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You idiot. Sorry to be so blunt. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY TAKE THIS VIDEO OFF YOUTUBE AND ANY OTHER PLACE YOU MAY HAVE POSTED IT BEFORE SOMEONE KILLS THEMSELF. AT 5:11 not only have you shown how you can never start your car, since the circuit hasn't been completed through the "patient" battery or accumulator as you referred to it, but then you have also endangered the gullible onlookers by then telling them to reconnect the "patient" ground wire to the still dead "patient" battery/accumulator at the negative post while the donor car is running, thereby guaranteeing a ginormous spark of epic proportions exactly where you don't want it, at the post of the dead battery. Hopefully, since the car never started, they won't go to the next step, but that is a dangerous presumption. All the while, they still have no eye protection on, since you forgot to tell them to wear eye protection, and they have probably burnt their hand too, because the sparks WILL fly if you try jump start your car this way. Go somewhere else to learn how to jump start your car, any battery manufacturer's website usually has a link. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY TAKE THIS VIDEO OFF YOUTUBE AND ANY OTHER PLACE YOU MAY HAVE POSTED IT BEFORE SOMEONE KILLS THEMSELF OR GETS INJURED.
Rasanjana Mendis
Totally wrong idiots
In the "Perpendicular Parking" scenario, how does one get their rear wheels to slide over as in the animation? This is not an accurate representation of how REAL cars work.
Stolen combination of other people's videos.
Lars De Vos
Considerable impossible do ratio admire stiff maker organic somebody.
Николай Бел
Смешно смотреть на парковку задом! Столько лишних телодвижений!
It's funny to look at the parking lot behind! So many extra moves!
Pradip Shah
I remember, back in 70s, American cars would run at much higher than idle speed when the engines was cold. It would return to normal idle speed once the engine was properly and evenly warmed up and the first time you tapped the accelerator pedal. All one had to do was to turn on the ignition, press down all the way on the accelerator pedal and let go. Start the engine and it would do everything automatically. I believe GM and Ford know a lot more of starting and running a car in -20° C/F environment.
Billy Holmes
OK how do get blood and DNA 100% out of the carpet in the trunk ????
todo iba bien la cagaste a lo último
alberto albié
non basta un pezzo di polistirolo davanti al muro che quella cazzata di pallina che vola per il garage ? un giorno te la sposto 😁😁😁
George Payazitis
Lol this guy is so brilliant why didn't I think of that what ever he in boot of that and polishing the head light.
very funny the car signs
Lyndon Villanueva
Narration please
Jamie J.
3rd Eye
super video.iinfoemativ and not boring
Amy Pola
Informative and then fun. Thanks! If I ever have problems with my drunk robot again Ill at least have a laugh about it! Car problems are stressful, and now I have a hack for the stress if it, thanks!!
Jay Janke
OMG I can't make it through the video because of the ridiculous music.
Roger Eden
must not live in Michigan,a lot of FROST forms on your windows. Yes you can scrape off the FROST but it the interior is freezing cold your breath will FROST up the inside of the windows.
Debra Frakes
duuuuh. polishing heaslights with what?
Rob Montier
If you leave your car idling to warm it up, think on this. You might be indoors with the keys in the car. Someone drives off in it. You cannot claim on the insurance because you have been grossly negligent.
Danny J.
or just dont put your dodge pinto into your mother in laws community pond. only if u drive a prius then fair enough. continue on.
Chad Chambers
Feel** and I should have checked my spelling like a moron!
The indicator lights part was unnecessary.

Also, perpendicular parking was way more complicated than necessary. If a person can't drive into a regular parking space without making a 3-point turn, they shouldn't be driving (and I guarantee, if someone happens to be behind you when you PASS a parking space, they will take it, or, you'll piss them off by backing into them!). Also, lots of places will give you a ticket if you back into a parking space (my college gave out tickets for this all the time). You should always go forward into a parking space like this.
Chad Chambers
What the hell is wrong with you? You make a vehicle life hack video and then make fun of the warning symbols that vehicle owners should know, to keep themselves and their passengers safe? Thats ridiculous, not funny, and you should fell like a moron for making that your ending.
I put a heater in my car and plug it in when I wake that way the car will be nice and warm windows defrosted etc. I cover the windshield with a large cloth.

I go in the water I shoot the window out poof it is gone. Guns are marvelous tools.

I carry a jump starting device I never hook my car up to another to jump something goes wrong I am SOL.
if you jack up your car using drill .. you will burn it because it is too much work for drill
Ya Boi
at 3:37 the back end magically lines up perfect
Charyl Hodges
What were the little bags that were tossed up under the windshield?
Don Ryan Lopez
what's up with the last part? how are people supposed to believe the rest of the hacks?
Terry White
These so called hacks are for retards.
craft's stairs to climb up and more
can someone tell me what they used to get rid of foggy window
Ali Jaffery
That looks like a penis in the thumbnail
Rachel Sama
Nice thumbnail 😏
Shouto Todoroki
The thumbnail looks like a penis
I don't know about anyone else but where I live, in the winter, if you 'leave your car running for a minute and then slowly drive forward' you'll be driving blind and you'll definitely crash into something haha. The ice on the windshield is too thick to scratch off. #canadianproblems
Angela Turner
The last one was fake af 🙄
Natalie Ready
I am not talking to you I was talking to someone else sorry
!! I love this video !!! :) ,,, TY
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the last part wasn't funny...people really would like to know the meaning of the signs
10 comments= 10 comments!
I know! Such a good deal!
Igor Konieczny
good ideas^-^
Gastry LifeHacker
Please rate my Life Hacks, thanks:)
I like how this youtuber always uploads the same life hacks and puts a different name for the title
sub to my channel and have a whole week of luck! ;)
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Netball is life Just cause
What I if told you

You read that wrong
Miagy 5
Laughed so hard when I saw the handbag and umbrella hanging from your car seat. In South Africa you are asking for a smash and grab with that hanging there. you put that in your trunk.
Jessica Nethanya
Too much ingredients 😅

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