No derek? Really? It really gets me angry
Esther Nielsen
Am I the only one, that got emotional watching this?
Bel Air
They’ve literally managed to leave out Izzie George and Burke like I get that the creators don’t really like them as people but they have greatly impacted the show don’t be so petty
Bailey Hogue
I wanted to cry, but I’m heartless so.
crazy Catalina
I love this show to death
Drew Palmer
no derek??? :((((((
Jacklyn Gonzalez
maybe shonda didn’t have patrick,katherine and tr’s concent to have them show clips of their faces.
Oh my God!!!!!!! How is this supposed to be a tribute if it excludes some of the characters who really tributed in this tv series????
In what universe are Maggie, Stephanie or Riggs etc, more important to be included, than Izzie , Dereck, George?????
A huge disappointment!!!!!
Anna Guerand
The song ????????? 🙏🏻🙏🏻😩😩😩😩
Ashley P
Why wasn't derek shown in any of this?
Bubbly 1
Seriously shonda... seriously. Get over yourself
Megg Lizz
I️ love greys so much
Fictional Character
OmG I miss Lexi😣😣😣
charlene livingston
my heart😭😭😭
Robert Chaolan
If you have no more rights to show Patrick Dempsey, T. R. Knight and Katherine Heigl pics: don't do video like this. It's offensive for fan.
Asgard Channel
Excuse me, I think someone is using your content to play "DINOSAURS" in Brazil and they are making money with it. I think you should see this. here it is! Please delete this channel!
Camila Villavicencio Torres
Isn't Derek Shepherd the biggest part of Grey's (Meredith) life? Isn't Meredith + Derek story basically the one that pushed many of us to watch the TV show? How weird 🤔
Ghetto Lisa
Izzie, Derek, Burke, and George deserved to be shown in the recap! How dare Shonda remove them out because she had beef with them. That's shady as fuck! Put your differences aside and credit them! Fucking fat bitch, I WON'T BE WATCHING ANYMORE AND I HOPE THIS SHOW GETS CANCELLED AT EP. 301
Ryan Ryan
I really miss Christina Yang
Fly with me
This show never disappoint to amaze me with their cases, that I actually would trust the cast with my life, the show makes me laugh and cry. This show has made me happy and sad more than I have experienced.
rosey _
I grew up with G.A. I miss them so much and I love them.
rosey _
Deedee Charles
I cried... for the billionth time...
Amy McKendry
i would like everyone to know that i cried through this whole video :)
Elina Reyna
lexie and mark.
this love never ends.
Preston John
I still miss Kate Walsh ... Get her BACK!!!
Blenda Guedes
How can you speak about Grey’s and don’t put DEREK??
You crazyyyy??? Fuck it
Daenerys Clarke
Meredith. Izzie. Alex. Cristina. George. My original five 😭😍😩 The reason i fell inlove the show. When three of them left, i felt like i just had too. 💔 ughhh miss them and i dont get it how they just left Izzie & George out of this 💔
Marina Bonde
Where's Derek, Izzy and George? Weird!
Mallory M
Rain drop, drop top, Lexie broke marks cock cock
Kaley Elizabeth Hutter
Lili Schwartz
Um how come derek isn’t featured once this video
Sivaruban Laksika
Eyodis Mwaah
ahhh Callie... I miss her so much
Marine Thiéblemont
That's so cooool, this is a great tribute for the tv show
Amal Khatib
U can't just erase Derek bitches 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
renaee morgan
I'm not crying my eyes are just sweating 😢😭
Rabbiya abid
Izziie Derek George deserved bettter boo you !💩
Rabbiya abid
This show is a part of my life ❤
Yusraa Samodien
Should be renamed: try not to cry challenge 😭😭 I failed
Iris Valo
Where are Derek, George and Izzie here??? There's even more Dany (Izzie's love who died) here than them. This is not what I expected from a recopilation.
Just dreams
So no Katherin Heigl, okay we all get it, we know why, but really? No Patrick Dempsey?
Crystal L Robles
Where the heck is Derek?! >_< This recap barely hit the show’s foundation.
Carly Stanley
I just experienced so many emotions in those 300 seconds
Laura Ponce
I’m on the second season wow
Ashley Gentiluomo
This show is amazing I ain’t gonna lie but killing off all those characters wasn’t the right move imo
Stephanie Lalancette
Following that show since ep 1. I was 14. I'm 28. What a journey.
Ana Yuliana Jasuni
You Grey's Anatomy guys really hate Patrick Dempsey, don't you? Not a second even a picture of him.
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