Married Woman Gets A Kylie Jenner Makeover • Married Vs. Single

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Kelsey gave Ned's wife Ariel a Kylie Jenner makeover and now she looks... exactly like Kelsey.


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Ariel Fulmer

Summers McCoy
I wish I could be as naturally beautiful as Ariel, even her name is beautiful
Hannah Brown
Daaaaam Ned you lucky man 😍
domino donuts
Her lips could have been much better if Kelsey put nude color
Arman Adhirangga
I Like It!!!
Wow she looked so different with all that makeup. Damn
Alexis Robertson
Ariel is such a beautiful kind woman. She has a soul that is so kind and just lights up the room and I love it!!
crys targaryen
Ariel kinda looks like Shantel Vansanten.
I LOVE the eye look on her! Totally makes her eyes pop!
nicki 1358
I LOVE videos with Ariel. She's so bubbly and cute she makes me so happy! 🤗 I don't think there's a person who could possibly dislike her!
Haley Mack
ariel is literally perfect 😭💕
Epic Twins' Roblox & MORE!
Her husband is secretly gay
Res Scythe
That moment when you're all '........She looks great before!' and wish you could be in the same boat, figuratively.
Sam S
She looks good either way lol
Natalie Argulles
"Oh no.. what will happen to her marriage!?"- theholoqueen
Kimberly Gomez
But why is Ariel such a natural beauty 😭😭😭😭😭
Maddie Bunn
i honestly think she looked better without, she looked amazing both ways but the make uo made her look a bit older
jocelyn dillard
ned seems really gay in this video!!
Angela Pittman
Ariel is the sweetest! And she looked BOMB! So gorggggg
Valentina Chavez
I liked Areil before the makeup
Bia Panin
She looks more like Perrie Edwards
Karen Trejo
Mylanna Johnson
They weren't lying when they said Ariel has a natural beauty , she's gorgeous
Alwin Lee
where did ned get that red shirt
jj oo
kelsey did so good!!!! Omg
She looks beautiful with and without makeup but idk why she kinda looked older when she had makeup on but still beautiful!
pao hizuri
Wow she looks really awesome wow
Malena Cardoso
She looks like Perrie or Perri (sorry i dont know how to spell her name) of Little Mix
The third guy from the left
she looks exactly the same as perrie but with softer features
jazZy bae
beautiful! and the makeup looks really awesome on her she did a good job
Jenna Joseph
ariel is so goddamn beautiful
Moana Reign
I think I'm bisexual ._.
Fake Horan
ariel after the make over kinda looks like perrie edwards tho
Julie :b
kelsey is really good at makeup...
Codie Southworth
Ned is actually such a cutie
Nazirajon Muminjon
she looks like Perrie from Little Mix
Kahlia Nicole
i bet she's mormon
Vivian Fuentes
kelsey is actually better makeup artist, then the makeup artist buzzed hires....
love his little Mr. Bean hello wave to his wife at 1:03 lol
truth betold
everything looked good but those damn lips! should have did a rose pink
Joy_benlin 2003
she looks kinda perrie edwards or its just me...
Luiza Costa
she looks hella good
Olivia Taylor
Nigella Soriano
dont disrespect bob ross like that
Staci Ann
an hour and a half? thats a whole lot of time for not a lot of make up. ouch.
Lizbeth Millan
Ariel looks like Perrie Edwards omg
Purple Sparkly Unicorn!!!
The actual makeup starts at around 1:50
damn Ned is such a dream! aaahhhhh love them!
twinsy twins show
she looks better after then before
I'm surprised that Kelsey did a decent job
Joemi Osorio
That "Hello" sounded like Mr Bean😂
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