Star Trek - Time is Running Out

cbsepisodespockkirkboneswilliam shattnerleonard nimoyspaceklingonsci-fiStar Trek (Fictional Universe)Star Trek (Film)Space (Structure)EnterpriseEnterprise (NX-01) (Fictional Setting)william shatnercaptain kirkjames t kirkleonard mccoymccoyscottyUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (Fictional Setting)All Our Yesterdays

Captain Kirk attempts to rescue Mccoy and Spock who struggles to leave the period they have been trapped in. (All Our Yesterdays)

John Watson
Always thought this was one of the best episodes - but (maybe not surprisingly) appears to be based on “City on the Edge of Forever” with the plot and characters changed around enough so Harlan Ellison wouldn’t complain.
Pit Gordon
last first
She is drop dead gorgeous
gerard cousineau
Super scene Spock in love <3
OMG, Melania Trump!
Who wants to get sent to an ice age? Why she pick that time in the past?
Rich Elliott
quite a woman both Spock and Bruce bannor fall for her
Paul Pelkonen
This is a great episode and should have been the finale.
Ronald Vaughan
Interesting how this episode showed optical discs.
Beautiful episode. The next gen is garbage compared to the original.
I would've stayed, f**k Bones...
Jeremy Williams
I really do feel for Spock and Zarabeth, I bet Bones never told Jim about Spock falling in love otherwise Jim would hold Spock up on it. I bet now Bones knows that Spock can understand love after one talk that they had at the end of an episode when Jim was down that he lost another woman that he loved.
Marriette Hartley, wife of James Garner! God, she was hot!
I would have stayed.
McArthur Clutch
I would have stayed.
I would have stayed
Interesting how they came back through without their animal skins but seemed to enter with them.
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