminum in the atmosphere..
James Larsen
Too bad the Ed, Edd, and Eddy one doesn't work.
Wence Matthew Maynes
alltime10s suck don't believe in this guy he's a faker. all of this are fake #StopAlltime10s
Oh god, I'm on THAT side of the internet again Dx please help me
TheFrozenBahamas - Hurricane Wisdom
I'm actually laughing about how dark the internet seems to be.
I'm sure some of these shows are perfectly innocent.
Fernando Olivo
my childhood is ruined.
shadow the hedgehogs biggest fan girl
you guys ruind my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daquan Eldridge
Ayee y'all, the Rugrats one is false because they made the second show All Grown Up when they turned teenagers so they were not dead that's not true
Marlene Moreno
i wishvi had sex
Victor Trabanino
fuck you clickbait bitches.
marissa Gamer341
Timmy Turner by designer
Joe Richie
sooo.... if sandy's suit was a hazmat and krabby patty was radioactive, why would in some scenes seen sandy eats it and like it ?
Josiah Shakesnider
dude it's a cartoon
Fed up American
Tom and Jerry? NOOOOOOOO! This is nuts.
Also, Papa Smurf, one of the special members of the Smurfs, has a red pointy hat and clothes, similar to how some special members of the KKK sometimes wear red to differentiate themselves from ordinary Klansmen.
danny H
The Epic Maxgod
Unless voodoo is a cult, or something, why is it bad that care bears are based off of that religion?
Jason Luna
it is not you
Kyz Smoke
rugrat one sound stupid to believe.
thanks for ruining smurfs for me.
George Reginald
I'd criticize The Fairly Oddparents for not showing good morals and happy lifestyle, even Timmy's shenanigans are quite disturbing due to his animosity and contempt to his friends and family. There are no protagonist of the story, as Timmy is supposedly an antagonist, that was reflected from his raging fears of influence.
It is not sex it is fx
aisha Ismail
The rugrats are all dead? how about all grown up?
aisha Ismail
after watching this im not gonna sleep tonight
aisha Ismail
Thumbnail is a click bait. it had me thinking they were gonna talk about some dark monster inc
Jennifer Gornowicz
This ruins my child past movies 😿 a specially Winnie The Pooh YEAH I said ruined!! you MOVIE Poopers
Jennifer Gornowicz
I feel like it's wrong to be German now... 😐😐😐😐😐
Heather Sommerer
give rabbt a figet spener
"The Flintstones are part of a post-apocalyptic future."

One word to counter that:

Lamassu Murad
This video ruined my childhood
Psyched K
Every time he says the new topic I completely piss myself laughing 😂😂 "tom and jerry is nazi propaganda" "Winnie the pooh has psychological disorders" 😂
Jeikoo [GD]
Fathers smurf is the only one that wears red.

KKK Leaders are the only ones that wear red.

You do the math
couple of clickbait fag boys
Eva Luna
Reply if ur not a pussy
Nick Picklesimer
Yep that was a world war 2 time
joojoo,s Time.
maybe eddy wasn't meant to be a capitalist in 30,s era.
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