I don't usually post videos on "Trending" topics BUT this one really made my blood boil. So i hope you enjoyed and support the video

BTW sorry for the audio cut out near the end... was a technical issue, and it wont happen again
This makes me feal really bad seariously
Armaan Kullar
I'm so glad the parents went to prison
Shane Is shook
This is called child abuse children
Fish Fingers
that poor boy 😞
If I was Cody I would've murdered my parents
Here comes Lucas
I would have killed myself if I was him
Ninja Squirtle
I feel so sorry for that poor child I wish him and his siblings a better life in future
Alexandra Hill
Cody's gonna have such major depression and shitting his parents out issues when he's olderπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
07dezknuts ____
The kids just need to be taken away
Whitney Ormond
If this happened to me I legit would run away and never return until I was older and then get them in serious trouble!
amy centes
Preach Kavos honestly
Whitney Ormond
Those parents are just cruel
He's a caring father 0:30
Cookie Cat225
I'm glad that Cody and Emma have gone to there real mother

And if there videos were fake then why would they private them
jack duffy
omg this almost made me cry
Lemony Grub
I am actually horrified at this family being allowed to abuse this poor kid
Reiner Braun
You are so dumb😧
Lynn Lynn
DaddyOFive is a cunt that should be shot in the knee cap 50 Times then burned in a barn
Shawn Estes
Beast Max
this kid in my school got fucking crushed because he was wearing a daddy-o-five shirt
Big Dick Dave
I would beat jakes ass
I feel sorry for Cody. He seems like a nice kid but with parents that do all that to him, he's probably gonna get depressed. If my parents ever did that to me, I'll run away !
Because of the social media and retarded videos, those uneducated people don't love or care about their kids anymore, they literally use in a bad way them to make money on social media. They have also a really low I.Q. for sure and that's why. Keep in mind that some people like them, are capable of doing absolutely and literally anything to make money, today. This is why we watch so many violent videos on YouTube because many people with a low I.Q. think that violence or brutal things to do on videos are extremely funny. Why? Because they are like primates; they are violent. It's traumatizing and dangerous for kids. I won't be surprised if those children in 7 or 10 years only, gonna leave their parents and their family for ever. Those parents and families deserve it... period.
Mr. Ecko
Daddy Of Five more like Daddy Of Five Years.
What about shitakemushrooms, they let their kids destroy anything
Alex Twisleton
Oh great another drama child
King Blue
DaddyOFive is a child abuser
john dough
kavos, i dont always agree with what you say, but im glad we all came together to talk about this shit stain on the internet.
I hope things change for the family's sake, because I'm pretty sure this is how Leatherface was born.
Ronnie Veillon
Oh my god ok so yeah the video is great outlining the horrible things the parents are doing to cody, but even still when kavos said "jabba the slut" I honestly laughed so much
some one needs to do something about this, first of all thanks kavos for raising awareness about the older brother and the parents so people should start flagging his shit, and does any of his fans know what mental damage they can be doing to his younger sons i mean you can ruin a childs life like this and i wont blame him if he runs away at most commit suicide later. the amount of bullying going on behind the scenes is probably to much for a young boy.
Brian Farrell
This dad is a truly sick fuck
Random Person
How adorable the way he said Y-You messed it up lol 1:35
Drew DeMoss
I'm gonna fucking call child support
Usukhbayar Bayarsaikhan
Dude Colby or Cody is taking it serious my little brother is 8years old and when someone tell brush your teeth he start crying it fuck my little brother
Samuel Neziri
My brain cells went on Vacation.
mediocre gamer
0:24 "cunt"tant creaters ?
Naderay Atefi
Poor babies πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”This hits really close to home for me πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Wakiest Wolf
Do you know how you said just for a prank your just doing this video for money you disgusting person
Uhhh did you say potato,
Ola Greee
Wtf!!! These parents are fucking mental!! No joke
those kids need to be taken into foster care and the parents put in prison thats such a fucked up way to treat a child thats psychological and physical abuse
Your outro tho.
The outro tho.
Please. Kavos. Use it more often. It was so chill. πŸ’™
Great words used against those abusive cunts by the way.
upgamepopfizz 45
the money they make from the kids they probably spend it on McDonald's and KFC
Crazy clown 76
Take that poor kid out of that hell house
Crystal-Adair SnapsAndSings
What awful parents​! I feel so awful for that kid. They just don't know how bad they're screwing that kid up. My heart breaks for him. Has anyone reported these so called parents?? OMG, this has disturbed me so bad. I have a 7 year old son who is so sensitive and I couldn't imagine just standing by why he suffers, or to be the one who's making him suffer. Jesus I want to beat these parents asses!!
Sky Gunner72
Where is CPS?
Poro Bomb
Only if he knew
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