THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD

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THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD
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Kristay Kate Legeonshire
This movie is lit!!! Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in one freaking movie!!! 😱😱😱😍😍😍 The Circle is basically the Facebook 😂😂😂 or whatever social medias
Diana Blackwood
Big Brother! Hello 1984!
Joy Pollington
Looks like Scientology to me!!
doesnt seem like it'll have the same feeling as the book, the eeriness and the things i liked about the book is gone :/
still watching tho lol
Re Re
21st century version of The Truman Show
Peter Chen
Emma Watson, yum.
Peter Chen
Emma Watson, yum.
krookchang wongthong
I actually loved Emma, This trailer makes me to find The Circle book.
Devin Smith
doesn't emma watson have a british accent?
Just wanna be in Youtube all day long
Why do people make Karen Gillan and Emma Watson hide their accents? That should be a crime!
Chilldude 761
I'll only watch this because emma baetson is in it
Stefan Djurovic
is this snowden sequel
Jireh Miramontes
which movie is better beauty and the beast or the circle
JL Portnoy
This is nothing, wait until facebook perfects mind reading
Tony S
I bet John Boyega is a bad guy too.
Harrison Chain
This should be interested never seen Hanks play a bad guy ? looks great different film wanted seen this big fan of Hanks remarkable actor .
Rachel Maloney
this looks dooooope
Is it just me or is Emma Watson trying (but nor entirely succeeding) to speak with an American accent? Her British accent still comes through😂
Nevertheless I still love her!
M Fikry
you're a wizard.... ron
Emma's American accent ❣️❣️❣️ I died ‼️‼️‼️
Sijan Regmi
just to see emma watson
Raza Mehmood
looks interesting..
WarTurtle Pokemon
Am i the only one who was getting goosebumps whenever the song says "i'm watching you".
Constantine Jamon
Masao s
looks like the uber logo
Nikhil Ironman
please release this movie in India.
please I want to see it.
Hana Hashmi
"We're watchin' this.."
Hehe, interesting. Its honestly a must watch.
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Hmmm, Hollywood really always likes to fuck with people regarding the near future. They always show what'll be like. And people take it as a fun movie. It's chilling what the governments and Facebook, Google have in store and already implanting, slowly. It's all up to young folks to wake up, they're gonna live us oldies will be dead by then.
Firdus Ismael
Panopticon much
Lottie Mackiewicz
But Mae is meant to be African-American...
This movie is gonna be a-mei-zing ayyyyyyy
Christopher Miller
Amy Pond?!?!
sumitsingh singh
This movie gonaa superhit on worldwide CIRLE
Mary Red
this book is so great, hope the movie is as well
Abby & Jeneesa
star wars guy whoop whoop!!!
Salome of Herodias
You know I think the circle would be a great pre-story to George Orwell's 1984. It's like the beginning of big brother
Fahim Hafiz
when this coming out?
I just watched The Last Jedi trailer and then seeing John Boyega here also haha
0:47 OH MY GOD is this wells from the 100?
smol thing
when i saw this trailer, i thought it was emma watson and tom felton... never clicked that fast
well if i wont mind watching emma watson getting banged....
awi kesuma
the song
Julia Jurkiewicz
K Lu
Emma Watson playing ... Emma Watson again.
Pam C
it's like TED talks mixed with big brother watching you. What to do with knowledge to make it work for others without sacrificing ones privacy or is that the cost to learn?
I clicked because I thought it's "Tom" Felton.
Katie Martin
Karen gillan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Caroline K
As admirable as Emma is as a person, I don't understand why she's being cast to play an American yet again when her American accent is just so.... Unnatural.... And I mean her acting isn't the strongest. There's so many American actresses that could play this part, I'm sure much more realistically, is she being cast purely for her degree of fame and beauty or...?
Queen Plain Jane
Illuminati Exposed
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