Married Woman Gets A Kylie Jenner Makeover • Married Vs. Single

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Kelsey gave Ned's wife Ariel a Kylie Jenner makeover and now she looks... exactly like Kelsey.


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Ariel Fulmer

Marie Delaroche
She looks so much better with her natural look!!
typical charley
Everyone is talking about how pretty Ariel is BUT NED IS SO CUTE!!!! How he reacted to Ariel was so cute and that sweater was the perfect color for him
carmen comrie
When he said Hello to his wife, he sounded like Mr.Bean 😂😂
Xondra Luna
She looks 10 years older after all of that makeup! 😱 tons of people look younger after but not her. She so pretty before!!
Lazy Leah
Ngl but Ned and Kelsey seem to work better than Ned and Ariel
The way Ariel said IM GONNA LOOK AWESOME! was so cute lol
CGDCrafts 101
Ariel is so pretty
Ariel Fox
She looks gorgeous both ways!!! Also nice name!
She was serving Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus looks.
Emily Higgins
so tell me how kelsey did a better job than any makeup artist ever hired for a buzzfeed project
Sydney Adams
I live for Ned's laugh
Dillon Baker
I swear, if I see one more flat liners trailer im gonna flip
lol lol
I think i like her without makup she looks older wen she weres makup
Catherine Amy Frazier
I love Ned's wife. Everything about her is so beautiful and poise. God bless you Ariel and Ned.
Tabark Alsalehi
that girl was kindda anoying
Amber Crowe
Ariel is gorgeous 😍😍😍
wow!! what a transformation!
Grunge baby X17
Dang she looks like Perrie Edwards
dac ty lion
3:42 she reminds me so much of mikey when she shakes her hair ! xxxx
x Sav
I just wanted to say she looks better without makeup :)
Angie Millares
Ariel is so cute!! I just love her! She's rocking it!
Hanna G
Project Create
Ariel is so cute I can't-
Aparajita Chowdhuri
Who else thought she looked kinda like Perrie Edwards
Kristina Litvinova
omg she is so beautiful
the makeup brought up her eyes though a lot
so pretty
kelsey you did a great job girl!!! ariel is ROCKING the drrrraaaammaaaaaaaa
Kenny xx
Kelsey and I keep our lip glosses in the exact same bag omg
This is the purest video buzzfeed's ever made
liv odd
"married women", Buzzfeed you can say Ariel cause we should all know Ned's wife by now.
Liz Leigh
I'm so bored of this OMG THEY'RE MARRIED!!!! thing. Some people are married, why do so many of these videos beat off to it
Logan Saul
She looks depressed
Aliyah Haun
Can we talk about how stunning she is honestly
Olivia Campbell
She looks like perrie from Little mix
Just came from the couple haircut video, and I love how Ariel maintained her haircut until now :^) you can tell she really likes it, even though the stylist just worked off of really vague directions from Ned. that's how you know the stylist really knew what he was doing
Melissa Mae
Ariel is so pretty
Selene Alaniz
I love this so much, she looks amazing!!! Sometimes we hate something without realizing is our greatest asset
M.Elena Carballo Domingos
She looks like Perrie Edwards on the Salute era. Beautiful💜💜💜
The Chloe Vibe
I love her makeup before
Nika's Words
I guess I'm...married - considering the amount of makeup i use 😂
ananya iyer
Ariel is soooooo pretty😍😍
Maggie Ngo
Is it weird that I think Ariel looks better without make-up? She's got natural beauty, and that's all she needs.
Muskan Pandey
No wonder ned is obsessed with her i mean look at her
Wicked Ze Meeb
She looks like Taylor Swift 😂😂😂
Crazy Marshmallow Gang
She looks better with her normal makeup, she is so pretty with it on.
She looks like Perrie Edwards
Katelyn StJohn
Ariels hair is so pretty
Jasmine Gutierrez
Wow she looks gorgeous!!! 😱💖
Liane M
Am I the only one who preferred her original makeup look? She looks gaunt and I feel like the colors clashed with her complexion. :(
i think contour is off
Anne Felicitas
She looks so good!
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