Drop the Mic w/ Anne Hathaway

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James Corden challenges Anne Hathaway to a rap battle, and nothing is off the table.                             

Alice Through The Looking Glass - in theaters Friday!

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Nathan, fucking go to bed.
Wayne Mccarthy
did she channel in her inner eminem?? that beginning tho lol
yo lets do dis waaah
Blow me govnah!!
Pranav Gohil
why was the coin toss behind the stage though?
Romina Vla
I know this is all a joke, but everything they say is true
liv Teah
Anne is my favourite actor xxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ким Синикула
They're much better rappers than the rappers in music industry.
martin simard
what name song at 0:34 sec?
More bars then willy wonka
Turning nearly 50 years of a deeply meaningful and influential culture in to a joke for white people. Hilarious!
Grace Russell
When she said nobody heard of him I just thought of everyone in the UK who's just like bitch wtf, Smithy4life
lucylilly26 Aj
yesss jamessss my g!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delia Rivera
He can't defeat no one
Robert Carter
Anne Hathaway was ok but James Gordon was awesome
What is this, cabinet battle 4?
Unicorn Mixer
Can you please do this with Lin Manuel Miranda ?
Meg Fujiwara
She raps like cara!
Meg Fujiwara
Can he ever win?
Meaghan Kehoe
That is not the way the princess of Geneva should act
Just Nicole
Damn, she is amazing.
Kit E lit Er boyxe
We need this with Lin Manuel Miranda and/or Daveed Diggs
Jess Chrz
I don't even like Anne Hathaway but she killed it
Madison Pheonix
The real savages are their writers.
she's a really good rapper
Kisses A
I actually preferred Anne's Catwoman to Halle's.
Connor j58
Here we have Marshal Mathaway
Betül Dougarmagi
actually this all written but if eminem would be there i would belive that it would be freestyle
I can't even understand her lol
Anne Hathaway can flow, I liked that
Yadav Udayashankar
who is here after Riz Ahmed's drop the mike
Tasi Chogie
Anne Hathaway is such a good rapper
You know this bullshit is scripted it's not real they didn't come up with rhymes off the top of their head.
Johnny Keane
Starting watching my first episode of drop the mic 5 hours ago!! Still here!!
taniya 0012
The savage is real
Anne's second verse though. savage.
Maria Valdez
i miss drop the mic!!:(they should make more!!😭😭
Sheldon Alex
After watching this, I know Anne would roast me in a rap battle! lol
Camz Zethania
gotta need to save this one bc dang... Anne is such a turn on the moment when she raps
Mila Cornz
Now do this with Lin Manuel-Miranda
You go, Fantine!
zamn o
앤 귀여워ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ash Angel
If Eminem saw this he'd be like "What a bunch of amateurs".
seba menares
deadflix plays
fox gamer
what was the song when anne Hathaway came in?
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