Joy Oliver
Abeg make una mercy oooo let God be the jugde
dont judge??? he could be lying... Wat are your evidence that he is the one responsible????
he has done great crime but shouldnt be a medium for adding lies to it... God may not forgive you. and how can you pay the huge sum ransom if you all are not criminals too....
Joshy cross
I love the last statement " if the police wants to work, they will work"
Suru Samuel
what a waste Human Rights activist lawyer coming out to defend international criminal, we didn't want Human Rights to intervene in anything in the world any longer. they proper gate Evil In the world bcoz activist Are the architech of Evil In the world today.
mama nana
I was one of those people who was always suffering set backs;little seemed to go right for me,money always passing through my hands and always dogged by sheer instances of bad luck,no progress even with all the years i worked,anxious and worried about the life and future of my children,family pressure until i sought the help of a very powerful traditional healer called Mama "+27836708212" whose 'jujuu oil' has since changed everything from my work; finances, her for any help.
Daton Chukwuma
Looking at Him, He accepted that He did it and still reviews other things they did. this will be a great lesson to everyone. Bible says all have sinned and have come short to His glory. what He does may not be bigger than what others due. we know that their is a wage for every sin. let God judge Him, condemn Him and deliver Him. God bless everyone.
Ike Alozie
just spare his life with a necessary punishment to remember and repent !
Ike Alozie
just spare his life with a necessary punishment to remember and repent !
tosanwumi jacdonmi
whoever the commentator is on this video is jst a lazy drag... better not put commentary at all, let us just read in peace 😒😒
Sulaiman Yanga
Gathered details information on evans Arrest all his cabinet clear them.
Adenuga Oluwafemi
This will teach all parents to train their child to God way. I am not here to judge evans. My bible have written it that di shall not judge, My father in heaven will judge him.
Success Olukoya
Evans and his gangs are illiterate, the government should tell the police to beat Evans and his gangs terribly the way they were beating those victims, they should put hot iron on their faces they are very stupid devilish set of human being
Jumoke Onah
what about the politicians?are all of them not thesame?Evans is just a scapegoat
Omolola Kolawole
Evans and his wife must face equal punishment they are birds of the same feathers that flocks together
$1M not $1.
Sandra Josh
Like seriously this Ivan's went to the school of kidnapping he has all the materials things in d kidnapping he has done a lot of bad things sha hmmm na wa
Chioma Mbonu
since i saw this news online what attract me to be going through the details is the innocent face of this so called Evans, Angel at face but demon at heart, 30years imprisonment
buga boiz
$1 alrighty
mc laughable comedy world
hmm.. this is sad and a very shocking one....well vengeance is in the hands of the Lord... how many politicians who stole and embezzled our money have been persecuted. hmm naija to funny
Patience Ike Agbonkhese
Evans should kindly return all the money.
I Thank God for you sir
Shin Ayin
his wife don't know this things her husband does? do she work? how do she looks so rich? why is she pleading for her husband to be forgiven? Evans wife said she did not know that her husband is a criminal, did she not see the gun wound on her evil husband chest and shoulder? did her husband not told her what was the reason of the gun shot wound? Evans wife must be arrested she was living very big on innocent blood, Evans and his wife should be sentenced to death penelty, do you know how many people Evans and his gang have killed burried without trace, l know Nigeria is a useless country l thank this particular police men for their efforts. All those Evans and his gang kidnapped that are still alive should star coming out to testify against Evans so that they world will know more about Evans
They don't care about their victim all the treatment was for him to be alive to pay the ransome. After the ransome they don't care again about the victim. Some were dead not able to tell their ordeal.
Taiwo fincH
I hope the Nigerian police have all the necessary information from this thief before allowing the media make a mess of the whole story!!!This guy has accompanist and those are the once that make his job successful! I hope somebody knows he has Caterers, Drivers, Bankers , Policemen, Pastors, Herbalist ,Prostitutes as Agents and other informants who feed him with information and all of them are potential kingpins!
His Bank Statements can be used to trace some of his most frequent payments to know Pple who benefit from this and work with him ! Ncc should Authorize network providers to investigate how he was able to register so many network lines!!!
Thumbs up to our law enforcement but this is easiest part, they must do a thorough job to uncover the whole menace of kidnapping that is gradually becoming a norm in the country!!!
The next time you see pple spending anyhow just know that pple who make money legitimately hardly spend it carelessly,,,,
Pablo E-Place
More than mere kidnapping this man ran a Mafia empire . Just imagine all these narrated in detail !
Hawlat Bello
well said, IF the police want to work they could work
abbey nuatin abbey nuatin
Sharp guy,Maga most pay .
abbey nuatin abbey nuatin
Idiot lazy man,they should not kill him at all but render him useless for the rest of his life and all those properties to be sold and refund his victims if not all bcos they live lavish life .
Aishat wow nice kudos to tomiwa Adebisi
ogaoo dis Evans
Aishat wow nice kudos to tomiwa Adebisi
imagine Evans hav doctor for his dirty job dey need to get d doctor
Wanda Brenda
Evans need to get serious punishment he is a devil
Sandra Uhunmwa2ll ongho
Evans deserves Death Penalty be cause no one knew how many he has sent to their early Grave all because he has chosen to be lazy all his life
Wilson Mich
Please my word is this man should not be killed but his two hands and two legs be cut off, his properties be sold and his victims balanced. Let the kidnapper remain in wheel chair for the rest of his life.
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