Roman Reigns brutalizes Triple H: Raw, March 14, 2016

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The Big Dog makes an unexpected appearance on Raw and gets some retribution against his WrestleMania opponent.

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lakhan sahani
random person
kill triple h lol
Animdude Gamer
Roman Reigns king of WWE
deanfan354 demon
Roman is a good guy who agrees?
nicolae alexandru Goia
Wtf Roman.
Sayadyasen Shah
undertaker veri best reslar
Sok Ly
The Miz
When people actually liked Roman Reigns
This Roman Reigns I like, Babyface Roman Reigns I hate
Sammar Al-harthi
Sanjay Chaudhari
I like to you Roman Reigns
Sanjay Chaudhari
I like to you Roman Reigns
Toasted Roast
0:46 riiiiiiight, where he 'busted his face open' mhmmm
2:41 lmao "Do it at 'Mania!"
FYT Channel
karizma parker
triple h deserves it
KingIbraheem 462
Get rocked triple h 😈😈😈😈😈😈😊😊😊😊😊
Ashok Adhikari
billi ki chudaika vissco belt Tu chahiye Mein Kolkata se bolo India Ashok Kumar
Maan Singh
Joshua Fairweather
If Roman was like this every week then people will start to like him again. A silent badass will fit Roman perfectly.
Yarielis Velez
DAMN ROMAN I NEVER THOUGHT YOU CAN BE LIKE THAT. and roman beating Triple H like that was damn hot
Daniyal Sajjad
Best roman reings
Hamza Hamza
Best Roman rengs
Vishal Singh Sidar
jonsena is good
Vishal Singh Sidar
roman reigns is good gai
Edwin .C
I like Triple h more........stupid Roman retired the undertaker
Awais Ali
Andy Estimable
that question 1
Arun Singh
Агата Тагильцева
Roman ❤️😍
Javier Lee
triple h deserves the beating ROMAN EMPIRE
Manju Gurung
If Some one said roman can die whene roman was in the new agrisiv mode roman would break his crotch
Donna Leadbetter
Triple H deserved it
ciao belli
Naman Aneja
this video has almost 25 million views and people ask why wwe pushes him
Kacper Dereziński
dobrze mu tak
kamalesh mondal
propably one of the best videos saw in my life :)
Triple h more like Triple L
Luis Rojano
o suit
Aldrin Marcus Alcruz
Roman Reigns vs. Triple H-WWE World Heavyweight Championchip Falls Count Anywhere Match:WWE WrestleMania
Fabri Gonzalez
Reings you are The best
Fabri Gonzalez
Yes yes yes
Ethiopia Ethiopia
I Love roman
Carina Duarte
Roman empire was loosing it
HansomeHilton - playz
1:53 the ref got injured
Ashok Ashok
Ashok Lohar
Maryland Momma
HHH is a B I T C H
thouhid islam
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