King Savage
Athena is the goddess of wisdom not war
Grace Morgan
it's absolutely amazing how far Lele goes for hilarious content XD
Tania Guevara
Pineapple_Pie :3
Wow I never knew Athena was the god of war
Cecile Wilson
Thats how Karma works..😎😎
Fangirl Panda
Athens didn't have fire powers??
Balwinder Singh
Medusa kill
Krazy Kid
Actually Ares wasn’t the god of war...
So if Aphrodite could get a guy to like me that'd be great
Sanket Bagul
I love Hannah, tbh
3 kids play time
The ball hit lele and then the guy😂
Boo Tube
We are studying Greek Mthogy in class and when i saw this I was so happy
Αννα Θεολογου
Μπραβο την Lele που εκανε βιντεο με σχεση την Ελλαδα και μπραβο της επειδη οταν την κυνηγουσε ο Διας ειχε ελληνικη μουσικη!!!!!❤
Adonis Octavien
The old Aphrodite had a boy friend name I don't
Adonis Octavien
Phoenix Jay
Jana Krstovska
What god was Lilly ?
Jana Krstovska
Wait who is the guy that played the god of fire?
I am Greek
Louise Womack
The god who was Lily Singh name is pronounced Althea ( al, tay,a ) I know because my niece if pronounced this way well I think...
F Faul
Zaidy Caballero
When superwoman says am the god of don't touch me lol
Ashley Guerrero
She's god of wisdom and war
Mela Sepulveda
When she was like this is SPARTA she hit lele Pons and it hit that other guy too LOL
Lily Nielsen
Lily Nielsen
Lele you have the same car as my mom lol. Infinity 2014
Dion Gerolymatou
I am from Greece and i ducking love it
Lexine Caratiquit
WE USE YOU TOO FLUSH OUR SHIT! that part made me laugh nonstop 🤣
sapphire sword
No leles have been hurt during this video.....beside when she died
Jaismeen Kaur
Αν εισται Ελληνες καντε like το σχολειο μ. If ur from greece like my comment!
Abdu Lla
I love lele
YouTube Diva x
The guy with the glasses lmao
Eden xx
that boy with the glasses got hit too
Saphira Silver
This video is great an I understand it’s supposed to be funny but I wish it was a little bit more accurate with the gods abilities.
Wolfy Moon
Nikola_ Playz
I guess the gods are supposed to Frick me up today..... lol
MLG Clorox Bleach
I thought it said they were going to fuck her
Fan of anything Song lover I thought I was the only one that noticed!
October 19 2016 "5 gods come together to fuck with one human" Lele Pons
October 19 2017 shit whose next
BTS unicorn poop
+1 Ποιος είναι απο ελλαδα??
ToastieBunBun {Nice Demon}
lol Lele became medusa
Jasir Corea
Medusa can't freeze god's of Olympus
Hanaan Muse
I mainly watched it for Lilly 😊😊😊😊
There are 12 gods btw
Tahel Danino
She's Artemis not Athena
Cassandra Lhei
I'm kinda surprised... Zeus managed to hold himself?!
Cassandra Lhei
Athena is not the goddess of war... She's wisdom...
Cutekittycat heart
Zeus has a daughter named Athena the daughter of wisdom
Sergio Hernande
Athena is actually the god of wisdom
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