WATCH PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn1sY8zB87E
Steven Mason
All tricks. 2 of them were made by video game companies to promote games
Kel Stewart
Looks like I've accidentally stumbled on to the internet bullshit channel.
Aaron Madrigal
These are dumb lol
Donny Darko
omg that was raiden's son
The Thai girl with mind powers looks like the same staged prank setup of one inside a coffee shop, all the way down to the lifting of "bad guy", look at hands, scream, and things flying off the table. It's somewhere here on YouTube.
Alexander Kunz
Nice. And a person with good moral's at that... Real life savior.
Terrifive's superpower is to make ppl watch this shit lol
Daily Fitness
Fire breather
hey I was there ,I was there,!!
Zombiepigman 206
All the "hooded figures" you use in your videos have the same symbol on there back, "superman", the one with the halo and the telegenic woman.
Amber Roberts
The 2nd one has telekinis srry if i cant spell lol
Saurabh Kumar
Nice editing๐Ÿ‘
My super power is I can be on the computer 24/7 without getting my eyes rotten :D :3
Tiffany Lopez
the guy with super speed was flying not running
Shantel Lee
Angels On Earth
Brian Vlad
At 5.00 the figures feet aren't even on the ground
White Honky Awesome Jake
First I would like to say GAY!
I have a superpower... it's giving free orgasms to the ladies. No fat or ugly ones though, otherwise my powers won't work.
Amy Lyons
. . in mu opinion ..
ppl shouldnt put stuff on internet like this powers because some may want to stay unknown
Bryce Parker
Michael Vey?"
jorge villarreal
sound true.......
Barbara Schiller
They are all the same people.๐Ÿค”
Mischa Lala
Nicki Minaj ass seems more real than theses video ๐Ÿ˜
Gail Vandiver
I wish I had superpowers
BoyFLY Jay
The second person the girl yo that power is boss lol
if you buy into any of this horse shit, cut your genitals off and/or kill yourself!
DarkElixer Gamer
THIS IS ALL NOT TRUE DONT LET PEOPLE FOOL YOU BE HARD TO GET. But I would believe it if the guy who almost got hit will explain what happen......
Jay Are
These are the fakest things I've ever fuckin seen
Exposing Squad
I have the power to make white stuff come from my dick its called super white acid
Ace Energy
guys there is a person who can control fire
Natsu Minadzuki
its like the first n the last hoodie figure the same person..with their shining hand..
Godzilla vs Mothra is more believable than this shit
bro rojola
i have power
chris jones
#3 is Superman pause at 4:57
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
The teleporter was proven to be an advertisement for a video game.
Seth Pennington
Superman didn't have glowing lights in his palms. That's telekinesis, not *mind control*.
Never with HD cameras, huh?

Always blurry.
Last one is a angel
John Black
Who else was sent here by Reaction Time
my superpowers is I can breathe air
The superpowers of Adobe After Effects lol
Squirrel Games
In the last one you can see a blur arrive from the right before the two men simply vanish, without blur and there is a flash of light where they "teleport". Very flashy.
Also clicking for Part 2 just reloads the same . o_O
NBA 4 Life
Last one is 100%. There was investigation and they found that video on some website action films or games(i don't remember very well) and this video was made for some commercial ( something like that)
the EPIC gamer
if I saw the girl with mindcontrol I would run for my life
LavenderWorksIt Aquarius
In America we call that editing
Peter Parker
man, the guy who posted this video is retarded.
Nallely Gonzalez
omg i was watching the one with the fast blur of light and then right when it said he turn to see what it was every car alarm went off a car alarm went off in from of my house when it said car alarm
aJ Ranjith
I think the 1st one,3rd & the 5th are the same๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Cupi Man
Duck is quacking
Aron Roberts
3/ he's flying not on the ground I stopped it
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