THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD

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THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD
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Its kristelshane
Whats the song?
Its kristelshane
When will this be aired?
Cocoa's Deadly Sin
AHH!! Karen Gillan and Emma Watson in the same movie??? Yes PLEASE!
Dd Time
Tom Hanks is watching you
Dexter Andrean
Kardashian life circle?
Blues Berry
i wish i could watch this movie but i belive im too young
Take the logo of State Bank of India.
Rotate it anticlockwise 90deg.
Change the color from blue to red.
That's it. The Circle's logo.
Tom Hanks and Emma Watson? Must be good!
phar cyde
The Circle building looks like the Apple spaceship building in Sunnyvale
Andrea starz
any potterheads here who came here for emma??
Kevin Sharpe
well I'm glad that I don't have to see the movie any more after I just saw it all in the trailer..
Michelle Farah
The Circle was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. You keep watching and waiting for the movie to get better but it doesn't and has the most disappointing ending. So disappointed in these two fine actors. Total waste of my time and money.
Özge Arabacı
emma watson and karen gillan, my babies
Gustaf Liljenström
Agent Koenig has betrayed us all.
The book was horrible
Gururaj Wankhade
The circle logo looks like SBI Bank lol😂😂😂 Indians would know
Magenta Collins
we gonnna tell the clave that valentine have a new way to bring back the circle
indah amelyana
that guy looks like zedd but with severe different
Oh Shit dawg
I'm always paranoid that something is watching me
this movie might teach me something
0:43 looks similar to Apple headquarters.... HMMM. ps, their issue is not the system, it's who controls the system. they do not trust a person(s) to have such power and act in the interest of the people, for power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, unless of course, you're a robot. i welcome our new robot overlords...
Samantha Pérez
And a n spanish :(
vasouli 6
Who else came here because of Emma Watson?
Highlander 21
Elina K
Emma Watson trying to do an american accent :) I still always see her as an english
Bob Gardinger
Google watched me watch this trailer about faceless mega-entities watching our every move.
Parson Yo
Arsenio A. Lembert Jr.
At the start of the clip Tom Hanks mentions "perfectability", and if I am not mistaken THE PERFECTIBILISTS was another name for the Jesuits.
Cherry Danielson
This ain't fiction. Just look at China and North Korea.
Cherry Danielson
So many people spouting lofty ideals of a utopia. Apparently nobody knows that utopia literally means "no place" in Greek!
Susi Wilson
Why does the "Circle" logo remind me of the "Uber" logo so much😂

Sorry for my English😂
Alessandro Magana
Wai Kin Yew
is the movie on on malaysia?😕
I didn't think the Empire would be here as well
Atasha Sofia Apolinario
Why those her scream is perfect (not jealous ) i like it
Black Mirror the movie
Jesse Ambrosio
I'm gonna watch this just because of Emma Watson 😍
Albana Muka
I expected much more from this movie, it was nothing special and the plot was quite dumb.
Jethro Boey
Illuminati the movie
Lujan Di Ben
Big Brother 2.0. The guy from Boyhood comes to scene again. Now that he's placed in another movie, I see he overacts a bit.
Right Wired
Hey Emma, Tom, remember when you shit on Republicans?
And now you want us to see this crap?
I'm going to make it a goal to spoil it for everyone.
Amy from Doctor Who!
Kasiek Dropińska
why did they took her british accent away from her :C
Sam Goundry
The irony is that this is basically what Emma Watson wants for everybody except her.
Chingam Fong
Finn is a traitor to a large organization, again.
L Mulan
the music is annoying.
Why, oh why? Aren't there equally pretty girls that can actually act?
Om Goit
From the trailer I feel like this movie has bits and pieces from Tom cruise movie "The Firm"
Catherine Thomas
Hermoine, Finn, and Woody in one movie? Sold.
i saw emma watson i clicked
Lydia R.
For a second I thought the title was "The Cringe"
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