How To Sound Smarter Than You Really Are!

ryanhigahigatvnigahigahow to sound smarthow to sound smarter than you really aregenius

To all my fellow "dummies"... its time we is smart more than everyone harder than ever before!

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Zoey lou Harris
When his room was empty I thought he was going to move out
Striper: social enterteinament expert
Magnus Rasmussen
God his eyes look soo creepy :O
you are my fav youtuber you are amazing keep up the amazing work you editing is amazing and you really put time into your videos this will get buried in the sea of comments but i know you are an amazing youtuber and keep up the amazing work! whenever I'm down your videos always get me happy and inspired. you are amazing and inspiring. keep up the amazing work :D peace :)
Adrian Harripersad
Tim timmy tuner fuck u
Why is the title in my launguage
tbow s car
That skit at the end was fucking hilarious!!
Sanjana Sagi
It's pronounced "the-sore-ius". Not "thee-sir-is".
Bruh Donald's is dump
Aditi Rana
OMG Ryan !! How do you have such a great sense of humour, seriously you are so blessed dude 😇 I can't stop laughing for a second while watching your videos, & I watch them again & again 😂😂😂
Piki Dude
Hey NiHause Rikal here. Today we are going to talk about making a YouTube channel. BUT WHAT IS A YouTube CHANNEL?
HighGeneral Blitz
I like to use big words to sound photosynthesis
Mandele affect
Ahri lol
Wait u sued steve jobs MAN!!!!!
americans say thesaurus different
Dhivya Shivani Raviselvan
I was expecting to see Mark Zuckerberg in the dress for success part...
Amari J
Is confefe a big word
nice hair
JellyJeff JellyJefferson
2:11 "Maybe we''ll call them 'graduates'" Lol
Paula Cobbold
I only came here so I could impress my crush ;)

I really hope this gets lost and it will
Ajay paswan
dear Ryan please do something related to bollywood
Suvana Singh
Ryan kinda reminds me of the adult Gohan but with purple hair 😁
Sometimes I use words I don't fully understand to make myself sound more photosynthesising
lmao, you fucking killed me with the "latters"
J.J. Shank
it's funny cause trump is the smartest president weve ever had
SB Savagez
you put a smile in a thought everytime!! love u! pls continue being your great-self! 😘
Dear Ryan, can you ask Sean on a date
Eric Cayabyab
rocking the blue hair
My dad use to always say, "What, are you trying to be smart?" I would say "yes" and then get slapped.
supersaiyan sandwhich
I want your hair
Vanessa Berberi
I used to like RayWilliamJohnson more, but the guy abbandoned =3 and with that he abbandoned youtube and the fans that made him famous only to make stupid short videos and brag about his girlfriend on his facebook page. Ryan Higa has made videos for just as long, and he is still going at it even after all these years. It's obvious that he puts A LOT more effort in to his videos too, since his have original content. All Ray had to do was stand there and REVIEW viral videos that other people had made and he quit. He quit his fans just like that for nothing. Ryan, you have proven to be the BEST YOUTUBER because you respect your fans enough to continue doing what you're doing and that takes character. We love you ❤❤❤❤ PS. I've been a fan since the "How to be a gangster" video era of yours and even after all these years, you still brighten my day #RESPECT
mark the gamer
Can this comment get pinned?
Farheen Ali
dear Ryan! do a collaboration with Liza!! please please please!
I wish when he said "do you know to change a tyre" he then said "or cut a wire". do u guys get me here and what I am hinting at??
Aman Singh
I'll take Covfefe
Velika Chen
I honestly learn to say "the latter" more
Fair Deal
My mom : What do you think you are doing?
Me :Oh, if you don't know, I am a freelance independent entrepreneurial leader in social media marketing and research relations.
My mom :.........
thanks rryan ur motivating me
the finals always worth more than the midterm HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Hey I'm Pusheen
How to catch an idiot

Read more
Z English
I didn't find "dress for success" funny. Donald Trump IS a genius!
Meera Dinkar
3 course meall....... ask any Indian... they can cook like 10 course meal for 3 times well evn 10 is smaller number i think 😁
jinhae seo
how to sound smart: be asian
At Niagra University there is a urnal on display in the art exhibit... I will never understand modern art
Agney Ranjith
'Genii', not 'geniuses'... Just saying.
Ammy With .A.
dear ryan i love you💜
Yonal Karunatilake
this was uploaded on my bday :D
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