LG G6 x FullVision Display


One-hand usage on a FullVision Display is no longer a fantasy, thanks to the LG G6.

Featuring a 5.7" QHD+ display and #DolbyVision, the LG G6 promises to dazzle every single day. Discover the LG G6: http://bit.ly/discoverG6

JuniperPotato AJ
"and it has a headphone jack" ikr. apple, you hear that?
Irialisse González
Jimmy Tran
Song name please?
Max the Black Leopard
Ha ha ha we have a headphone jack
조회수 330만인데 좋아요 100개도 못넘고 댓글 30개 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 조회수 조작따리 조작따
Ethan M
Thumbs down for not using "Like a G6"
TheQuentinator Why do I need a last name
Holy fuck that shit is almost as bad as Google's :

Steven Ballard
love the song that you put for this video
Deivi Josue
lg should make it to where if you got a v20 with a contract you can switch to this gorgeous g6 😍
Victor Carrilho
I love LG!
Robert Livengood
oiki - hands up. Not sure if it's the exact same song but it's pretty damn close...
Chips Dubbo
"Oh, and it has a headphone jack"

Someone get the bug spray, because they just launched a billion worms into Apple.
Brooke Ryzenga
song name
Communicating AJ
99.9% of people are here for the song (including me please tell me omg)
90% of people are here for the song
why 2.4 million views but 54 likes
Eli Gonzales
sea cucumber
Anthony Xiong
Sam Ataco
song ?
Shelby Smith
honestly this is my favorite phone commercial ever "oh and it has a headphone jack" yall are savage
Synthra Official
"And it has a headphone jack." LOL I see what you did there. Good one.
RedLighting 256
Hùng Chiu
Oh it has headphone jack 🖒🖒🖒
M. C
Never LG for me !!!
Kenneth Blair
Haha! Love the shot at apple!
ƏtH4n CaLdEr0N
what is the song called
Matt Weston
like it
Fucking noisy yet this present nothing
Ugly phone.
grandaizer KSA
boot loop issue always
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