Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3 (Produced By TM88)

Lil Uzi VertXO Tour LifeLUV is RageLUV is Rage 1.5UziLUV

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Danny Devito's dead uncle
Especially with lyrics like, "I just want that head."
Jacky Whoo
This Song makes me wanna say Fuck you to my girl
moda teen
Good good
if you turn the speed up the car is driving fast as FUCK
WS '
been there wit tha snippets
Im not afraid to die..
Dominick Kasza
I hate all this praise and acclaim going out to all these lame misguided misfit retards in the music industry. Can't you see this is bad for the music, the culture, and the art. There is nothing special, impressive, or note worthy in their music, and the same goes for their wardrobes. It's ridiculous, foolhardy, and egregious. I'm going to put it all in perspective for you. At best: they all look like unsupervised children who got into their mother's room, and had a field day with her makeup, jewelry, and clothes. Someone is making the serious mistake of giving these clowns attention, microphones, cameras, studios, record deals, and money. The smarter more appropriate thing to do is admit them to the nearest psychiatric hospital. We're not dealing with creatively expressive, decent, young men here. If you walk around dressed like that, talking like that, and conducting yourself with such arrogance and pretension; you MUST have a mental illness. They are lemmings on parade; where is a cliff when you need one?
this song makes me wanna listen to it without a break
hi gg
Instrumental up on my channel :)
Tro frai le sont. Jeux lire ça mer 😚
Before I die this what i wanna hear
Kevin Luu
All my friends are dead push me to edge all my friends are dead push to edge all my friends are dead push me to edge
BlackHearts Bx
Listen to My Mentality is My Reality Vol 2: Life is Life by Poetic Savior #np on #SoundCloud
Ethan Coughran
this is my favourite song
angle angle
Hey lil Uzi vert drop Rage 2
Greyson Kellogg
Jeeze, y'all are fucking retarded! Really dumb comments.
insert Snapchat hotdog
Aaron Davis
are all his feiends dead
Keconha Burston
Best. song🏥🏥🏥🏥🏥🏥
Jaime Morales
This song makes me get to the nba highhhhh
Caleb Kamanda
This song make me wanna say no to my math teacher 😭
William Westbrook
I like the part when lil uzi's driving
MelonGaming MG
Am I normal? This songs not even sad to me it's just normal to me. I've listen to it so much and it isn't sad to me. It's just regular and lit
Young ProPhecy Music
really nice vocals on this track
Savy Savage @ hotmale . com
rip chester bennington
Treats and Threads youtube
This songs makes me want to learn english just to perform American mumble rap to English teachers. Like actually ENGLISH country teachers
Jake Phương
I actually hear what he said 🤔actually not mumble like Desiigner 😂
Bossa Bassa
Why does this generation whorship death?
Natnael 11
this song makes me want to go and eat
Yung Stupid Gamer
This song makes me wanna dissect my science teacher For a grade.
R. Houston
PM Dawn had a son!! y'all creativity are spot on
Damian Williams
Lukez Manning
my moms boyfriend called me a fag and a peice of worthless shit bc I listened to this and I cried and he called me a bitch
PlayGames. Seriously.
This song makes me want to walk into a 1 pound store and ask how much something is
Casandra Willis
Cathy Garcia
I'm not afraid to die
exotic lemonlover
This song makes me want to report PornHub for nudity
exotic lemonlover
This song makes me wanna kill two stones with one bird
Nerdy knowledge
1:55 "y'all ain't even wanna take my cat home"
Kim Hall
geertje Stoffels
My life
Wtf the views
This song makes me wanna sting a bee
only icon
this song makes me wanna sing
nakiah callaway
This song makes me wanna arrest the police
reda 5000
أغنية دايلر😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Medinas
This song when it says I don't really care if u cry 1st one make me want to stop at a green light and just dance crazy
Jazz henderson
I love the song
Diamond Girl
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