SML Movie: The Magical Button!

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Bowser Junior and his friends find a magical button in the attic!

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Thank you guys so much for 2,500,000 subscribers!! I love every single one of you!!! The SuperMarioLogan Movie is coming soon! I am sorry it hasn't came out yet. It will be worth the wait! Also thank you for being patient! You are all awesome!!!!
ranell jr Sahagun
i see tito in news
JB hernandez
Junior is worser then the Hitler
michael guest
MLGGamer TheMLGbros
Jeffy and Mario is alive
Much Muzik
Jeffy: f$&k you!!!!

Cody: 00:12

Jeffy I said f$&k you. You must be high!!!
Much Muzik
Jeffy: are you fu$@ing high!!!!

Cody: 00:12
SmartDrew GT
6/30/17: 2.5 mil
11/28/17: 3.8 mil

DJ Pixel
I Will wish for A PlayStation 4
I would wish you finish the movie LOGAN
Mr creepers xx
Logan I thought you were dead
Frank Clavijo
If I did I will wish for a horse
King Migg
When you see a huge spider 16:27
Juan Jacobo Arevalo
I would wish to be rish.
The Epicast
9:45. you can see the sonic popsice on the top left corner
Brian Jurgens
Bowser Jr.: oh yeah Hubby bobba. Cody: JR YOU KILLED SOMEONE OVER A HUBBA BOBBA?! Bowser jr.well Hubba bobba is the best gum all over the world right Joseph? Joseph? Cody: JR YOU KILLED JOSEPH OVER A PACK OF HUBBA BUBBA!!!!!!! Bowser jr: WA-WAIT JOSEPH'S DEAD?!?! CODY: JR I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOOD HAPPEN!!! Bowser jr: NO NO JOSEPH! CODY: HES DEAD JR! Bowser jr gets worried WHYED HE DIE?! CODY:BECAUSE YOU PUSHED THE BUTTON AND THE BUTTON CHOOSE HIM TO DIE RANDOMLY! Bowser jr: no-n-no WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! CODY: well one in seven billion actually.
juggernog 69
14:21 Lil Uzi vert
The DarkGamer 246
All the girls in my class to love me
Sakina Totten
i wish i had asmoch subscribers as you guys
Hazza Boiii
I will wish for fruit loops
Yuina Dreamurr
If I had the button I'd wish my parents loved each other again
Cubey6402 2nd channel
i would wish an expensive fursuit of my character i hope it kills my frienemy
lil tatu Fais
Sike I we'd not pres the buten
Josh Diep
I would press the button for big tittys
I would wish to go to your house and meet you and The fam
Isaac Montano
Paper world 🌎
ahtike aung
Even paper Cody mom
kanegaming 09
Doctor 47341
I would wish for the button NOT to kill anyone
Aren Bronton
I would never risk killing somebody for my own worthless reasons
Dedum Duck
17:00 But Your Dead 😂
Colyn Moore
Anonymouse 666
Today is my birthday
titotooter u r a ring dam ass
The Axel Club/ Wii U Gaming!
3:25 it sounded like he said "Wow That's F*cked"
Corvera Sonia
cars and trucks and buses and minecraft toys and more
Jamil perry
when he said all my friends are dead all my friends are dead push me to the edge lol
I would wish that the button would not kill anyone when I wish for something 😂😂
No One
a girl my age
baby bendy 2017
Hahaha you killed Logan
Her Kookie
That mac and cheese in a bath looks hella good tho
Her Kookie
Life lesson
I would say that a human life is worth more than 15,000 dollars
Nothing can buy a human life
Atreyu Sturgill
This is dark
oscargaming vision
I wish for cheerios
oscargaming vision
I thought you die
Zombies Montage
12:01 xd
This guy Dannyyy
How Come Jeffy Didn’t die?
The boss penguin 1
Jackson Baker Productions
The first time I saw this I thought you stole the ice cream truck xD
the little dragon
Wait if Jr. Kill his friends he didn't kill Toad , Mario , Jerfy ,Luigi , sonic , jet , tails so Jr didn't kill everyone
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