Tahira Ali
Congrats on 12 mil!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amber ._.
9.11 uncle Nathan 😂😂
Nice lil Nelk diss, lol.
Cameron Dunn
he got 12 million!
Kai Tattersall
Helen Minnie
I have a lambo
Hope Labrada
Oml the gurls in the white car are my friendsss❤️❤️❤️
Lashawnda Crews
This is cookie🐰 she was in a terrible accident and need stitches like is one stitch how many does she get?
Damian Gessner
Uncle kad chested on you
Noah Baddevithana
Sub to me
Tom Connors
who thinks Erika is a gold digger
Kerry Allison
jake even though you want people to by your merch u don't need to always wear it
Yelrihs Claire Polinar
He only needs👉 100,142
Tiger novak999
Elijah Payne
The best dude ever
Kianna Crowder
Kim rheinwald
But why was Kade holding Erika
Carol Deaton
Send me and my granddaughter to Miami we're from Cincinnati and you know it's cold here. I know you're never going to read this but fans Jake Paul is number one buy his merch
Faysal Al Janabi
I have the same Yeezyz
Michael Krypciak
Yo jake big fan I love ur vids keep up the good work and dab on the haters
Tracy Lloyd
I sub scrib👅👅👅👅
This Curly Plays
The damn last part, bruh! Jake would be a greeaaaat gold digger
Lol he never hit 12 million 😂
Nathan Hoggatt
ItsmeTravi J
Watching in November lol late squad
Veronica Murillo
Your mestup to erika
Ilka Anglin
I like your videos so much
Katarzyna Adamczyk
u should sub jake paul
Ninja Power
Subscribe now😡😡😡🤡🤡
ñbianca Amador
When I grow up I going to get A Lamborghini
Donald Hancock
I have been watching your videos thay r very awesome its everyday bro
Ishaan Babbar
Doug Niemynski
I'm done
Inaya Miah
Sounds like Anthony is singing when you was showing the Lamborghini
Marnee Moran
Jake is cool
James Bonilla
surprise me
Macky Gaye
I have labom bich
I have a Lamborghini I have a Lamborghini
Audra Grueneberg
hi I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻👄no I'm coming for you👩👩😶
kangesu umasivan
Hi jake I love you I fuck logon and jake you arethe best you tuber in the world
mike treadwell
cayla & micheala
get Jake to 12 million
Fars Naif
And you still didn't give me a shawed out 😢
Fars Naif
Subscribed and turned the bell before 1 or 2 years ago
Christina Burton
Mi bta arn how g it me mri
Nick The ROBLOX guy
I subscribed
yolo lik
U r retardet u stupid douche ass hole mother fucker
Diana López
Is uncle Kade actually married 😱😱😱😱😱
Huoch Sophie
I have the same name as Uncle Kade's wife lol
Bradley Lima
i subscibed
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