THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD

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THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD
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craig foulds
Finn 2.0
Физя :D
Emma Watson as always on top)
Rachel Rhodes
looks pretty swell
George Orwell
Zoe Scholtes
Emma Watson and Karen Gillan.... Yes please
Pontus Dahlén
When I first saw this I thought it was some type of english version of the swedish book "Cirkeln" which translates to "The Circle", but after watching the trailer I realized that I was wrong...
This is happening in china
Anyone seen AntiTrust?
Yash lala
i read tom hanks as tom thanks
Shahnawaz Ansari
basically google in next 10 years...
Rusdy Razak
Belle is waking up from her dream and facing reality
Saleem Says
Is this a movie about Emma Watson getting a job at the new Apple campus?
jurassic world monsters: Dinosaurs
The Circle Monsters: Drones...
Love Emma but she sucks at American accents rofl
big carl dennis
dude getting friendzoned on the big screen......again!
Angelic Butterfly
Gasps.....Hermione Granger....What happened to you... you turned into a muggle
Eugene Grewing
Every movie I've ever seen Patton Oswalt in has been good, so I'm in.
Cookies 4 Life!
Uhhhhh...this movie sounds a little creepy. But if it weren't for Emma Watson, I wouldn't even watch the trailer lol!😂👏
Defan is end game.
pls when does it come out?
I just thought Emmas friend looked like Zedd
Aisaka Taiga
is it just me or does this seems like this tv show
Tower prep?
juan osorio lopez
emma wattson grabo mas peliculas
Lessa Robinson
Her British accent still noticeable D;
Christiane Amare
oyunda hayat var
allah aşkına şu 1.58deki şarkının ismini verin yaa..
Amy Pond
both Emma and Karen! OMG, this is amazing!
Shong Pao Vang
dum kkk cult shit
michelle b
This reminds me of Black Mirror, count me in.
Amelia pond ❤❤
Ben V
I am SOOO excited for this!!
Steph Hunter
Emma Watson. Tom Hanks. I'm sold. 😂
Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl
I hope they didn't change the ending
Lisa Hunt
Love the book!
Jade Tomko
Omg I was shocked when I saw Emma Watson and Karen Gillian together I love them both ahhh
Frankie & Jen
This is just a crappy remake of the truman show.
Notice Me ,sempai
The boy at 0:57 is from the movie boyhood
Kenzi J
I know this is totally weird but the second I saw Patton Oswalt, I knew I was going to see this movie
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Really impressed by how well Emma Watson, John Boyega and Karen Gillan used the American accent
Ella Mozzarella
I am more excited about this than Beauty and the Beast!
it's funny how Emma is doing an american accent but you can still hear her british origins (no hate, I love Emma dearly!)
Evelyn Herzuck
looks very similar to the movie antitrust with Ryan Phillippe.
Kyra Delemarre
Why did they change the circle logo? And honestly, I love Emma Watson and Karen Gillan just as much as the next person, but that's just not what the characters look like. Mae has black hair and Annie is blonde. Couldn't they at least have worn wigs? This movie looks great though
fucking feminist piece of shit movie. Fuck you, you liberal cunts. You will destroy this wonderful world, with your fucking propaganda.
ThatGuyAnthony -_-
That song is creepy as fuck!
Carly Wilson
watch dogs 2 spinoff? hahaha jkjkj not at all?
Oh hey look guys, it's the 2017 Truman Show
this looks soooooo good!!
Snowden ...
leon b
Tom hanks, Emma watson, the guy from boyhood and the guy from imperial dreams.
Elizabeth Darvell
I wasn't a huge fan of the book but I can see the potential thriller film from it. I hope the film is really good!
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