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Andres Henry
0:23 he was a piece of shit his son played with shit
Sultan Ludd
i think the skeleton in the background has boobs
SuperBoy SuperRad
Heather exposed herself to the whole entire YouTube. She didn't want to take him to Disney and made fun of codys autism. And when she called him a demon. Now they want to cover the whole entire thing up and said it's fake, acting, and scripting. But really, not taking Cody to Disney, and pushing him into a bookshelf, that's fake? They think we're stupid but we're not. We're human beings but they are child abusers that make a benefit off of Cody.
the whole t-shirt thing reminded me of something that used to happen with me and my cousin where most of the time i would start arguments that were completely useless it also happened because he always annoyed me without doing anything which god me thinking that maybe mike "pranks" cody because he dislikes him probably alot more than the other 4 and is constantly annoyed its obvious sometimes with his tone with cody during the "pranks"
Natalia Bruce
these parents are terrible i wish they were with there other mom
momo sakura
That poor kid. I feel so awful for him. No child deserves to be treated like this. I hope that the mum gets her kids back soon.
lover fox
Shut the fuck up just because you don't have a live don't give you the right to make funny of other people's lives so if u have a problem with daddyofive then deal with it you are just ass holes. Leave them alone and if you don't then let's square up
Sergio Arreola
Thou is he in jail ????
mychemicalromance intherabbithole
Honestly the dad seems a little special needs to me. I'm not even saying that to insult him it's just the way he speaks and his behavior. The kid sounds more educated and speaks more clearly than him.
Master Of puppets
Dark Pink Falcon
As someone who grew up with a father who was very abusive; verbally, psychologically and sometimes physically - almost everything I saw during the videos of Cody's abuse were so similar to what I experienced it made me genuinely go into panic.

But one thing reeeeally stuck out.
The phrase "the world doesn't revolve around you". My father ALWAYS said that to me. It's such a disgustingly hypocritical thing that my dad said to me, and that Cody's dad has said to him.

Cody is so, so intelligent. I wouldn't NEVER known Cody is special-needs. His intelligence and maturity in his patience and tolerance is such a wonderfully admirable thing. He is a beautiful child in a hellish world and that's fucking horrible and I want to do something so fucking badly.
Zener Rocks MC
I experienced similar to what Cody has, I have ADHD and Asperges, my mother and father separated before my birth...
L Piskura
Maryland: You can be as abusive as you want, as long as you don't use a weapon or molest your kids.
Gregor Barrett
I feel sorry for Cody
My mother used to yell at me whenever she gets emotionally unstable., threw me into the closet, call me fat, and then the things I was going through in middle school added to the problems. I had self harm issues and seriously low self esteem from the years of, I don't want to say abuse but what I went through. My dad however was physically and emotionally abusive to my mom. They officially divorced when I was at a very young age but I still remember watching my father smack my mother. He passed away a few years ago and my mother has been much better now that he is gone.

Because of what I grew up around, I've sworn to myself to never yell at anyone. I hope other people can also lean that yelling doesn't give you what you want. Yelling doesn't make you bigger or better, just makes you more of an asshole.
James Todd
I grow up with a father simular to him if not worse at times. this video brought back some harsh memories. I understand what it is like to have a fucked up judge like that. I hope some how some way this father gets what he deserves and that kid goes back to his mother
Destiny Sykes
I jus wanna steal Cody and love him :((((
Fuck these people man someone seriously needs to do something about this its not right in the slightest.
Corey Corey
Andrea Monserrat
I wish that if couple want to have or adopt kids they have to take a psychological test to see if they are capable of take care of a child
want the ability to thumbs up five hundred times
Real Bigdickcarl
The_real_burt_reynolds Official
This is abusive because mike is telling Cody to put the shirt on but Cody doesn't won't to put it on so he tells him to do 10 push-ups and Cody didn't do nothing he doesn't deserve any of this poor Cody getting pushed bossed Auround
Shannon King
that "father" is a dick.
Victor Linary
The step mother is the crazy one not Cody
Jennifer Papillo
How the hell is that ok?!
That's going to traumatize them! That's no ok!
I Never Said I Didn't Have a Dance Partner
These kids won't HAVE to murder their parents because I'm gonna fuckin do it for them
Cody martin... hehehe
Theacctheking 1234567
You guys know that there fake so go somewhere
Frosty The BOSS
I wish this family wasnt like this cus in the videos where there was no abuse they were good videos no problem but nooooo they fucked up
Tyler Adams
fuk u he is not
Their channel needs to get deleted. And I thought Cody and Emma looked different to the rest. I was a little suspicous but I said fuck it and subbed and enjoyed their videos. But Now I see what psychopaths the parents were.
the swagster CT
These kids are gonna kill people on the path there being thrown onto this is the kinda thing that makes kids broken no sanity no emotion no care from what I know but hey thats just me...
Tiago Isidro
Is It my impression or the kid has a black eye??
Strawberry Snow Leopard WATCH THIS!!!
Clorox Bleach
guys the're acting
Anthony Pham
THAT is NOT corporal punishment. THAT is straight up ABUSE.

Corporal punishment is getting whipped in the ass for failing a class. (When warned not to)

This asshole is straight up traumatizing his children for money.
Charlie Mashburn
is he... is he even giving Cody medication? (that Cody was probably given a prescription for) I'm a high functioning autistic person and I need meds to function.
Badass Gorilla Gaming Nation
MrRepzion is there anyway i can talk to this motherfucking abusive asshole on social media cos i have alot of things to say to satan's bitch which is him
Hannah Lenhoff
What disability does Cody have?
The fact that the parents don't even WANT THERE CHILD is very horrible and sad the miss Cody but they don't even want him and the physically and mentally abuse him, and the same with Emma. I feel really sad for the kids. If I had the choice I'd rather take care of them instead of their adopted parents. It's the most disappointing and sad thing that has ever happened to these poor kids.
Green Angel
7:50 Well he technically does act like a normal kid since a "normal child" would act the same way as Cody is if he/she lived with the same family Cody does. Cody would be a "normal kid" if his parents would accept him as a "normal child" and teach him how to act like a "normal child" that non abusive parents would call any kid. It's their fault he acts like his parents. That family could turn any kid into "something else" if they were to take care of that child no matter how good the child is, that family could turn anyone into "something else" as Cody is described by his step mother whom should be taking care of him and teaching him good things not abuse and talking bad things about your children even though it's the parent's fault they act like this. I'm glad their biological mother have them back.
he kinda looks cute while changing his shirt...
cody is the scapegoat
PenelopeCrom :D
god its so hard 2 watch there such horrible parents
New sub! ❤️ you got me at your "thank you Brie".
Ben Masta
Theres just no way your kid could possibly have problems due to crappy parenting. No siree, its all decided by god when they are born, its not a parents responsibility!

The kid is just messed up and a burden! Why do you think god made forests so dark and full of predators? DUH!
Liam Streeter
i like how he's very aggressive in this video while he has a kirby plush sitting on his bed
Megan Hummel
You suck big balls
Britney C
Illuminot Me
Dadyoh5:"du wurld don't do like that" "five hundred scencencis "
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