Self-Driving Uber running red light

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Kudi Magan
The future is self driving anyway. I don't like driving and its a waste of time. People who drive in SF won't deny it.
sephiroth x
This car was not even allowed on the streets!
Uber ignores all the laws in the world, so why not a red light as well? I hope Uber goes seriously bust soon! Their investors should take part of the same, too!
augusto duarte
Continuam a ser um perigo com e sem condutor.
next time blame the AI for every accident or ticket
Alan Falleur
Still drives better than my mom.
Paul Sxton
{my mistake} Suprised the program doesn't have every light in the city programmed into it.
Федот Данетот
Вы чё бля, пиндосы, не по русски пишите?
Antena 3
Oh fuck!
Uber still has human driver behind the wheel. I'm sure it's human error. misleading title
Raynal Ray
3.935 dislike? kkk, Has the video had its own life and personality or was it a flagrante delicto of a legal entity?
e james
Haha.................I hope somebody gets killed.
even if the car was in autonomous mode and not the driver controlling the car, it wasn't like that light was red for a long period of time and the car just out of the blue ran a steal red light... I tend to take chances and run yellow lights myself and sometimes get caught coming to the intersection at the last second when the light turns red, keeping in mind you got cars behind tailgating you trying to get through that light as well, maybe the cars behind the Volvo changed theirs minds and stopped
I was playing Pokemon go, but this one uber keeps running me over fuck
So crappy infrastructure is an excuse to keep having humans kill each other because AHHHH THE TECHNOLOGIES. Notice no accident because the car pays attention to things that matter and if cars talked to each other (and the infrastructure was better) this one off event would be further irrelevant.
Gods Gift
first self driving cars next self flying planes. we are all going to get hurt people be careful out there
Ray Rockman
That uber is running that red light how I run up my bandz
"Time is money", the Jewish Volvo said to itself.
They learn fast. Even computers don't want to wait.
Bill T
1) I cannot believe the car wanted to stop and the driver said "screw it, I'm running this light." Makes no sense.
2) I can believe the automated feature was turned off at the time and a human driver chose to run the red light.
3) Regardless, I see human drivers run red lights every day.
4) I trust autonomous cars WAY more than I trust 50% of the human drivers out there.
5) Regardless of #4 - autonomous cars will kill and injure people, just like humans...initially. But by version 3.0, the rate of death and injury will be far less than human drivers. By 5.0 it will be a rare thing. We're not even at a 1.0 release yet.
Danny secret
People can't even follow the rules of the road

Robots are programmed by humans
Why didn't the police car go after them? Scared of Uber?
Jerry Dandridge
hahhaha - suppose you'll have that 🚷 If a ticket was issued , who gets it ?
Am I the only one that didn't see it run a red light? 🤔
Job killers and people killers. Uber did cause that one guy to be possessed and kill a bunch of people.
L7ckyDuck •-•
If I get run over by one of these.............I'll go berserk!
Rectal Bleeding
I'd love to get hit by one of those. I would sue that company into the ground.
Kunwardip Mooker
Whats the background song!!??...
Supabolt jay
I don't see a problem hell regular taxi drivers drive like the
haha i recognize this intersection immediately. San Francisco MOMA, and man those self driving cars are all over downtown.
Oxi Clean
What a badass
What happened here is clearly a glitch because self autos are programmed to not run red lights. but looking into the far future, tbh i have no problem with self-driving cars running red lights. a self driving car could cross the street on red IF IT IS SAFE to do so. A self driving car will also stop on a green IF IT IS NOT SAFE to cross. The red / green lights is for humans to coordinate. Self autos don't need these hints. Problem with humans running red light even when it is clear is that there are too many variables that human cannot account for. When you have a red, there is a pedestrian who has the green, a green arrow on a different street you are not aware of....on and on. but a self autos are aware of all these factors.
I knew it! They are trying to kill us all!
Reaction 17
He did not even run a red light
Spoot Spit
Must be made in china.
Machines are not dependable, stop making people depend on them.
Will Melbourne
There is an engineer in there that is supposed to prevent this from happening and they didn't. This automated system isn't ready for non-aided operation yet, which is why they have that engineer there.

UPDATE: Uber have confirmed it was in manual mode when this incident occurred.
Who fuckin cares?
Philip Scott
I never knew self driving cars have developed to the point that a fully at ominous vehicle is allowed unaccompanied on the road.
Wth! Looks to me the car stopped at the red light just fine!
Andrew Hsiao
There's no indication that the car is an uber lmao
Unusual Unboxings
Hi Hater
hey just like real uber drivers
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Why are people disliking lol, it's not the uploaders fault
nick briggs
This would be the instance I would say thanks but no thanks an wait till a person driving picked me up... also you see that lyft add up top that guy needs a raise talk about product placement killing it !
Well the companies that own that car will improve by their mistakes. It's not that big a deal. Cars run lights all the time
Video sponsored by the Taxi monopoly. Yeah fuck you and your shilling, get with the times old man.
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