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Smitty Werben Jaeger man Jensen
That cop's grammar though.

Also Maryland calls THAT corporal punishment? What we just watched? I live in Texas, the spankingest state South of Mason and Dixon's line and I'm pretty sure CPS would have their asses for breakfast.
If a child smears poop on the wall that is a sign of the child reaching out for help
meme lord
what would you do if your kid threw shit all over the place give him a medal, a kid need dicapline and I would label this "child abuse" yes it may be kinda hard to be yelled at I get yelled at all the time but that's most parents they just don't record it
KJDoesStuffz :-P
Cody gets yelled at for trying to do his work? He gets hit in the arm, and you can see his expression, that hurt him. The dad tells him to take the TV out of his room, okay I get that. But his toys? What the hell is the poor kid supposed to do?
Aviation Lover
Same kind of abuse laws in Michigan
Dishline and the line team
dayoung fagot suarez suarez
dude ur talking too much shot about daddy o five calm down leave him alone already its over
Tiffany L
God, that was so hard to watch. Those poor babies.
preston brown
that step mom is an a$$hole but then again so is the dad
Lisa Trudell
Yes, this is a trigger for me too.
banana master
fuck you and fuck the biological mom they are all a bunch of fat cunts like you are you dont fucking know shit about this guy you fucking peice of clickbait garbage nigger
Autumn Kite
Omg...he is a bully ,fuck him ,he is breaking that kid
Malik Anbar
Lol reminds me of my childhood but with less ass whoopings
Adela Ludeke
The dad looks like a Juggalo.
Bruce Jarrett
this father better hope there aren't any people around him that have a warped sense of justice
because I know I would beat this man to a pulp while making it perfectly clear that this is happening because of his actions
fawad mirza
You know all videos are now removed
Ghetto White Trash
its just a fucking shirt, what the hell?! I cant figure out, no matter how hard i try, to why he is so bosessed about his son wearing a shirt?!?!?!??!
Collette Barnett
She reminds me of my step mother but physically abusive
It's Ashlyn
Heather: He's gonna make everyone miserable
Me: You're the one who's mentally and physically abusing him and that's probably the reason he's gonna kill himself one day
Michael: I wish he would just behave like a normal child
Heather: Lord knows what he has
Me: He has ODD...He probably can't be normal when he has awful parents...

I'm sorry just had to get that off my mind
i bet Jake has a mental problem with his brain. there are videos of him committing child abuse to Cody, like slamming him on the ground, getting his stuff and destroying it recklessly. in the videos he even commits sexual abuse. he smacks Cody and Emma in their asses with a belt. i don't know how abusers like Do5 and Mo5 can do this to a child. and i don't know how this, autistic, shitfaced, butthurt, waste of space called Jake could also do this to a child.
In class recently we were talking about child abuse, and my teacher used the example of that his child was out of control, and he had to release a can of whoop ass putting it harshly, i guess. But if you give them an inch they will see how far they can go with the law. That's why i believe that it should be illegal to hit a child...
Chase Reynolds
You people actually think that DaddyOFive actually abuses these children? This is absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how harm and hurt you have given these 5 children and their parents? DaddyoFive created his YouTube channel for his 5 children, not for him. DaddyoFive is a great person and you people are ruining, hurting, and destroying these people's lives. You people need to stop. And to DaddyoFive, ignore the hate and keep going. I hope this helps you haters realize what you have done and you stop. I sincerely wish the best to DaddyoFive, Mommyofive, Ryan, Jake, Alex, and especially Cody and Emma.
suzanne jones
I hope that asshole never gets his kids back again maybe just a visit but supervised!!!!!
suzanne jones
Fuck that bitch and what she's saying she didn't want that kid to go at all you could totally tell that fat bitch needs to stay home maybe she needs to stay away from McDonald's I feel sorry for Cody!!!!!😔😔
Remi H.
I feel so bad for those kids... Especially Cody since he's apparently having the worst of it. I hope he and his siblings will be taken away from these inbred sewer rats, and that they get a proper chance to grow up into balanced, mentally stable adults. Let's hope it's not too late...

