THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD

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THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD
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Guillermo Abreu
OMG I just saw this movie. DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP, I would have rather stared at a wall for 2hrs. I WARNED YOU!!!!!!!
nabil mohamed
i wonder if they'll change the end i hope not xD cuz this girl is a big bitch
what a shitty premise
Mighty Mallu
when google googled, what if google was bad..? It was Circle.. :D
Fozia Rasheed
Why is someone singing in the background we're watching you it's creepy
Brianna Vaquero
"We're watching you" damn they must see scarring things. LMAO
Laura C. Ashley
I’m sorry I don’t understand why everyone think that Emma Watson is beautiful. Frankly, she looks like a woman-like man to me sometimes.
I mean the logos exactly the same as Cyborg
Hermione Potter
Emma kinda lost her accent in some of her clips
Clien Gates
things I wanna ride in Harry Potter
1.Flying Broom
It's only Callie
Emma keeps breaking into her British self xD it's so weird her being American
News World
Emma Watson is a cute actress.
Mohd Azam
i love emma watson
why is this movie rated 17% in rotten tomatoes
Michelle Majumdar
Also known as "Google Gone Wrong"
E.z.E gaming
Doctor who and harry potters girls
g r a c e
This movie was extremely boring and I couldn't even finish it
Scott M
Cross between The Truman Show and The Social Network
Toothless Wonder
Love both Emma Watson and Tom Hanks but this movie was shit
Chaieb Ayoub
Tom Hanks best actpr ever
Alex Smith
sees san francisco bridge THIS GONE BE A DISASTER MOVIE OR NA?
emma watson's american's accent is so hot holy fuck
this film was really as bad as critics were saying.... except for Emma Watson
Dammybas Studios
Who is back here again after seeing the new Google "Clips" Camera?
Floyd S. Hunt
to watch and download The Circle Full Movie HD Streaming :
Jackie Meier
I love the sobg they used
David Welsh
A movie about "How wonderful will it be when no one has any privacy" when in reality it is about controlling people with fear and intimidation. Only ten months ago they tried this.. and Hillary still was refused the Presidency. LOL
Bilyana Dimitrova
Why Emma Watson?? I just can't get it? I don't like her acting... She just doesn't seem right for this rule.
What's the music... 2:00
Palak Khandelwal
Why doesn't anyone say that the symbol looks exactly the mirror image of uber
I really wonder WHEN the people will finally come to themselves and stop saying "Oh - I don't care that they save my data: I have nothing to hide". Bullsh..
Daisy May
Am excited
Selin Kör
The title just gave me a heartattack! Valentine and his circle? 😱
new one
man that " they're watching you" is really creepy
Brendan Sheedy
1:44 pause it right as he says "things"

thank me later
after all those years in Hogwarts and you're working for muggles
Mia Velentine
I have to see this movie
Almighty Spinach
Wait is that JOHN BOYEGA?!
Abhinay GAMING!!!
That thumbnail attracted me 😍😍😍
Boyhood meets Harry Potter, which then jerks off Star Wars and ejaculates all over Doctor Who. The Circle Jerk.
Dr. Barky Von Schnauzer
BORING : / A movie that is about our everyday Orellian 1984 world; what's so interesting about that?
Sanjana Kanwar
Emma Watson u are so beautifulllll
Karsie Flotus
They're watching u watching porn
Purnima Maity
does somebody remember THE TRUMAN SHOW??also the 1999 movie matthew mccoughnaghy movie ED TV.its same old wine in a new bottle.The plot of this movie is not that different from ED TV.
Google and facebook are nothing but tools.its up to your CHOICE how u use them/use them at all.
Honest Indian Guy
they stole UBER logo
Liana Rose
this movie was so bad it hurts
Evelyn kuchar
I find this movie would be better if I wasnt confused af ;)
thank you.;
Lelouch Lamperouge
dumb ass movie idea ever
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