Ruchi Somani
Please make fluffy slime with chewing gum pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Victoria Cordova
We're do you get saving gel?
Victoria Cordova
This more than one ingredient
Cerise Pacpaco
You did wrong at butter slime pt.2. You added way too much clay than slime
Cerise Pacpaco
My mom wouldn't let me
Omg I love her voice so much
Porfirio Sanchez
Yogurt and cornstarch and it makes butter slime
Mozza Elizabeth
The camera kept on moving hurt my eyes
Panda W
I would suggest you not use polymer clay to make slime polymer clay is toxic if you ingest any of it and the only way it’s not toxic is by backing it which it is hard then...
Katy 00
flour, dish soap.... plasteline
Janet Fajkus
Make slime without glue
Marylin Gomes
I want to make slime but i have no glue
Abby Mae
The play doh didn’t work because it contains wheat
Alex Doyle
The nail polish works
Alex Doyle
The saving cream is after the glue
Squinty 101
ur voice is so annoying
Khushi Jain Bhumi Heet
Pegli ball zadda Nahi bole
Bonny Matshediso
This is amaballs #slime is great!!😊😊😊😲
Aaminah Bhyat
Your butter slime 2 needed more tide
Hnin Yati Aung
PVA Face mask and baking soda + activor (renew)
Schaniqua Coe
Put some dawn dish soap in a bowl in a separate bowl mix water and salt and then put the salt water in with the dawn and mix
Jesse Barstad
A good slime is clear glue or glue, tiny bit of baking soda and contact lens liquid.
John Carroll
Make wood glue and shaving cream slime it works and it's really fun to play with
Angelica Aranda
Can you do a face reaval
Sissi Chen
I don't think she can count. This is like 3 ingredient slime
Ana Caroline Alexandrina Santana
Play-doh + Lotion
Emily Giselle Sigcho Mejia
No acepto
Emily Giselle Sigcho Mejia
Es feo este vídeo
Adzik Vlog
Gllosy slime
charlotte cope
1: toothpaste
2: fridge
Method: put toothpaste in the fridge.wait till morning.
You can put more toothpaste in. You have received your slime!
CTD Dancer
I tried the wood glue slime and it works! I didn’t have Elmer’s wood glue so I just used the Home Bond Carpenters glue! It is my favourite slime ever!! Sooo unbelievably stretchy and buttery! Soo worth the have a bottle of glue.... Thanks for the recipe!! Keep em coming!
therianwolf 123
For the butter slime use model magic clay. It works better.
Red Robin
Can you do a video about slime with no glue and no borax
Can you give me a shoutout
Chasity Steele
Make gel slime
Lucy Hope
NO BORAX slime recipe:
1.White PVA Glue, mix
2.Shaving foam/shaving gel, mix
3.Colour/Optional, mix
4.Lavender Airwick, mix

Cutex Cupkakes
U did the butter slime wrong, u need model magic or daiso clay if ur using model magic add lotion to it
Thanh Thao the Doggy
Ingredients: Face mask(it needs to have POLYVINYL ALCOHOL) and lip balm(it also needs to have BORIC ACID)
mia's channel of slime
Use hair conditioner and put it in the freezer and leave it for a bout a hour or until it's slime but make sure you mix it every 2 minutes
Slime Videos
Try mozzarella cheese , put hot water and then put it in microwave for 30 seconds
Aliza Usman
For play doh slime after adding it put more contact lens solution
sambriddhi dhakal
try shampoo slime
Alyssa James
She should make Orbeeze slime with glue shaving cream and contact lens solution and Orbeeze. Or jelly slime that you add coconut shampoo and corn starch put corn starch in a bowl and a little bit of coconut shampoo and if the slime is too dry then add more shampoo and if the slime is too wet then add corn starch then you put it in a slime container and put it in the freezer for 2 hours then you have your slime
I did the play dou and slime one it works you just have to nead it for a bit your so impatient
Sara Castro
I dont have glue for the fluffy slime 😢
Lorraine Ordonez
You should try soap and sugar slime and put it in the fridge for 1 hour and let stand for 2 days
Xenia Santos
IDK if that is gonna do some slime I tried it and it worked
Xenia Santos
You should try only water and lotion with contact solution
Xenia Santos
I JUST subscribed
Xenia Santos
I’m your new subscriber
Selina_ Crystal
Glue ,shaving cream Air-wick
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