Julia & Katy
Swim in 10 million jellybeans
Truong Thi Kim Hiền Truong
Yo Logan I'm a supper big fan gas I'm from Vietnam and I'm luv your video alot and I luv your song the fall of jake Paul and help me help u but my bro lady me why do I make the song help me help u?sorry I suck at english
Caitlin Mills
So funny love you Logan
Todd Kiser
you should drop a plate off your balcony
Jamaica Dalagan
You know what Khan ended his vid with al his merch, wh here wait it to end to see tie last art, that's the real logangster
krip knok
august tenth was my birthday
leah macias
Me: R u good bro
xBeaa Gt
Kong is too cute to be a giant monkey
Ethan Victor
I LOVE SUSHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maverick for life
Damm bro
Jasmine Oputa
Googleeye Lov
I'm your #1 fan
Googleeye Lov
My real name is Brian
Sam Manny
What is EP ????
Kawaii Channel
Logan Should do a Merch ''Don't Mess With the Logang'' like if you agree
Little T Certified
My mum said I'm not allowed any YouTube merchandise she says "But when will you were it"
Do americans call that blind hide'n'seek because people in britan or at least scots call it blind man buff .what would u call it?😁😁😁
Cassie Lopez
Instead of phanny pack it's the Yeti pack
Angelo Garcia
12 months just for 10000 subs thats alot
sentinel striker88
u didnt
Build Vidz
ya logan im new im a new member of the logang
Megan Furlong
id watch it.. kong skull island, no skull island
Sierra Fung
You can have a Kong party
Dina Hernandez

eepc 101
"I'm not a singer" but your pretty good at singingπŸ˜‚
Mr_ Hungry 713
Go sky diving as maverick
Oz Visa Solutions
that is a real game
Katie C
You should go on tour!!!!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Peter Griffin
Drop one thousand plates off a building for the 10 million special
TheOneAndOnlyAliayah Vela
"Back at the boo boo ass, fufu ass,still gon break the internet ass"😭😭😭IM SCREAMING
Allen Pascal
I'm surprised he didn't call Lydia a grandma for what she was wearing during the Lydia montage lol
Olivia Chaplin
For celebration of 10m you should smash 10m plates
Vicky FTW
Does Mark have a YouTube channel?
Gamer Boy
Logan Paul said if I reach 10k like on one of my video he will let me go stay in LA with him!!!!!
kawaiikittygirl 1234
I miss even xD
Sofia Areizaga
Who else mildly ship Brandon and Lydia
Olivia Dico
yitzy schock
haha reminds me of supahotfire "but I'm not a rapper"
Sam & Jen H.
That looks so much fun! You should bring a fan to spend a whole week with you.
Ana Speelman
Logan I love u so much and I would love to have ur merch but my grandma always says no but I am 13 and I have a pineapple conure and she chirps Every time she here's maverick
Sam & Jen H.
why don't you use your other car?
pugsley goossens
I ship lydia and brandon
KD Gaming
Have maverick shoes
Pewdiepie got 11 million in 6 months
lamyra's world
You should break 10m plates as a celebration.
Rxsa Kx
This white maverick shirt looks sooo good on Logan😍😍 he's a savage damn I love him
Jack Moroto
Logan should do merch that says " IMMA VLOGGER BROOOOO" like so Logan to see
Emilio Arias
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