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never thought that someday im gonna read watermelon chicken
Dawn's Star
What a beautiful thing to have your gran keep traditions in this day and age, and to show such respect to her. Shows a respectable family....something us Americans lack in so many ways.
Our grans are busy trying to look and act younger and worry about their fixed income so they can buy their 10 or more prescription medications here. Uggh!
Prabhu Prajapati
mast dadi
i l o v e y o u
akshay bandewar
Grannies rock,man!Video reminded me of my granny whos no more but she was a great cook...
Farhan Akmal
Send my regards to your nanny sir. From Malaysia with love!
shiv shankar
pura mood fresh ho gya
Gens World
I Love her <3
Nuno Santos
very nice video... funny grand mother
maaz khan
she is one hundred and 6 years old hit one like for her
Sridhar Ponakanti
i wish i would have my grandparents. i can have those tasty foods with their hands
Arghya Jana
oh wow how cool is that... respect..
Eli Mayor
I'm wearing a headset and I heard a fly. instantly I tried to drive the fly away but I remember I don't have a fly in my room..
Sanyukta singh
I love my granny so much n god may bless this lovely granny too
gupta Dinesh
nice grandmaa ..
Smita Surve
this looks so yummy...grandma is awsom
RBTmusic Official
she's so cute <3 miss my dadi
kranthi mithra
who would dislike this video?? might be the ones who don't know how to cook when they don't have a fucking microwave.
Srinivasan K
God Bless this grand mother ☺
Super Koba
this is disgusting. these is some food that would be in fear factor
jorge meza
so what happens when you run out of watermelons
vip youngster
how the got idea come for to do to YouTube oldest granny it gud
Pragati Hegde
she's so cute.... :)
Hack To Do
u know telugu
Tahera Chaudhary
Why can't you take ypur granny to a good dentist and make her a pair of teeth set. She cooks such a lovely food for you all. God bless her.
Talita Barreto
What a different way to cook,but looks very taste...and made by the hands of a cute grandmother!😍
Jared Graham
"A Nigger taught me!"
Davz the queen
omg she's so cute!!
Prince Sharma
No hygiene fuckers
pls tell us about safe surfing. kumari
ap bhot saal jio......
grandma did her thing and everybody is getting in on dinner wonderful
David Brago
Dirty food...puagggg
Catherine Zercher
Wow. My grandmother is soooooo different. We can learn so much from our grandparents.
manoj Kumar
Wah Dadiji ap great ho
Tom Irwin
She's beautiful makes me think of my Mom.... Great cooking idea too!
Ben Wicker
bless that lady .
Raydan Sean Tangwayan
I love this idea of cooking.
love frm the Philippines.
Samurai .50
She reminds me so much of my grandmother. great memories.
I love this whole page
Tamia Norwood
god bless
Beth Loggins
That is one badass gramma
jarrett fisher
5 ads in an 11 min video
such beautiful video ...I realy like this
I'll have some but hold the flies please?
Donald Bailey
Now this is culture my friend👍 keep up the good work
Junb Gurung
I Remember my grandmother Who love us so much.
Jesus Vera
She makes the real stuff like Mexico good home cooking God bless.
Syeda Zainab Fatima
I really appreciate to this grand mother for such an excellent work and she is expert....great thing I observe of her sharing her love.....hats off
Mobius Trip
This is how us hominids are meant to eat. Real, natural food. Great video.
How old is she? She's awesome.
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