THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD

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THE CIRCLE Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Emma Watson, Tom Hanks Movie HD
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Blank Blank
when the NSA goes on steroids but it's a company
Bloom Peters
This movie was trash
Alishaba Butt
Her American accent is so good!
Brady Block
At the END OF THIS MOVIE, the lead character goes bonkers ,bat-shit, bologna sausage, nuts and Virginia techs the school out.or community or whatever the hell it is she lives in. the new age circle living arrangement work arrangement that's a circle cause its FANCY, like Ketchup. WHAT DID THE BIG TOMATER say to the little TOMATER? YO! KETCHUP or you'll get squished. !
L'impulsif aka Jean-Kevin du 64
A la fin Mae trahi Ty. Elle detruit the cercle en denoncant les fondateurs :)
Eco Mouse
Heh... Apple
que mal q actúa la ema watson...siempre la misma expresión facial. Fome.
Grace Bedford
Amy Pond and Hermione Granger. Yep, I'm going to watch this.
Isaac Rice
John Boyega has such a distinctive voice, I recognized him right away.
megan lucy
As soon as I saw Emma I was like
very bad movie, waste of time, i was fooled with trailer, shame on me
Sara Lo
Can someone tell me what is the name of the background song?
i love emma's accent so much! its sooo goood! i really should watch this movie
Superwholockian -Potterhead007
ok so its AMELIA POND AND HERMIONE GRANGER in one movie!!!!
Sara Lang
When you think it's gonna say tom Felton but it says tom hanks
Harry Potter
Chandra Kumar
It's a movie about Emma Watson totally looking confused the whole time... don't waste your money on it...
Safa lol
The issue with trailers these days is that theres no mystery left in the film, I basically know the plot now
Emma's so perfect
Nonsense Clips
its boring, least looks like.
StinkyCheeseMan 1415
Hermione left Ron to be with Finn, who left Poe. Something seems off here.
asaten al sodane
don't watch it
princess rusul
thank you for arabic caption 💖💖
The realization that one actor from doctor who and one from Harry Potter is awesome!!
Both actors who played Emma's parents died just a few months apart this year,sad.Movie was good though.
This is a 'Big Brother' movie ... right in your face.
They ́re Watching
Lies in the news, truth in movies. Welcome to the New World Order.
I always fap to Watson
This has such an amazing cast but the movie just doesn't seem to interest me
I read the book and I am really excited for the movie. Even more because Emma is the MC.
basically facebook
Aliza N
The giver anyone?
ahmad aldabak
it's kinda reminds of the truman show!!
Babblu Vaddi
this movie is maybe lucy 2
Simon Parkin
Coming straight to Netflix rather than cinemas in UK
lazy gizmo
I think this movie would be better if Emma Watson wasn't in it.
Sarah Chaumeil
I saw the premiere of the movie with Emma Watson in Paris :p
l'm reading the book. I love it!
Jazzy Dolly
That song!
Private Eyes - Lenachka
Random MSP
Monica Washington
they should make another forest gump
nucky 313
the story was good until the twst came along
The circle is State bank of India's symbol
karol karolkowiak
stupid movies with that feminist cunt Emma Watson
Adrian Monte
Any movie with Emma on it is a great movie :D
slacker rudie
This trailer is more suspenseful than I found the book.
Tony Ravioli
Funny thing is, Apples' new headquarters is a HUGE fucking circle with many innovations built into it similar to what was seen in this movie. It even has a garden in the middle.
William Dai
Pretty sure this whole movie's just a promotion for uber
Sanita Skvarnaviča
saw this last night, the movie was soooo weak. honestly, don`t waste your money :/
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