Musical Genre Challenge with Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus sings "Bodak Yellow" as a pop song in the latest rendition of Musical Genre Challenge.

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Musical Genre Challenge with Miley Cyrus

Dance mom Angels
Roman Bilchez
I’m so glad Miley is past that “phase”
Devin lowery
Miley Cyrus did the song better than the original
Maya Heart
Cotton Eye Joe and Bodak Yellow was the best out of both
She has a lot of talent, just needs better songwriters.
sagun rana
Bodak yellow was funny 😂😂
CrystalSlimer Girl
I came back only so I could watch her dominate Bodak Yellow
zaigham M
2:01 Jimmy's "whoo-hoo!" made me cry.. haha
C-rad videos
Yesssssss santeria!!!!! I love sublime
damn it Jimmy! you are literally like the freaking dude at the karaoke bar, where it isn't their turn, but he sings loudly over everyone up on stage...I really think Miley sang this song where it would have been an amazing rendition for people to watch over and over again and you could just let her have that one wasn't even your turn...geez man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wajahat Siddiqui
That looks fun
I wanna play
Joella Stump
Everyone click my link and start earning today!!!!
Taylor Altic
1 to Adore 82
I fucking LOVE her!
celena havasi
had a million quesos LMAO
John Joshua Mariano
Goo Miley 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎙🎙🎙
Rocio Velasco
Miley is sex.
Golden Spark
4:34 Jimmy sit your ass back down please lol.
Talk about a transformation from country to ghetto back to country Miley 😭
Just an ordinary fangirl
I love Miley.
Gabe and Bella games
Yassssssss bodak yellow
Jelenah Gibbons
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Kendal Blackburn
miley is just the best!!!!! :D :D
vaeh savage
world of ours
Why is miley on the tonight show, she hasnt had any popular songs in like a decade
yo.itz. ally
Dat voice doe
Fayela Darilag
That bodak yellow😭😍
Victor Chong
I normally don't like Jimmy but I kinda enjoyed that cotton eye joe lmao
Aniram Lopez
Aaliyah Lopez
I love her outfits so much
Persephone Thomas
Well shit
Crystal Leanne
Chioma E
Did y'all peep that note at the end😍 people be sleeping on her
Ana Murphy
mily yay u rock
Daisy Frausto
I can sing it better and i am way smaller
Omo Irumundomon
Why did you do that to Ignition....
Stephanie Bob
Imagine if someone edited all the microphones out of these video previews and put a dick in there hands instead
OK, Miley needs to record that version of Bodak Yellow right now!
can jimmy shut his fucking mouth and let miley sing?¿ like it's not ur fucking turn sit down
Sonya Reaves
I love this song at home
Micheal Crane
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Kauai Lewis
She can get all 9 inches
Asma Tibta
when u have been in hanna montana for TOO long
I can get with this Miley so much better than 23 Miley
lboclps lboclps
4:15 tho
Kaneki Ken
Lmao Cotton Eyed Joe is about STDs
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