Married Woman Gets A Kylie Jenner Makeover • Married Vs. Single

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Kelsey gave Ned's wife Ariel a Kylie Jenner makeover and now she looks... exactly like Kelsey.


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Ariel Fulmer

hunny moons
she looks amazing tho
Michelle Lopez
She looks cute, but true Kylie makeup would be overlined lips! I LOVED the dark eyes with her bright hair. Really made it pop.
HorrorM Girl
She looks so much better without it: I get why she kind of hates it 😂
Shea Roonie
She’s so pretty
MinMin lala
Ariel is soooo pretty
IsSy :3
the girl who was getting a makeover looked like Gigis gf xd (Gorgeous)
Nour El Nahas
When she put make up on her she look like perrie edward from little mix and she is very pretty😍😍
Anja Klenovšek
She looks stunning with or without makeup....i would say she's like 20
Diletta Comini
Ariel is so pretty
Queezy Z
The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not blended enough
Ash Linz
Melissa Celone
I think the lipstick should have been nude considering she doesn’t really wear a full glam look every often. That’s probably why see was iffy with it
Emma Parker
who is killey jenner
alex avalos
I really liked it she looked really good with the new makeup
She looks exactly like perrie edwards
Wendy Ballinas
She looks like Pierre from LM
She's so pretty before and after 😍
Carrasco Twins
Before looks kinda old: after looks young p.s. not trying to be rude or offensive I love buzzfeed
William Robie
I just love her smile
Ailsa Herondale
Ned is busy saying “That’s my wife” in his head!!!
Aukse Karvelyte
She looks like Perry from little mix
I like her better before
Polarr Haley
Ariel looks like Perrie Edwards with the makeup!
Samantha Pipe
She looks like Pierre Edwards
Cody Stokes
she looks so good with dark lipstick!!!
Blossom501 Krzyzanska
she's so pretty Ariel
What's with the Alton Towers theme song?😕❤
im so gay for ariel
soz ned im stealing her x
Rena Anoso
I love ned and her wife. ❤️❤️❤️
Emma LeeAnn
Why cant it just be woman?
Paola Muñoz
Now we understand why Ned's always talk about his wife and his marriage, god damn it she's a wonderful and beautiful woman, looks like Perrie Edwards.
Areil is truly a natural beauty
Katie Simon
chloe said
Omg Ned’s wife is so beautiful! An she seems so bubbly an nice! Also after she looked like Perrie Edwards from little mix, if her eyes where a night night blue she could be twins or like her older sister. Kelsey done amazing job! Also Kelsey is so beautiful! I wish she could see what we all see, which is her amazing self. I love to watch her in videos.
She looks amazing
Gabi Grace
Ariel sort of looks like Perrie, from little mix. Anyone else think so? She’s so pretty!
SuperDogPackerFan 1
If Ariel and Ned were married I hope Kelsey and Ned would get married they make a good ship!
Marginery Morales
Am I the only one thinking about their baby's eye color? Lmao 😂😂😂
sophie langman
She looks like Petrie Edwards
am a classic girl
Annjolie pelletier
Tbh Ned and Kelsey could be siblings lol. They have a pretty good friendship and they seem like the cool older siblings in a wealthy- ish family of 2 pairs of twins with the cool,funny parents lol
she looks like taylor momsen and I love it
Mariam Ibrahim
Oh my god she looks exactly like Perrie Edwards post makeup!
Fun Friends
Ned’s wife looks like Perrie Edwards with her makeup
River Rathmell
Dayna Jacinta
Ariel’s one of those people who can pull of any look honestly
Tayli Morgan
Ned’s wife is absolutely gorgeous with and without makeup
She looks really amazing with the makeover, but I feel like the lowkey makeup kind of suits Ariel's personality better.
Jasmine Dawson
Ned telling Kelsey she’s naturally pretty was so sweet
Hannah _Ballerina
She doesn't look like a wife she looks like a teenager
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