I don't plan to have any kids of my own but I might become a step-mom in the not so distant future, and this prank channel just sickens me. The woman on this video is not a step-mom. A mother doesn't treat her children like that. She's just a disgusting, abusive cunt who happens to be their father's partner. Not that he's much of a father either. It takes more than that to be a step-parent.

These "parents" are disgusting people, and the people who watch their shit and find enjoyment from it are almost as bad. No chance in hell this is fake. In my country those kids would already have been taken into custody.
Andrew Rome
I also HATE the father, however as much as I hate him, I also feel sorry for the fact that the father probably grew up the same way as this behavior is copied from parents. However my true sorrow and prayers are for Cody and Emma. This is the world we live in now and DaddyO5 isn't the only one. There is WORSE. It's stupid to focus on just one man, this should be treated on a global level, and parents who do this should be imprisoned for life, so that their "child" doesn't live in fear of them forever. But yes, FUCK THAT PIECE OF SHIT CUNT ASS MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT WHO CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF AND WHO NEEDS TO BE IMPRISONED FOR HIS WHOLE FUCKING LIFE, SOMEONE THEN BETTER PISS ON HIS GRAVE!!!
David Widdup
poor kids
David Widdup
does any one know if they go to court
DeadBash Gaming
Cant even say Maryland right dumbass, Its not MarryLand.
Chemist Web
I am the exact product of why these parents are so vile. I have been yelled at all throughout my childhood for my autism, and whenever someone yells today, regardless of whether it targets me or not, I an engulfed in a violent rage, which is completely out of my mental control. I'd hate to see this kid follow that same path.
Samantha V.
9:36 Cody saying dad makes my heart shatter so bad smh that's so fucked
Bella Ahn
wait. that's abuse..? mum's abusive...I was right, why the hell hasn't Children's aid helped yet...
John Doe
Playing with your feces is a huge red flag warning of abuse and mental anguish. This child needs therapy.
Feed TheBeast
Cody don't have any mental problems..His reactiosn towards his father are even not raugh enough. He is acting brave thou.Telling that piece of shit to BACK OFF but that jerk still going. I would LOVE to step on his head until it becomes dust.If he have a diasbility by now it is because this shithead!
20 17
Hope that pos father get prison time
This breaks my heart 💔😭😭
The stepmom has a channel called ".mommyofive"
Nathan Johansen
Mary land
Kyleigh Brannon
Hey Daniel I wanted to talk to you. You see I have a manipulate, narcissistic mother and while I don't live with her she has a bad affect of me. She guilts me and plays mind games. When I say I don't want to move back into her custody she calls me a bad daughter and says I'm doing her wrong. I've always felt that I needed to take care of her. Also my mom has planted ideas to me like that I should always support her and I should be her ride or die. I'm not doing well at explaining this situation but I am a child with both anxiety and a history of depression and suicidal ideation. I just want any advice that you can give, as a person who endured emotional abuse as a child (not that I'm saying my mother is abusive) to help me deal with this. Please do help I really need it. I've been having frequent panic attacks because of this situation and I just need some help.
Lizi Stardust
Contraceptives need to be more easily available
Diego Garcia
Wait in the QA one answer was they are not adopted
Pandora & Friends
If I could I would foster the shit out of cody.
Pandora & Friends
If this video doesn't make you cry then there is something wrong with you.
Pandora & Friends
I dissapeared from the internet for 5 months...certainly got some catching up to do, let the binge watching commence.
I'm only half way through this video and I'm already scared.
Isaac Hill
When I was little I could were wat ever I wat
I want to punch those "parents" soo bad. I'm a mother to be and I would never do that to my kids. Swearing to your child is disgusting. I'm so angry right now 😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤
Rianne Lynn
How the fuck can his parents not realize and take into account Cody's clear issues due to this crap? This shit is so fucking horrible. I would straight up run these fuckers over if I saw them. They don't deserve their kids.
Rare Fire Type Lenny 3467
That dad has noodle arms and girl shoulders XDDD
Kadin Merk
Dude its Maryland not marryland
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