kenneth mugendi
wow! tell grandma to send me her menu,
I love Granny!😍😍 she looks so sweet
Manoj kumar Pradhan
luv u nani...
pradeep RaO
Thanks for sharing the recipe Granny.
sowndarya K
cute grand ma...
Yomaira Martinez
esto es genial!! la.sabiduría hecha comida ❤
so many dislikes probably because of the amount of ads in the video
Iana Chat
hi there..greetings from germany..i tried to.cook ur grandmas recipe but it didnt work out.
.i took all out of the water melon and finished cooking it in my pressure cooker..the taste was awwsome but it didnt cook the chicken all the way long did she cook it for ? i will try again...😊
Monica Ortiz
Wow, amazing!!!
srinivasachary velishala
I liked Grandma & chicken
Punit Chhimpa
Luv u.. Granny.
Ümit Can Bal
Yorumlardan şarkı bekliyorum
mik rettop
oh wow... bet that chicken was tender
Rubyna Kamei
I think it was a great idea but she was tasting it bfor even cooking🙁
Sadhana Singh
super excited grandmaa
Jhuni Mishra
wilson rivera
don't fuck with granny!!!!!!!
Prity Singh
amazing ...wawwww ...
Saved Soul7
I am pretty sure that this food is way better than any fancy restaurant around here, and I wish that I could try it. Long live to this grandma!! :)
Piano Roots Music
So... let me get this straight... some indian granny living in the forest can cook better food with with a fire and a watermelon oven than I can with a full kitchen
Naz Diaz
how much time do we need to wait for until it's ready? :'v
What kind of paper/leaf is that?
Chang Zhang
Uh I don't eat fast food
Kelly W.
She is such a peach...what a beautiful soul! Her cooking methods are authentic and passed down though her 106 yrs... god love her. The conditions over there can't be helped. I would bet that her meals are probably more sanitary than what we get in some of the restaurants we go to!! Sad but true because we really don't know. Do you really know if the people preparing our food are practicing good hygiene etc? Or if there are roaches and rats crawling around the kitchen? Are the refrigerators etc holding food at the right temp and covered/dated? People should really stop and think before criticizing a SWEET and LOVING granny cooking with LOVE for her FAMILY! All the best to Granny...I would be honored to eat her food!! God bless her!! : )
Jabez Tolentino
so much respect for you granny! i love the way you cooked that dish.. in a watermelon! so nice..
Otniel B Franco
i love all this... from Dominican Republic with love.
Carmelyn Gulay
kung maka comment iba dito grabi,, dati kinakamay naman talaga ang pagkain.. aning bang traditional sa inyo?
Thank you for the video
bangaru yasoda
I miss u nanamma.......
Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary Enthusiast)
Oops! Sorry! YouTube I subbed me so when I came back the last video showin was the watermelon chicken. I thought that was the last video. I'm happy to see there is a new video from 2 hours ago! God bless her and all of her family!
Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary Enthusiast)
WHERE IS GRANDMOTHER?????!!!!!! is she alright? I miss her when I don't see her!!! Please let us know how she is doing! We love you Grandmother!
Sha mu
for all the fuckwits complaining about flies..have you noticed that they are cooking outdoors. Ok then proceed.
Queen Queenly
I Love her
yjhm yhj
you see flies? so? you are not gonna die lol
Lavanya Madeneni
super bammma vantalu
Mister Bickis
She don't even look 100 tho
Azael Villalobos
minuto 2:49 pense que siera una mosca aqui conmigo la del sonido jajjjajajajaajja
01 123 prencies
01 123 prencies
मैं दाहिने हाथ या बाएं हाथ के साथ कोई समस्या नहीं है।
बूढ़ी औरत से खाने के लिए मैं दोनों हाथों उपयोग कर रहा हूँ।
यह एक असली संस्कृति है?
This grandma is just amazing wat she do😭🙏❤️
gerald young
I don't give fk for political correctness, using hand for everything is just disgusting
Ndungu Kamau
i have to try cookin with watermelon, am new here. i love this stuff.
before 1 year and 4 months I had the same life with my grandhmother I am from india now I moved to spain she make for me some delicious food every day something special I miss her want to see her agian
i want to tring this repas
Greetings from Venezuela good video grandmo
grandmother is so beautiful 💝💚🌻🥀🌿🌾🌸🌼💗💕💞💜💐🌷🕊🌹💖❣️🌷💗🌾💘🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 Love from Canada
Adriana Valdez
hermosa mujer un fuerte abrazo
Munira Choudhary
i really feel sorry for grandma .. look her she is tooo old now .. she really need rest 😔😔😔
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