Look, Breathe and Believe EJ
Being dyslexic should never hold u back I found out in primary I was dyslexic but it should not stop u, u just want to learn in a different way and there is nothing wrong with that xx
vulcanoz 1

when you gotta remind the dyslexic kids its not really their brain
Awesome Ella
Awesome video inspiring
Everything the light touches is our kingdom
Than you for making this so visual 😊
Alexandra Petretta
Here's that book...https://www.amazon.com/Dyslexic-Advantage-Unlocking-Hidden-Potential/dp/0452297923/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509391140&sr=8-1&keywords=the+dyslexic+advantage&dpID=51ODrVd0q-L&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
D. Va
Holy shit. That's exactly the stuff I enjoy doing.
Jim Hillman
I was told not to go to college, but I did straight A,s. Starting my own corporation was fun
Albert Einstein did NOT have Dyslexia. It's a common myth.
Karman Wilmot
Wait....so what does this mean for me? I have dyslexia AND am on the autism spectrum(aspergers). Do I have areas that are high density and some other ares with low density?
Best Person
I'm pretty sure I have dyslexia and I have done lost of tests and stuff online and it all said I have dyslexia but my parents won't listen to me because they don't think I have it. Can someone help me out, what should I do?😕
Ann marie White
Have you watched the video on you tube called the myth of dyslexia made by mills production a very interesting watch will make you look at dyslexia in a whole new way!
Jasmine Brown
is he saying Bella Thorne is a genius
Thanks for the video
My friends just call me lazy but I have dyslexia
i'm 14 now but when i found out that i was dyslexic i was 10 my mom though that i would never be able read or do anything. but now i'm in a special needs class and i hate it but i need it i know m not good at typing everyone at my school is always so nice me i like i feel like there not being honest its like they have to be i get made fun of because how i talk i stutter a lot i try to not stutter but its hard my bad left us because we all had a disability in some way. i was home school for 2 years and i only read at a grade 4 level and i'm in 8 grade my name is janessa and i have dyslexia. sorry again for my spelling or typing errors :(
manpreet singh
Pretty good information in this video. I am stunned to see the numbers stats of dyslexic people all over the world. Only in usa, 1 out of every 7 student is struggling through mild to severe dyslexia. I always wanted to help them, so i researched internet and after several trials and error , i came up with an idea to developed an that will ease your effort to take notes and help you in reading it as per your assistance.it is a notepad specially designed for people with dyslexia. It has optical character recognition, voice recognition and text to speech function to help you through the daily note taking routines. You can check out here
Nora Villanueva
Mali Clephane
Thank you, I am 79 and have just found out I have dyslexia. It makes me, according to the medical fraternity, disabled, I really do resent this label and feel it, finding out, has had a profound effect on my life.
Fleet Hyper
I have dyslexia and I'm stupid
bella dama
any advised of how to teach my 8 year old how to read and make it more easier for her.... Today they made fun of her for not knowing how to read and it broke my heart kids can be so mean...
bella dama
you are so right my daughter it's very creative with pictures she will put objects on them and I be like wow but my main focus is to teach her how to read also do you have any advised how to make it easy for her she is 8 years old
DinahLady PT
The only thing that isn't consistent with this minicolumn theory is that people can have dyslexia and autism spectrum traits together or be diagnosed with both disorders. A literature search will confirm that they do commonly occur together. For example a one minute search


Though I guess in dyslexia minicolumn abnormalities may not be global and may be in wernickes area only, perhaps. And I guess potentially you could have the "opposite" minicolumn organisation in other areas pertaining to social functioning etc giving rise to ASD.
scott larson
Thank You. I was diagnosed with dyslexic in the 60s when I could not read normal speed. Your description of Material Reasoning is what I thought everyone could do. My career was spent as a designer in aerospace where is turned concepts into real engineered systems. Thank you for this video. I have always known that my dyslexia was also what gave me my ability to create designs out of nothing. I just have problems communicating them to others
Abigail Anime
I found out I was dyslexic last year and I want to know more so that I can help my self more in school I used to have a teacher shout at me because I could not do math or spell right and she would all ways pick on me
Paul Garcia
I was, as stated by others, a struggling student. I didn't read well, couldn't spell well and had a hard time with math. I should state I am 59 y/o and no one I knew had ever heard of dyslexia. I was ashamed and confused by my seaming lack of intelligence. My father was a physicist and my brother and sister were smart. I went into the military after flunking out of college. After that I went to paramedic school. I failed and took it again the next year and made it through. Now you might think, God,I wouldn't want this guy working on me, but it turned out I was gifted at it! I was said to be a thinking medic, as apposed to a protocol medic. I could think outside the box, which is a good thing for a paramedic. It wasn't until after all of this struggle of trying to find my place in the the world that I started to learn of dyslexia. I've never been tested but what if learned fits like a glove. I retired from paramedicine and the fire service after 30 years, but still feel effected and unsure of my intelligence. It's been a long and uncomfortable struggle mostly with feeling inadequate and dumb in that I take longer to learn then most people. I'm writing because I'm sure there are other who are struggling with this also and could feel better about themselves if they knew why they are the way they are.
cookie cookie
This made me smile but made me cry
At school teachers annoy me with Spealing and one would tease me then blame me in year 5
1:40 drops the mic er um script
Suzanne Calton
I found a program to teach my dyslexic 11 year old to read. What do you think of the easy read reading system by david Morgan? It's a visual phonetic system... but $128 per month, guaranteeing solid reading within 3-6 months.
ben mcculloch
Particularly uplifting video - thank you Manuel! when u get time can u list some reccomended reading/links to develop more insight into neuroanatomy specifically regarding mini columns!! Genuinely compelling video for everyone..especially a conceptually motivated dyslexic! Thanks mate
THANKS HEAPS! your a champ
thank you
I was 28 when I found out I was dyslexic. At school my teachers always said I was a slow learner, lazy and lacked confidence. I then went to college as a adult and within the first week a teacher noticed I struggled. She sent me for dyslexic test and yep I was dyslexic. After finding out it meant I knew how to adapt and reach my full potential. I will never forget that teacher and because of her I am now graduating this year and know I'm not stupid.
Laura Cava
Outstanding! So excited and shared your video,....I too have shared Dyslexic Advantage posters of MIND Strenghts with my school district office -Staten Island NY,....thank you science Teacher!:)
Sharlene' Martinez
yes please! you have helped me understand my daughter and myself . I know you have only made a few videos of it but great info. can't wait to see the other videos of this subject. thanks for sharing!
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