Catching Baby Octopus in California Tide Pools

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Here are a couple of baby octopus that I caught in the low tide pools along the San Pedro California area. I could poke around the tide pools all day but the tide eventually comes back in and puts an end to it.

key way
Wow the gary moon
Joeni Marien
can you eat those purple things?
JustChillin YT
You should of smashed it
Lisa Chociej
awwww they were scared ...
Arthur Fernandes
Ese povo e penenozo
Natsu rich
That is super cute
Aravindan Keerthanan
Amazing 😁😁😁
Roza Nieves
awww so cute
Dean in BNE
Looks delicious
1 takoyaki coming through... πŸ™
The Sad SantanClaws
Interesting video πŸ˜„
Phoenix Tucker
Where is this at
Ticci Toby
Fylan Timmermans
Omggg So cute
Dont mess with the alien or he will call his people.
six the adventures of six and seven
Great White Rabbit
was that a fucking blue ring octopus?if so there poisonus
Ryan Thomas
Octopuses are so cute XD
Cherry Noble
i wanna take one from the wild
Caitlyn_slimes 101
Am I the only one that thought the baby was cute?
they are the spiders of the ocean
Lebron James
Don't mess with a ringed opctopus
Kailyn Heindel
it's squidward as a baby
Judy Ehrle
You could spend the day exploring there
Eliasstarshin15 Eliasstarshin15
what is this place called, id like to check it out:) i went to laguna beach but all marine life in the tidepools was wiped out didnt really find anything it was sad:(
I just went to San Pedro today and we went to check out the beach and we found this huge tide pool area and there was a lot of marine life. We saw eels, clown fish, triggers, sea slugs, crabs, and a octopus with a lot of eggs next to it and I saw three baby ones just sitting next to the other eggs. They were so cute but the mom hit my camera and it fell in the water and it broke. It's okay because that's how life is. There was also two little seal pups sitting on a rock but we can't touch them. If was awesome!
The tiny one was cute
Lily Blackwell
Eat it live
Ann Alejandro
I though octopus tentacles would sting you even if it's a baby
kevin blanch
IT IS AMAZING HOW great the tide pools looked 3 years ago,, NOW NOTHING LIKE THIS THE PAST 3 YEARS has kiled so much marine life it is sad
Adorable octopusπŸ™πŸ˜
SuperDr gus3
awesome vid man I appreciate that you handle the creatures with care and know what your doing, great job man
Kyaw Thu
Im glad that u didnt catch them n eat or anything good video thanks
Jet Lee
Koreans would love this
Ruchelle Bay
venom (black spiderman) has returned 0:45
dude the last one was a dedaly blue ring octopus
00:50 sp tiny
Aedan GriffinBlood
what are those purple things
fabian c
Where I'd this at
Poison Pixie
The last one is deadly
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