I don't usually post videos on "Trending" topics BUT this one really made my blood boil. So i hope you enjoyed and support the video

BTW sorry for the audio cut out near the end... was a technical issue, and it wont happen again
luna sørensen
isnt there a way we can like report this
cause thats not being a parent throwing you sweet little kid on the floor and others
luna sørensen
i get sooo Fxxking pissed looking at the videos from that channel OMG WHY THE F WOULD A Fxxking parent do that shit
Limoe The Snail
this is fucking child abuse, that poor bloody sod...
thank god someone actually noticed and covered all of it
I rarely comment on videos but damn those people are such f*** c**ts I just HAD to pot a comment
Katie Johnson
Thank goodness these parents lost custody of at least two of the children, and have been charged with child neglect.
Sol Hamer
Counting down the seconds on this video so I can go leave them some vile hate. I fucking despise child abusers.
I feel bad for cody he Needs to go foster care and go to a better family
LL The lollipop
That’s so sad 😭
Forge Keller
Why is there kids in danger
Catherine Repke
This makes my heart hurt
redcobra 92
This reminds me of content cop
Asura 33
I know this thing is over and all the drama is done but has anyone else thought how tramatized Cody probably is he was physically beaten on day after day then physically screwed with thinking he did something wrong and then had things like his brothers demolish his things including his own father and mother and then yelling at him to as said by the father "Clean it the fuck up" after the father destroyed a 400 dollar x box in one if there videos and the mother has gone to extremes of acting like someone broke inside of the house the son almost got shot Cody and the other kids freaked out ect.(If you wanna see the video search up "DaddyO5 robbery prank") so again I feel like Cody probably needed or may still need some serious help with like mental problems he may have developed such as maybe anger issues Paranoia or maybe even other things I don't know I'm not that informed but seriously families like this need to be stopped
Tactical Tissue
I fucking hate daddy of five what a cuntt
Alin Baraiac
You don’t know how bad I want to find Cody, be his best friend, and be by his side protecting him.
Amalie Vikeså
Oh my god
Callie Groomes
I totally agree, I was actually flagging all the videos I saw like a year back, because they are horrible, no child should go though something that trammatizing.
This is so heartbreaking...
Charlotte H
i almost disliked this out of pure instinct because it’s so upsetting to watch. i HATE these people. disgusting, poor cody is gonna grow up FUCKED bc of these horrible people. wish i could adopt him
Watching that kid destroy his room broke my heart god damnit that poor kid
Plankz Tv
Shut he fuck up your voice is annoying and your videos suck ass
freya the gymnast
I hope they know that this is what my parent's did to me and i spiraled into a mental hospital for trying to kill myself, and they still do it and i still cut. Thanks mom! 🙂
Elmyda 1527
I had never heard of these people, ty for this vid. These parents are disgusting and should have there kids taken from them. What they call a prank any normal person would call abuse.
Marcus O'S
That poor kid Cody (or Kody) should get imansipated from his psychotic family
If his parents want him to grow up to be a social freak then they should keep going the way they are going
Poor child.... my heart broke watching this.
Termo Linde
Good job again.. Maybe do a video of some big names?
berry awesome
Someone get CPS on their ass
Smart Cookie
Who else actually cried
Smart Cookie
Who else actually cried
Ode gamer
I feel so bad for the kids
Ode gamer
Omggg i hate those parents😭!!!!!
Of course their fake you cumslut. Of coouuurse we believe you. You know the fun prank I would do to you if I saw you? I would beat you the fuck up, good prank right
If I saw these parents I would literally try and cause them as much pain as possible. If I had a knife I would stab them. I would literally beat them so hard
I hope a gang of people bum fuck and anal the shit out of these parents, make the dad watch while the mum gets raped and then they go its just a prank bruh
Pixel Master
Omg I posted a comment on do5 and I hate that
Tbh, I´m 14, and that kid who seems to be the oldest in the video ( in one scene he is trashing cody´s room) I could´ve knocked the kid out out lmao.Looked bout my age.oo I wanna fuck him up lol
PotatoGaming TP
Hope Cody kills them all in the next arc.
God damn they should stop by police or any fucking person
Amber Vega Ramirez
Wtf someone needs to call child services on these pricks
Erika Hernandez
King Slong
What they don’t understand is that they can get child services called on them
Alberto Lozano
This is fucked up 2:25
Frizzle McShizzle
Wow... I rarely cry...
Their excuse was all the videos and pranks were staged,
Darth Paiger
The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill, and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own for the children, and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone.
Aina Batrisyia
i feel bad for cody...i dont even think he loves his parents anymore..theyre such assholes.
I'm not sure and I light be wrong but some adults just ignore loads of things and only respond last minute and this is and example but let's say me and my dad was playing a computer game someone talks shit about me and I respond someone talks shit about the 'adult' and they usually get over it and until the trash talker in this example is genuinely being mean or making threats or something they then just respond that's not cool dude
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