Ed Sheeran's Back! 10 minutes 47 seconds of his best bits!

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Following on from massive co-hosts with Adele and Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran joined Scott Mills and Chris Stark on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show!
He (kind of) confirmed a Glastonbury appearance, talked about a house party with the Game of Thrones cast and briefly mentioned *that* scar…

Ert D
I don't understand U?. I want to know what you really want from me.
Ert D
I does love you so much,. Why you want to kill me?.
far away
Ruby Calunsag
why did they cut when ed said that his biggest market in the world is phillipines? and most of the members of staff of the boat are filipinos and every five minutes there was a wave of selfies with him..just asking..peace..
Random Person
oh my lord, the watch on his wrist is worth 540,000£. i'm dead.
Real music is back! Ed sheeran is back! Gaga is back! Beyoncé is back! Katy Perry is back! Taylor Swift is back! Lana is back! Selena is back! Britney is back! Coldplay is back! Bebe Rexha is back! Bruno Mars is back! Ariana Grande is back! Maroon5 is back! Zedd is back! Calvin Harris is back! Rihanna is hitting the charts! Big Sean is also hitting the charts! Justin Timberlake is still in the charts! Blake and Alicia has new albums! Rae Sremmurd is great! Zayn is back! Adele and Twenty one Pilots winning at the Grammys! Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Lorde, Future and The Chainsmokers is set to come back! This 2017 would be so lit! 🔥 2009 is coming back! 💯
• fluent sarcasm •
Did you mean 10 minuets and 48 seconds
Shree Shetty
In my head it worked. - Me everyday on everything.
Skittle Raps
Please check out my new cover on my channel
abbi duah
big up GH
So talented and he seems like a really nice bloke. Go Ed!
Manaar El Sharif
"in my head it worked" so me😂
Sarah Abdulle
You can clearly see the presenter being so sarcastic lol " and who else has been at your house" hahahahahahahahahah.
Shifra Jacobs
What's the name of the Irish Folk Band? 😅
Adara A.
Ed: Next time I take a break, it'll be 2 weeks, not one year.

Me: hallelujahhhhhhhh hallelujahhhhhh hallelujahhhhhh halleluuuuuuuuuujahhhhhhhhhh
2017 make America Ed again:)
Brad S
hes turned in to Chris Evans with the vocals of Craig david
john .smith
Wtf happened to the full interview
Harumi Lopezj
where is him orange hair?
Florinda D'Archivio
how did he get that scar sorry 😕
Nina & Mer
‼️‼️we did a cover of castle on the hill please check it out❤‼️
Lourry Stylin
Miriam. A
Mate waiting on that song in Twi with fuse🙌🏾
Music Is Life
what about the scar?
Is it just me or did Scott seem like a bit of a dick to ed
Jennifer Terri
he doesnt want to talk about the scar 😂😂😂
ariana x
Ed smiling makes my day
ariana x
I missed this guy so much.. When he came back I just cried and yeah. Judge me but I don't care. It was worth it.
Brooklyn Magee
I missed u so much yay
Brooklyn Magee
I missed u so much yay
Evan P
Ed's watch is so cool
lol he forgot the words to his own songs and relearned them in a day
carmen alphenaar
You know he's got puzzle pieces tattoos for people he loves. And that he has the missing piece for his future wife. SEEMS LIKE IT'S STILL MISSING. At least it looks like bare skin to me
Derek Coulahan
Sounds like he was nearly killed on his trip, sword to the face, burning his foot, bungee jumping, strapped to a plane lol
Did he go to Queenstown in Nz? During his break or was it another place
Finally he's back!
where is him singing shape of you????
Camilla Madsen
When i first herad castle on the hill, i immediately thought of u2, even before i saw this interview. By the way, wouldt it be seriously cool! a duet him and! Bono.
2016 was shitty cause he left.
2017 will be heaven with him here
the way that Scott is like "oh there he is" and he's so excited is basically me when i found out Ed was back
Theresa Wolf
Test generation restriction certain education organ assist swing sleep.
Check out the acoustic chord and lesson at my chanl!
Maristel Gerente
that scars tho ! hahaha
Casually wearing a half a million pound watch aswell!
LandL Hall
Good to see you back Ed!
rowena Murray
Mmm guess Ed is headlining Glastonbury this year then
Jim Cadogan
Awkward when the thumbnail says 10min 48
Skand Dobriyal
48 seconds*
ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia
this is so weird. I havent smiled so hard during a video in so long
Joe Mason
Fuse ODG yeah his song Badder than Bad is quite similar to Shape of You :D
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