Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3 (Produced By TM88)

Lil Uzi VertXO Tour LifeLUV is RageLUV is Rage 1.5UziLUV

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This song makes me want to bump my way off the top story of a building.
Ricardo cavalcanti
Ok lil uzi,you win da game 🎢
this is fire
Jake Garrett
this song makes me to throw up gang signs and beat up kids at my school
Dave Van Der Boom
Xanny numb the pain.
Xanny make it go away
Jake Garrett
how many like s do i have? scared
Jaycob Phomsithi
i love to jack off
OMG he's driving an invisible car or a car with 1 or 2 seats
Pedro Aguiar
This song is lit 🔥
Cleme L
"she said you the worst you the worst, I cannot die n*gga this my universe" : referring to J Cole when he called him out on "Everybody DIes".. i really thought Uzi was done after Lil Uzi vert vs. The World, but after this song i knew he was just getting started....
King Savage
Push me to the edge all ur friend are died all ur friends are died I skrrrt off in my benz and I'm fucking ur girl she's topped to for a bag
Michael Getachew
now everyone who was hating on uzi in the bad and boujee video are all his fans in this video
Umar Hamzah
Recommend me songs similar to thisss
Nikko Vela
this is my song
Malachi 2k player
this song depressing as fuck but I like it
StarScream Edits
He still have gas lmao since March 13
guys, please help me out my friend is quitting youtube and this is the one thing me and him are friends for hes became pretty depressed and is giving up on anything please go sub to him and take time out of ur day to help me and him i want to motivate him to keep going please, search up lost eclpiz on youtube and u should find it please help
Meditate with Joy
I see lots of sad boys these days. After listening to this i wanna suggest you watching my videos for more positivity :) But this shit is hella catchy
melody swales
Da fuuck doe loool
I can not die nigga this is my universe
Brian Scalabrine
Watch this video on LSD, it's just beautiful. Took 3 tabs and I smiled the whole way through
my music
this kinda has a hopsin feel to it and i love it keep it up
Isabella Papastoli
This is my fave thing
this track lit while high x.x
Mattmoney2x X
Perfect Os Out That blunt Lmao
Raw Sh!t Only
Uzi high af tryna figure out how he ended up on Rainbow Road off Mario Kart 😂

If you like wavy tracks check mine out give feedback
Lil A.V
even KKonas dab to this
VWest Beats
best Uzi song I've heard.
Sam Chen
Reminds me of the Birds Part 2
Tom Brady
Best uzi song without a doubt.
this is a hit song
Carolann Page
This shit trippy af. 😂
quem não ama Lil Uzi vert é dotado de um mal caratismo e degeneração de bons costumes
Nia Perry
Favorite song 😝😝😝😝😝
Thomas Carroll
lil uzi: "all my friends are dead"

me: dabs
ps gamer
Im so glad this is on iTunes
Faolen Smith
are you alright? Im alright, im quite alright and my moneys right
prettyboymaine miller
I am I will sub to u please sub back I will sub to u please sub back
Stone Miller
lil uzi really murdered the track this time
not a huge uzi fan, but every now and then homie puts out a banger... this happens to be one of them lol
ok i think i heard this song now for like 4 hours but it is still not enough.
keep it up lil uzi vert, very nice type of music bro.
I am listening from germany and cant get enough. :D
Jimmy De Santa
some one moving ice around a cup in the background
Zachary Carone
I like men
Evan Gucci
I fuck with uzi because he puts out feelgood music and genuinely doesn't care about how people critique him, which is something I really respect these days, but I am glad he finally put something out I can fully get behind musically. He really showed range with lyricism and vocals on this one- a super well-produced track with hard-hitting and pertinent sentiment about drug use and how it affects modern interpersonal relationships. Even if it sounds like he might be biting Thugger's style a bit with some of the flows, I really like this song and think I will for a long time
Brandon Thomas
best fuckin musician in the game right now
This song makes me want to turn in my homework with only my first name on it
bruce lee is awsome and nobody is gonna change that
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