Sean Spicer's Disturbing Hitler Statement

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During his daily briefing, Sporty Spicer made an absolutely incredible statement about Syrian President Assad. He said 'even someone as despicable as Hitler, didn't even sink to using chemical weapons' which is, of course, very wrong, but watch this and listen closely because you can almost hear the voice inside his head.

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Sean Spicer's Disturbing Hitler Statement

Christopher Ramsey
Actually, the Nazis didn't use chemical weapons.

Just saying...
what about WW I mr. spicy?
dante boban
The holocaust is fake history
Markiso Wickstorm
Let's put all stupid Americans in gaschambers
Thirtyone Solutions
When Obama got caught on his microphone that he thought was turned off telling Putin's aid that he'll have more flexibility after his election- America forgave him. When Michelle Obama got caught on mic saying "all this for a damn glag" at a flag ceremony honoring fallen vets, America passed right over it. Well the media did. So I think an honest mistake by one person in an administration whose already apologized will be forgotten. Or will it Jimmy and media friends? Lol. Joke.
Peace Peace
Spicer's an idiot
Afeef Helou
I know that every one is concentrating on the Hitler comments but no one's mentioning that the US nuked Japan in WW2 and killed in two attacks more than 200000 people only about 30000 of them were soldiers!!!!!!
The Alexis
Lol, this reminds me fo that Silicon Valley episode!
Farzad Fardanesh
Ironic that USA provided Iraq with Chemical Gas and they used it against Iranian soldiers and to this day some of them live excruciating lives. So how is US government not as despicable as Assad and Hitler?
Ronald Perez
joran ruysch
Hi buddy! ! ! recommendation This one actually sounds like strongly yeird independence
Franco Geller
Not a single blink!
Robert Kautz
Jimmy, when your writers give you crap, say NO!
Johnny Canuck
#OMG #FUNFACT - Christians suffered a #HOLOCAUST 10 - 12 times larger than the poor "jews" ( gypsies, homos etc ) .... WHERE are all the GOY memorials? Hmmmmmmmmm ...
Christian Taylor
"Hehe" - Jimmy Kimmel, 2017
William Luo
Arthur Bunsch
American historical "knaaawledge" at its finest.
Ed Kendrick
He tried to appease the Jews by comparing Assad to Hitler. Give him credit for making an effort. And, Spicer's butt-licking apology to Wolfie Blitzer seemed over the top for being subservient to the Joos.
J. Frank Parnell
With all of the digging he was doing during this press briefing you would think he was trying to tunnel out of the White House.
Natan Sandle
Except he meant using chemical weapons in combat
Do the gas chambers even count as "weapons"?
I don't know this guy, I probably oppose his views but come on people!
Jeffrey Wong
What a way to screw yourself.
Dorian Graye
People are retarded! Listen to what he said and stop takin him out of context!!
Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I didn't hear you go after Mr. HardBoiled, Chris Matthews, for saying the same exact thing.
bill jam
Sean Spicer said the same exact thing Chris Mathews of CNN and the New York Times said in 2013. But Kimmel, the lap dog for ABC and Disney, conveniently left that fact out.
Typical ABC, Disney Fake News hypocrisy.
Rule number 1 in politics: Never, EVER*, say something that defend the actions of Hitler. *NE-VER
This is literally press secretary 101!

Also: indeed Spicer. The U.S. didn't use chemical weapons in WOII. Instead they dropped two nuclear bombs.
Loose lips sink ships
Rob Leese
Woops did spicer let the truth out there by any chance !!! Holohoax!
Marcus Lundkvist
there's no proof hitler was gassing people.
It's just a hoax made up so more people should unite and stand against hitler to eleminate him.
Pene Trait
"Quick! Drop the MOAB so they forget about this!!!"
Listen Jimmy, give up on the political commentary - there's only ONE king when it comes to that, and that's Stephen Colbert.
KimMel trying to be Colbert
2017 and people still believe in the Holohoax. LMAO.
Tyler Karl Lia
The holocaust never happened, dumbshit. You goyim are such lemmings.
Howard Dean
Oh dear, who is this idiot?
What he wanted to say was he used Gas on the Jews not his own people, but then realized that was a stupid statement as well like it makes it any better! After that, not knowing when to admit he is in the wrong, the bozo tries to talk his way out of it but realized he was in a corner so he just walks away.
Name one battle in WW2 where chemical weapons were used.
Son Goku the Savage Saiyan
I know what he means but maybe he shouldn't have used Hitler as his example.
Travis Grady
A part of the White House talks about Hitler and Holocaust, no one bats an eye.
A youtuber talks about it and everyone lose their minds.
Didn't disturb me at all.
Big Lenny Persin
I want to personally thank the American people for choosing President Trump. I love this man named Trump because he's a workaholic, a beast & posses the intelligence of a philosopher! Haters will always hate but he's your president.
Ed S
@ Lisa weaver..... eat a D
Hitler suffered a gas attack in World War 1, as a result of this the nazis did not indeed use chemical weapons in warfare which is clearly what Spicer is trying to say but fails, however, chemical weapons were indeed used in concentration camps but that took place outside of combat and warfare itself.

But as Syrian civil war has no concentration camps and Spicer was comparing WW2 to it...anyone with a half a brain knows he meant the one thing both wars share and that is the element of combat and warfare.

Of course its funnier to stretch this performance to the absolute worst meaning you could interpret and pretend he literally denied the holocaust.
bobby gates
Says the people who compare President Trump to Hitler. Double standards much?
Must have went to TRUMP university
Simon Dewitt
Clearly this wasn't ment to be antisemitic, or pro Hitler. The Republicans just have Hitler Tourette's. They called Obama Hitler so many times when he had so much as a milk mustache they cant stop.

Now that the last remaining Jack-o-lantern we forgot to throw away is in charge, they haven't gotten used to it yet. And neither have us intelligent Americans.
Jason Loftis
Trump 2020
Obviously he could have worded it differently but what Hitler used to gas Jews wasn't a weapon used for battle. There is a difference whether you like it or not. Just like there is a difference between defending hitlers actions as good and stating a fact about what Hitler did or did not do. cmon Jimmy. do better
Phyllis Bradshaw
That close up 😂😂, looks as if he was looking through binoculars and a historian slapped him every time he makes up crap from the past!
Frank Conrad
hmmmmmm...sounds like jimmy is defending Assad.......... how interesting
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