GUMMY VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE Taste test Candy - Healthy - gross - Kids react - Ash freaks out!


GUMMY VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE Taste test Candy Review with Charli's Crafty Kitchen - kids react & freak out!
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Susan Duhaney
do a fashion show
Kim Stevenson
You are brave
Angeli Mohod
Charli is so polite!
jojo flores
Fonduo chalenge
Amanda Hoefler
I remember when you both 4 and years ago
Winona Quitugua
u guys are way to smily 😫 like can u guys even froun for once aka I'm an hater to ur YouTube channel
Kiya Maye
eat it or wear it challenge
Jorge Umanzor
you pretty charlis
Takos show
pizza challenge
Tufa choudhury
Ashlee was being nice to give Charli a point
Tufa choudhury
00:1 dah dah lol love this channel
Jen Padilla
ice cream challenge
you guys are the best
Shofinoor Khan
Ashley is cute
Shofinoor Khan
do the pop tart challenge.
Ada Chintapali
pls do the putty challenge
bich hue nguyen thi
Yes it is
Ayra Noor
a lave yoy carli
Ruby Dragneel
Pizza challenge?!
ΩƒΩˆΨ«Ψ± Ω†Ψ΅Ψ±
I love your videos and I wanna be your friend
I'm from SaudiArabia
Andrew Co
try eat it or wear it pleaseeee!!!!!
Pravin Neupane
pls do chocolate fondue challenge
Maria farr
eat it or wear it challange
Crizniel Anna Delos Reyes
japleen Kaur
can u make empire biscuits
do try no to lathe chaleng
devansh anand
Jennifer Capodacqua
I loves charli's oulfit!so cute
Rahul Ram
please do the ice cream challenge with your dad and mum ash and charil pretty pleaseπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜— Rominica Sathiya
kitty_cat :3
Megan Sanchez
Can you do the been boozle
Vero Michael
I love 😘 This
Koko Mee
Priya Gautam
Eat it or wear it challenge please
Gemma Boggs
That's easy
Charliemagne Reynon
no cringe challenge plzzzz
Paul Rayner music
sexy girl charli
Waqar Siddique
ice cream
AnnaTheAwesome Xx
Can you please do the makeup challenge
David Wabe
we love ice cream
Imaan Adnan
Do a popcorn challenge
Gaming With Mangle HQ
love πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Rishav Ghosh
Do the chubby bunny challenge
Nuraini Jaafar
Jamylette Sanchez
Charlie ate the gummy worm with the dirt
Savanna McFadgean
If they haven't done any it the pizza challenge or the smoothie challenge
Crazy Gamer1985
chapstick challenge
Shiks Permal
Tvane Rapier
ice cream challenge
Anita Perry
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