Roman Reigns brutalizes Triple H: Raw, March 14, 2016

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The Big Dog makes an unexpected appearance on Raw and gets some retribution against his WrestleMania opponent.

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Karl Nufc
Turn Reigns into this again it's the only way people might start to accept him.
Pankaj Lomror
Syed Ammad
very nice roman
Jake Cohen
Triple H Is Bleeding To,The Death Now?
Jake Cohen
Triple H Is Bleeding To Death
Jake Cohen
Triple H And Roman Reign Are Fighting To The Death
Kylie Colton
she is coming in the car with me and I hzdjrhzhrnsjjtj djdhdnddjsjsjsjrj
Vikash Pratap Somdhiya vikash
vkosnu ehna FBI's Siun far Bhupendra
terran shen
who do you think messed up the person better Randy Orton messing up Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns messing up Triple H
tug tug
when the usos came were they like"use uss"
Lalji Yadav
Vishal Singh rajpot
Tahir Butt
super fight
ty zkurvenná mrdko teče mu z klavy debile
Lochan Bhaisa
much KO Ramon race
Juko Purwanto
wow. and wow
Saiful Islam
Good Roman
Ronald Mberi
Roman reigns stop 🛑 hitting th ok I am really serious 6:31
Kersey Mouriss
I thought WWE was a PG era...
Angel Israel
at 2:14 or 2:15 Roman Reings says "I'm gonna be a savage " lol😂
Terramorphus The Real
I love watchin' peoples criticate Reigns about his presence in the WWE, that's so funny to me, But guys be honest : Everytimes than someone criticate Reigns, throw this video on his face, and i can assure you than that's gonna change his mind.
plz turn Roman heel he looks good like this
Leendert Kruijsse
a real member of THE SHIELD!!
Hassan Bah
Arshad Mallick
I best you
Md Asgar
Good Night 💤🌙
😊 Sweet Dream
muna jain
I love so much wwe
Ahmad Khan
Roman reigns big dog I like Roman
Rahul Engawala
Rafi Ghanem
triple H 👎 and deserves it
Unknown Person
"It's Roman Reigns we have not seen him since Triple H destroyed his face!!!!" Me- dying
Luciano Sanmartin
bulto roman
dont stop roman #teamroman
Suresh Kumar
sahil sharma
Suresh Kumar
sahil sharma
Tekno Cafe
Triple h is dead
Rupesh Sahu
it reminds me the way triple h had beaten the hell out of umaga with hammer.
Manoj Singh
Berry bad netwerk
Yeeewrokinguvw A
Rajesh Kumar Katiyar
i like roman
Cary Carranza
I don't get why people love Roman reigns so much in the comments and social media but they boo him every time his theme song hits
Aaliyah Daniels
Roman needs to calm down like trip is already bleeding
Roman Empire
roman reigns great
Azrael Rezaz Vlogs
It's like watching aquaman
Shivpratap Singh
Hamza Tahir
My Hero........
Courteous Mitipok
he's going camando
the miz is more brutal
FF Football
Go on roman
RenzoGaming237 Video
I 1
HHH became a disappointment when he took control wwe fake or not but it's a disappointment
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