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eric haggerty
wow that's awesome what a unique way to cook even better memory.I love Indian quisine
Esco KickS
Where are they washing their hands ?
proud Mexican
I want to try and make this too , hopefully I don't get a hard time finding some of the ingredients here
and plz take care of grandma awesome smile
Dr Zino
you have to think about your after life before you die my lady. no dought that you gonna face god and he will ask you about your religion and what you believe... andbelieve me there is only one god and he accept only one religion which is islam. so think about it because this is your last chance....with my love
Bianca Chune
wow I had to subscribe ASAP.
HEY If U ain't taking notes ya foolish. #LonglifeThruGoodFood
Karl Chrilders
God Bless You Granny!
Yorch huerta
nasty as hell!
Ali Hosen
oh was ist das
Boristos Jaxon
Your granny is hot
Eman Khan
wAooo yammi
Venkatesh Balasubramaniam
What language are they speaking? Is it Kannada or Telugu? its definitely not Tamil nor Malayalam. Or is it a north Indian language?
Genevieve Celeste
I love a strong woman and a great grandson.
Steve Sanjeev
I'm pure vegetarian... But I just wanted to watch it for that granny ❤❤❤❤
Gurmeet Thindh
just one question, is the melon top empty as well?
The Eye
I love my grandmother and I respect from my heart to every old person because they know what the world truly .
Cenzo Fuego
Buy Her a pan.
Danielle Brown
Watermelon and chicken! This can't be but I love it !
Bryant Strauss
shes beautiful
James Adams
Really cool dish!
Priya Varghese
grannyy its really great
mike pride
GRANNY! No teeth and all. Love you.
She is soooo cute!😍
kieth itreal
God bless her, she's so cute
Rudy Hinojosa
That was cool!
Ed Kovsky
my mouth was watering the whole time. Thank you for sharing!
Wow! What the green looking paper they are putting in the watermelon and the seal around it?
Girish Rawat
How much time do you heat the watermelon granny?
paranoid pattie
awwh granny you so sweet!!!!!
Ying Saephan
2:49 Am i the only one around here, who shook head?
Myka Dunn-Cameron
very neat idea im going to try that method on the bbq
Renee Green
what did you use to sealed the watermelon ? Thanks.
Jesse Leo
🍉 ninja
Lars Thorsen
Mmmmm! It looks soo good! Old school is the right school! :D
jhon vasquez moreno
grandma foods always delicious
neanam m
How old is she like 37?
Tadgh ÓCéirín
granny is adorable! I tried this and it was mind blowing! wow, how delicious. although now I do it in a dutch oven. but that is essentialy what the watermelon becomes. thankyou granny!
OMG que rica se ve esa comida 😍
Siobhan Johnson
Love the old lady
Sted Scighera
At the beginning of the video there were many flies on the food. Disgusting! Could you be cleaner, plz?
coyote bravo
what a shithole
galaxy Power
Please take good care of grandma cuz this channel would be different without her and most of your subscribers are here for her just like myself..
Kelvin M
Rafi khan
Wat a cute granny
Yanyans Dabu
mohammad musthafa
I Love this dish ...superb and healthiest dish for every one
Zulfi Mirza
love you nani
Why you do not use a big spoon to remove inside ?
Slim I
Gordan Ramsey ain't got nothing on her, he can go blow him self with a dish of noodles in the corner
nusrat nusrat
motu eating too much
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